Fire Emblem: Fallen Flame (WIP Title) Sprites Request


Hi guys, due to my limited spriting ability and my desire to work on the aesthetics of my hack to better so I can generate more interest in it and create a stronger first impression before the end of the season, I’ve opened some playables to have their mugs be sprited by others if you’re interested. So far my project has 10 chapters mapped and with events, although by the end of the season I’ll only be releasing the first 7 I have been concerned about the most.

There’s 10 playables out of the 15 for the first planned release that don’t have mugs, with all being open. Their concept artwork and palettes so far will be linked below:

These are 5 of the 9 that I have drawn concepts for.
Bear in mind, I am by no means a good artist, so feel free to correct any anatomical errors I made when you’re spriting or discuss creative liberties with me, other people probably have better ideas than me at least. If you want to sprite a mug, contact me on the discord server and I’ll be happy to share more information.