Fire Emblem IV-V: The Holy War [FE4 & FE5 Remake]

hahaha there was no speed wing, but a speed ring xD and still is in this version XD


Grannvale = 70.6% | Aideen = 70.6% | Kurth = 94.1% | King Batur = 76.5% |
Jungby = 100% | Sigurd = 100% | Byron = 94.1% | Eldigan = 88.2% |
Friege = 70.6% | Midir = 88.2% | Langbalt = 52.9% | Oifaye = 70.6% |
Belhalla = 88.2% | Lex = 88.2% | Reptor = 88.2% | Dainn = 52.9% |
Azel = 76.5% | Quan = 76.5% | Kinbois = 64.7% | Bragi = 64.7% |
Arvis = 88.2% | Ethlyn = 88.2% | Ayra = 94.1% | Thrud = 70.6% |
Noish = 70.6% | Finn = 94.1% | Shannan = 76.5% |
Od = 47.1% (here was a technical draw with Odo, but Od is the correct pronunciation of Odo) |
Arden = 94.1% | Gandolf = 94.1% | Jamke = 82.4% | Njörun = 82.4% |

Baldr/Tyrfing = 58.8% | Fjalar/Valflame = 82.4% | Sety and Ced/Forseti = 58.8% | Hezul/Mistletainn = 82.4% | Ulir/Yewfelle = 76.5% | Neir/Helswath = 82.4% |

With this I’ll change some of the names I had assigned previously and go with Chapter 1… When I upload that, guys, I’ll upload also another form with the names for Chapters 2 and 3, so we can keep on “standarizing” that…

Hey guys, I have some news… some good, some bad…well… First I would like to say that I’ve been able to recreate most of the Chapter 1 and an option or two for the engine thanks to the community supporting it but… I’m getting some problems with pygame, for some reason seems that my pygame got uninstalled but now I cannot install it because every version I try “is not supported on my platform” and without it LT just crashes… so… I may have to leave my project in stanby for now until I get that fixed

I just stumbled on this today and I’m just floored at how good this is! I just love it, I’ve played and replayed FE4 like 7 or 8 times, and I’ve been looking for a reason to play it again, and this remake just scratches that itch like nothing else. Having the features from the GBA games really breathes life into FE4, I appreciate it a lot, even if it’s just the prologue. I hope you can get over whatever stumbling block you’ve encountered and make more progress, because this is just great.

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Thanks a lot for those words, right now I made it to fix what was blocking me but I’m having a hard time to make Chapter 1 not too hard but not too easy, adapting some shop stuff to the GBA ways but without giving “bonuses” to the player with it… also trying to find a way to programm Holyn’s recruitment for Chapter 2…

You have your work cut out for you sir! FE4 was balanced around the ability to save anywhere, anytime, so the original designers were more than happy to make the game unforgiving at parts. I don’t know the limitations of the Lex Talionis Engine, but I’m guessing it only supports suspend-style saving, perhaps erring the game towards easy by default; as the maps are so large and there’s so much more opportunity to make a crucial error late in a map and be forced to start over.

Moreover, a lot of the encounters in FE4 were designed with the idea that you’d only have your mounted units in the battle, because they inevitably have to rush across the map to save a village or something, but with the rescue system, you can bring Arden or Azel or whoever you want with you on your village-saving crusades. So identical encounters with identical units might be overall easier, but you could also argue that that is just the skill ceiling on the game being raised along with the save system being taken away.

Though the ability for any and every unit to double attack (without needing the pursuit skill) does change everything drastically. Lex being able to double on fools makes him so much more powerful before you get the Hero Axe, though I’d imagine that’s only fair, as Brave and Legendary weapons can’t be repaired and spammed in this remake, and characters would need some kind of power boost to compensate.

