Fire Emblem Fangame - Legacy Of Dragons (Placeholder Title)

Hi. I have been working on this hack off and on for about a year and realized that it is very likely I will never complete it without getting help. Please let me know if you are interested in helping me with this project in any way. It is a hack for FE8 centered around a village of manaketes being stuck between two warring human kingdoms. After hundreds of years of peace, war begins anew and your village is destroyed, leaving you and a handful of friends as the only survivors. You play as Niemh, a half-shadow dragon who specializes in bows, blades, and stealth. Never too far away is your childhood friend, Nevina, a half-divine dragon who specializes in the use of staves.

Discord: Link is on my profile b/c I cant post links here yet.

Progress: I have the script for up to Chapter 2 written. I have an idea for most personal skills and need help actually coding them in. I have ideas for character designs but am way too bad at art to create good sprite sheets. I am writing custom music for the game currently, but only have about 1 track’s worth done. I have a few maps done though would appreciate constructive criticism. Right now the demo is really only up to chapter 2 but I do not know how to cut the game back to the title screen.


If you want someone to be interested in helping with the project, you should probably provide more information. People are fairly selective with what they contribute to, so if you want them to take notice, I would, at the very least, post what progress you do have in a patch so that people can play it and decide, or if not that, add screenshots, goals/features of the hack, what you need help with, etc.


Thank you for the feedback!

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Sounds intriguing, reminds me of FE7’s Arcadia

I’m interested, but I’m afraid I don’t have the skills yet for this. If you could provide more info like the first comment that would be very helpful.

Yeah, Arcadia was a major inspiration for me to start making this. I wish we got to learn more about it.

I may be able to help create some of the portraits for this hack, just contact me on discord or here.
Discord handle is in my about me page!