Fire Emblem GBA Enhancement Patches public release


Not exactly a complete real romhackingproject according to the definition of the category, but there was no better place to put it. This is the official release of my attempts to make the Fire Emblem series a bit better than before, so enjoy. All research and all the assets and code that were required to make this possible belong to their respective owners with a special shoutout to StanH for providing me with a fix for the FE7 rankingssystem.

The Patches include for example:
Fixed rankings, fixed translationmistakes, seperate versions for hardmodebonuses in lynmode and eliwoodmode and two versions for easier Rankings and the vanilla rankingsdifficulty(called LPRankings). Only two map are changed interms of their values in the easier version, but it should make a great enough impact in some regards.

Unnerfing weaponstats, stats from playable characters and enemy bossstats
(As much as possible for me at least).
Dozlas and Garcias supportchain is now a hybrid of their english and japanese supportchains
(Yeah,we have drinking back).
Minor tweaks to storytext to make more sence overall.

And some other less relevant tweaks in both games.

Download(latest Version in case future updates happen):


Oh, also FE7 is boundled with a savegame for VBA that enables the items from the Mariokart Doubledash Bonusdisc,but is otherwise the same as a fresh savefile with no progress made.
No such savegame is included for FE8 since I dont know how to get a hold of that data
(It was an event only done once in japan)

In case I make an FE6 enhancement patch of some sort, this threat will be accordingly updated. If I make an enhancement patch of another FE game(less likely), then I will change the title of the threat since it will no longer be only GBA FE represented.


I have noticed that I accidentially still have some wrong Settings in my FE7 patch from testing. I apologise for any inconviniences and the correct version will be linked soon.


This sounds interesting.

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It should be fixed now. Before, prologue would lead to four fanged offence because I needed to test that chapter at some Point for a reason I don’t remember.


So basicly, I was not aware that Igrene was hawkeyes daughter but was mistakingly called his sister in english because that fact is so obscure that barely anyone mentions it(I found the topic in a random commentsection of a blogpost about translations today). I guess I know what I still need to fix in an update for fe7 despite changing anything being a pain when you have 4 parallel versions. :unamused: Welp,can’t help it I guess. Update will be up once I get around to fixing that alternate deathquote.


New Update for FE7 released. Also, minor update for FE8 Incoming.

Edit:FE8 Update is also released now.

Also, the FE6 Enhancement patch is technicly already in the works in the form of my FE6 translationpatch into german. I will just eventually transfer all the positive edits into the english version when I am done with it.

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I noticed that stuff was broke in the FE8 patch, like how male mercs also used the female animation(since I decided to also include unused animations in case someone randomizes the Rom or something) and that I forgot to save the new rossplaette on his animations other than handaxe. I do not even know how I managed to accidentially make those mistakes. But now it is fixed

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Btw, if anyone has anything to say in terms of issues I missed or anything like that, then please go right ahead. But I have to note that I want to keep it as vanilla as possible while creating the better experience,so a lot of stuff when it comes to mechanics or story are off limits(especially in FE7 because making that story well written would completely change everything about the gameplayprogression too. In FE8, I did actually change a few storybits because they do not really change anything.).

Also, I already worked on a minor update for FE8, but all that does is reverting the Bishop staffanimation to the old one from FE6/FE7, so I will probably release it alongside an update for another game(probably FE7 as I have no idea when the FE6 Patch will come out)


I discovered a bug in Hard mode patch (no ranking version and idk if in ranking version too), this bug working in Lyn mode in Normal and Hard mode, when you complete chapter 1, you don’t get chapter 2, but yes get chapter 23 of Linus


That should already be fixed tho and that was a Setting I made for testingpurposes that I forgot to change back later. Did you download the patch revently or a when it first came out?


I think before your last message, (not 5m ago)


okay,I will look into it quickly


okay,that is literally the most bizarre thing I have ever seen. I can clearly remember having saved fixing that,but it really was set to the wrong chapter again. No Idea how that happened. Update will be up once I have gone through the stupid process of saving all 4 versions as patches again.


Okay, stuff should ideally be perfect enough now.