Fire Emblem Finished hacks

Hi FEuniverse. I am new, invited here by someone. I didn’t know where to post a presentation. I’m just wondering if there is a thread here where I can find all finished fire emblem hacks. I wish to start playing some of them.

There’s only one: The Last Promise

Thank you. I will look for it.

FE7CM is also finished, though it technically has a couple bugs and I am planning one major update, it’s complete too.

There’s also something like FE8 Girls and other japanese hacks, though they tend to be extremely difficult and hard to play.

Hence incomplete

It’s more of an addon / extension than a necessary part of completing the game though.

I’ll play it too. As to the Japanese ones, I don’t know any Japanese, so I probably won’t touch those.

The only really interesting things about those hacks are graphics and gameplay, the former being mostly stolen from English-speaking communities, the latter being stupidly inflated and neither of which require any Japanese language skills beyond recognising names and commands.

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Maybe I will check them out after I’ve tried the last promise and FE7CM. I don’t wanna have too many at the same time.

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You’ll be happy to know that FE8 Girls also has an english patch, it doesn’t translate dialogue but it does translate the important stuff.

Awesome. Then I guess I might check it out later on.

Pretty sure FE8Girls isn’t finished. Considering they wanted to do Eirika’s Route too.

Not for nothing, but there’s a world of difference between the Last Promise and Chaos Mode - they really don’t deserve the same categorization in terms of ‘complete hacks’ - CM is essentially a difficulty mod with a few new animations.

I’d have argued Elibian Nights was complete once Zephiel’s Tale finished, until a certain someone went crazy with this matchmaker stuff.</s

I began playing CM. It’s quite good so far, I have to say. I only am being careful with some of the weapons since their usage is limited.

There’s also a world of difference in their gameplay, replayability, and general levels of fun. Flashy graphics, new mugs, new storyline, not all of that is necessary for a fun, refreshing experience in my opinion.

No, but it’s a hell of a lot more work and substantially more in line with the idea of a fully completed hack than what is fundamentally a difficulty modification. The Last Promise is noteworthy as a technical demonstration, if you consider the time period in which parts of it were created and the things that went into it.

That’s just more of what I think of when I think ‘hack’. All these possibilities, and I see no reason to retread existing ground.

The back pain is real.