Fire Emblem Fates: Upgraded


I should’ve said, you don’t really need to worry about them on Hard or Normal mode, but Lunatic you’ll need to really watch out, I made it for those really looking for a challenge. (Apparently not you? That’s okay.)


Nyx’s edited death quote will be re-edited in the future, as it’s not satisfactory for me.


Update: version .4848 is live!


I added one more chapter to the Faithful Revelation Path and it’s not easy, have fun players!


I noticed that Nyx’s standard death-quote was not properly positioned so I’ve made a revision of the current version to change that, also there was a typo in it another revision will be made, it’s link will be up soon.


typo in the quote, that would be “A cursed soul perishes for it is sins” without contractions
same typo in your post too lmao

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Unlike cases with names where ownership is signified using 's (John’s bike, Jim’s house, etc) it’s is exclusively used as the contraction “it is”. The correct phrasing here would be “A cursed soul perishes for its sins”. Hope this helps.


It did thank you, the typo has been fixed, Nyx should now have an error-less Standard DQ here it is

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And as mentioned in the about this hack section Xander has a new description!


Version .4848 has been revised again to fix an error in Kaze’s Needle description. This’ll probably be the last one.


So I’m fairly interested in the ideas this hack/patch is presenting, but I’ll probably wait to finish my current playthrough before I get to this. But that brings me to my question, do you know how to disable other patches on the 3ds? I have the Good Guy Garon patch applied right now, so would I just leave it, or would I have to delete the patch from the SD card then apply this one?

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You should be able to use both, if you apply the patch first then replace all the rest of the files with the GGG patch, if you do that the altered death quote for Nyx at CH9 probably won’t be there anymore, but nothing major should be lost.


Ryoma also has a new description take a look!


I don’t think I mentioned this in the about this hack section but, Hayato, Saizo, and Orochi and others have been buffed slightly in the Revelation path, I also plan to add buffs for characters that don’t normally have buffs in the Revelation path like Reina, here is an image of the buffed Saizo who will join with the extra skill Duelist Blow.


Everyone another revision will be released soon, look for it!


Looking forward to the revision, but I just wanted to ask what’sup with the chapter selection displaying all the yet to be played chapters. It doesn’t really impare gameplay or anything but it’s weird to me that they’re all there.


Yeah, in the current version you have I made it so you could see all the chapters I edited, but then play them in order, I thought about that for a while and decided that I would change it back so you no longer have the chapters from the start in this new revision, if you do want all the chapter there is a tutorial to get them back in the changelog.


Well the newest revision has launched! Time for me to talk about the 3 main changes:

  1. You can no longer select every story chapter from the world map this can be reverted with the AllStoryChaptersUnlockedGameData file, and you can no longer select every Hero Battle chapter after chapter 7, this can also be reverted with the AllUnlocked GameData file.

  2. Lots of chapter names have been changed by me because I didn’t like the old ones, I tried to go for as much translation and localization accuracy as possible.

  3. Marth is weaker on earlier chapters, this is Marth on Lunatic mode at chapter 7, he’s weaker on lower difficulties.

Here are the chapter name changes: (May Contain Spoilers!)

Prologue: The Moment of Fates
Chapter 1: Family in Nohr
Chapter 3: Beyond the Shore
Chapter 4: Family in Hoshido

Chapter 16: Encounter at Macarath
Chapter 17: Parting In the Ice
Chapter 22: A Silent Capital…

Chapter 7: A Dragon’s Decree
Chapter 13: An Uprising
Chapter 14: A Heavenly Voice
Chapter 16: Invading Hoshido
Chapter 20: Tribe Leader’s Test
Chapter 23: Possessed By Rage

Chapter 7: An Untold of World
Chapter 10: Voice of Gods
Chapter 12: A Frozen Sea
Chapter 13: Paradise Lost
Chapter 14: An Order From Nohr
Chapter 18: The Hidden Kingdom
Chapter 20: A Seed of Doubt
Chapter 22: Memories…
Chapter 23: Arete
Chapter 24: A Familiar Face…
Chapter 25: The Demon Swordsman
Chapter 26: I, Am King of Valla

Paralogue 1: Hope From Tragedy
Paralogue 2: Dragon Blood’s Fate
Paralogue 3: Together With Azura
Paralogue 5: A Brave Action
Paralogue 6: The Herb of Wishes
Paralogue 7: Chasing Perfection
Paralogue 8: The Path of Hunting
Paralogue 9: The Saizo Name
Paralogue 12: Dreams Disturbed
Paralogue 13: A Perfect Daughter
Paralogue 14: Learning a Secret Art
Paralogue 16: An Abduction
Paralogue 17: Defending the Defender
Paralogue 19: Act of Anti-Heroism
Paralogue 20: The Ultimate Tome
Paralogue 21: Smiling Amid Crisis

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Kamui said:

Apparently with AllUnlocked GameData file, the debug chapter (Confirmation) still appears on the map. Is it because I used Branch of Fate option? The description looks like Prologue before Chapter 1 but when I enter it’s something else.

This is fixed.

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