And I’m guessing the GBA games don’t have comparative skills to replace powerful skills like Wrath, Nihil (skill and crit nullification that Julia/Julius/Alec/Seliph had), or Meteor/Moon/Sunlight; or things like the sleep status from the sleep sword. I played through FE 6 and 7 only once though, and 8 only twice, but I don’t remember skills like those being anywhere in them, so I imagine you’d have to program them in yourself if that’s possible, or find a way to produce a similar effect. (I also wonder what you’re gonna replace the pursuit ring with, if you add it in at all, since characters don’t need it in the GBA style.)

And good luck on finding an alternative method of recruiting Holyn, the Arena system in FE4 was unique in how deep and detailed it was compared to every other game in the series. I imagine that can’t be easily replicated in the GBA-style.

Of course, I’m not expecting an identical recreation of the game, feel free to make sweeping changes to the core balance of FE4 as necessary, given the tools you have.

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Yeah right now it only has the suspend system, and failing in some place of the map means to start over, which gives some extra difficulty for you need to plan and foresee.

Right now, if I’m not wrong rescuing is working but has a lot of penalties for the mounted units and not all units are able to be rescued (like Arden for instance).

Also the GBA ecuations for scaling and battling used in LT are more complex that the ones SNES used, so many enemies have turned out to be extremely difficult to fight and some player or allies units too weak to do so. The double attack system, for instance, is a double-edged blade (I’m not sure that’s the right way to say it in English, sorry) it can help a lot sometimes, but also makes many squishy units more fragil or “unlucky” and get frequently killed.

We are still working on simulating some of the skills from the original FE4, but some others will stay as GBA FE’s for they were remade into passive global skills or were improved.

I’ve already implemented the repairing system but in a pretty particular and passive way that will be seen from chapter 1 and so on.

You nailed it with the arena and Holyn, it’s being hard to implement it for GBA simplified it so much…

But I’m giving my best to make this remake a challenge for fans, but not too hell difficult as a Dark Souls game xD and at the same time I want it to be as true to the original as possible.

Thanks for your support.

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Any updates?

Can i play this on phone?

Not yet, I’ve got a new job and been quite full so… I promise next year I will have something new, surely chapt 1 and 2

Nope sorry, only PC yet

That’s cool man, Merry Christmas.

Hello. Found this project on a whim and made an account so I could comment. I just wanted to say amazing work. I’m a huge fan of FE4, and playing the prologue again was an amazing experience. It was cool implementing my old strategies and seeming them still work flawlessly. I found the difficulty to be easy, but that might be due to my experience with the original game. I ran into one bug that crashed the game after I defeated the second boss, but it only happened once; so probably a fluke. Either way, I loved every moment i played and look forward to more updates!

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Thanks my lady, I wish I could have done more this past year but I’ve been kinda bussy and couldn’t get to it. I’ll try to get some more (or everything) finished for this year’s FEE3, specially 'cause this year is FE4’s anniversary and I don’t wnat to miss that opportunity to make a great share here.

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And it comes with nerfs, buffs, fixes, new options, etc. Sadly you will have to start over, for it comes with a new version of the engine and many of the changes I made make the game crash when trying to load an old save.

Between the many little changes, comes the option of changing languages from English to Spanish or German!!!


so you do entire chapters per update huh

yeah :slight_smile: I’m trying to, so I can focus in fixing bugs and re-writing things (changes from FE4 to FE5, for example)



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Oh hack yeah! Can’t wait for it!

v0.2.3 is up since 8:30am !!! There has been many changes in the files and stats and abilities and almost everything, so you’ll be needing to start over, an older version save data is 99% probable to crash hard. For all the changes you can download the ChangeLog file from the link in the updated description!!!

Hope you all enjoy Chapter 1!!! If you want you can subscribe to my patreon, and whether you do it or not you can contact me here and at Serenes Forest for everything you need. If you feel that levels are heavily easier than in the original FE4, you can tell me and I’ll try to make them harder (it was kinda hard to try to balance Chapter 1, many original stats and classes were just to broken to fight them so early… even at Chapter 5 I think they would have been really hard to beat, impossible if you try not to lose someone of your party)