Fire Emblem games should have one incredibly hard endgame level... And then a level or two after that to wrap up the story, let the newfound power of the heroes run wild, and script crits/Aether procs on the final boss

Anyone else familiar with the Fire Emblem “Ludonarrative Dissonance” moments where you’re on the final levels, your units have finished their character arcs, obtained the super weapons of legend, passed some sort of magical divine trial, upgraded their personal classes, obtained a personal skill or stat buff of some sort like “Literal Godhood - +2 damage” and yet despite how easy winning should be for the heroes, RNG doesn’t see it that way?

For the sake of the story, if you’re going to make obtaining some special power to defeat the enemy part of the story, earning that power and surviving everything the enemy throws at you to prevent it should be the real challenge to make the final maps a victory lap celebrating that win.

Ike’s Aether on the Black Knight should be scripted. And it should have been harder for Chrom to get that super Falchion.