Fire Emblem Fates: Upgraded


I always wondered why the community didn’t band together to improve Fates. Sure, the re-localization is a thing and I would never take away the efforts done by that team. But this …

This is amazing. Keep up the work and I’ll try it myself. Hope the Japanese Dub patch doesn’t mess up your hack.

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Geez their are a lot of hacks that conflict with this one I guess, also don’t forget to check out the Screenshots viewers!


Can’t wait to see how you will handle the children fiasco.


I was talking gameplay wise not storywise. (But then again some things could be changed… I haven’t worked on the upgraded version as of now but I was talking about the gameplay.)

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Fates Upgraded has been updated to version .4827. very small edits have been done. (See “Notable Changes” in the changelog.)


Buffed Vallites


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I should’ve said, you don’t really need to worry about them on Hard or Normal mode, but Lunatic you’ll need to really watch out, I made it for those really looking for a challenge. (Apparently not you? That’s okay.)


Nyx’s edited death quote will be re-edited in the future, as it’s not satisfactory for me.


Update: version .4848 is live!


I added one more chapter to the Faithful Revelation Path and it’s not easy, have fun players!


I noticed that Nyx’s standard death-quote was not properly positioned so I’ve made a revision of the current version to change that, also there was a typo in it another revision will be made, it’s link will be up soon.


typo in the quote, that would be “A cursed soul perishes for it is sins” without contractions
same typo in your post too lmao

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Unlike cases with names where ownership is signified using 's (John’s bike, Jim’s house, etc) it’s is exclusively used as the contraction “it is”. The correct phrasing here would be “A cursed soul perishes for its sins”. Hope this helps.


It did thank you, the typo has been fixed, Nyx should now have an error-less Standard DQ here it is

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And as mentioned in the about this hack section Xander has a new description!


Version .4848 has been revised again to fix an error in Kaze’s Needle description. This’ll probably be the last one.


So I’m fairly interested in the ideas this hack/patch is presenting, but I’ll probably wait to finish my current playthrough before I get to this. But that brings me to my question, do you know how to disable other patches on the 3ds? I have the Good Guy Garon patch applied right now, so would I just leave it, or would I have to delete the patch from the SD card then apply this one?

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You should be able to use both, if you apply the patch first then replace all the rest of the files with the GGG patch, if you do that the altered death quote for Nyx at CH9 probably won’t be there anymore, but nothing major.


Ryoma also has a new description take a look!


I don’t think I mentioned this in the about this hack section but, Hayato, Saizo, and Orochi and others have been buffed slightly in the Revelation path, I also plan to add buffs for characters that don’t normally have buffs in the Revelation path like Reina, here is an image of the buffed Saizo who will join with the extra skill Duelist Blow.