Fire Emblem: Fallen Flame (WIP Title) Sprites Request

Hi guys, due to my limited spriting ability and my desire to work on the aesthetics of my hack to better so I can generate more interest in it and create a stronger first impression before the end of the season, I’ve opened some playables to have their mugs be sprited by others if you’re interested. So far my project has 10 chapters mapped and with events, although by the end of the season I’ll only be releasing the first 7 I have been concerned about the most.

There’s 10 playables out of the 15 for the first planned release that don’t have mugs, with all being open. Their concept artwork and palettes so far will be linked below:

These are 5 of the 9 that I have drawn concepts for.
Bear in mind, I am by no means a good artist, so feel free to correct any anatomical errors I made when you’re spriting or discuss creative liberties with me, other people probably have better ideas than me at least. If you want to sprite a mug, contact me on the discord server and I’ll be happy to share more information.


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Hey zmr, your request would be better served if you made some progress on a hack first. Aw, who am I kidding? You’ll never do something like that lmao noob


Not sure why you bumped your own dead thread without actually updating it. Suppose you could admit it’s a very slow developing hack with nothing but two FEE3 showings for 2018 and 2019 and you fell through on your anticipated release deadline, so it’d be good to let contributors know that.

But sure yeah let’s go down memery lane and cring together, get the useless narcissism out.


I actually just realized I got Zmr and Zim mixed up… again… for the 100th time… so my sarcasm doesn’t work because I thought he was the guy making SoA :weary:

soa could use some new sprites tho. please support an up and coming hacker :pensive:

I didn’t think much beyond seeing my old drawings and how they kind of sucked. Apologies for not updating the thread with your efforts and everyone else’s in filling my request and also for necroposting. I probably won’t need to have another thread like this since I contact people directly on the Discord more often now for this kind of stuff but in the future should the need to ever arise I’ll make sure to provide updates on the relevant thread whenever progress is made.

And in order to bring an appropriate update, I present the finished mugs and their respective spriter(s).

Apollo - By Lenh.
Apollo !

Cato - By Valk.

Gad - By me.
Gad (1)

Orvar - Originally GFE1R Tomas by YangKai, Blueey and Blaze. Then further edited by me.
Orvar (1)

Luz - By Monkeybard.


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Haven’t used this thread in a while but there’s very much a need for me to revive rn.

There’s another character I’ve been working on in the past that I don’t feel as motivated to do myself anymore. There’s other things in the hack that are more of a priority for me right now so I would rather use my money to commission someone to work on Jord’s mug instead.

Here is her old appearance:

It’s quite generic and I felt like it looked too much like Dorothy so it never satisfied me.

Here’s a draft of a battle anim palette:

I realised looking back I have enough characters with a brown palette but not necessarily many with an orange one or many characters with black hair as of present.

Here’s a shoddy doodle I did at 4am to get a better idea of what she ought look like, similar to the other ones you see. The proportions in it are quite wonky so I’m not exactly expecting anyone to follow the design to a T. Some character notes that I feel are relevant are there too. Should be helpful having a better idea of the kind of character she is.

Feel free to take creative liberties if you feel it’s appropriate, or if you’re hesitant to do so, it can always be discussed. These initial doodles very much represent a character design in flux and odds are someone I’m commissioning has a better grasp of character design than me.

Jord’s supposed to come from a region loosely inspired by the ancient Gaul as well as a dash of Viking and early Indo-European influences. So generally the vibe should be tribal and northerly. The zig zag tartan is in that pattern to distinguish the mentioned region from another which already uses tartan, albeit in a standard criss cross pattern, if the zig zag is too complex or ugly, I’m not wedded to retaining it, really any pattern works as long as it’s not the standard criss cross.

When would I like the sprite to be done? I am planning on privately playtesting chapters 5 to 9 somewhat soonish, now that they’re (hopefully) bug free and having Jord’s mug done by then so I can play chapters 7 to 9 without having to stare at Artur is petty but helps me enjoy playtesting more. I think getting into the full swing of playtesting will probably be after the chapter creation blitz that starts tmrw from nowish. So maybe in like 2/3 weeks time, very roughly speaking? If it isn’t done by then I’m not going to chase anyone like Malcolm Tucker for it but it would be pretty nice to have it done in time by then.

Usually I’ve paid a range between 15 to 25 USD for mugs in the past but ultimately the price is up to you. I do not haggle. If I think it’s too high then I just won’t accept the offer, if it’s below 15 USD, I’ll feel pretty bad and give you at least 15 USD anyway. If you want to be paid in GBP, or the USD equivalent to 15 to 25 GBP then honestly I don’t mind. It’s the cooler currency anyway and if Brexit shenanigans aren’t too all over the place it’ll probably still be higher than the USD.

If anyone wants to enquire about this request any further, then ideally my Discord dms are the place to go. If not there then a private message here on FEU works. I’ll consider your offer and then reply back on whether I’ll accept. If anyone wants to see the current roster of Fallen Flame mugs to try and avoid stylistic clash then I’ll happily post a pic of all of them so far in #spritans at some stage.

As for sprite requests in the future? There probably will be some more, but not in the near future. The rest of the unfinished mugs planned in the next public release will either be done by me or I already have someone very specific in mind for them. So possibly when I start working on the next public release after that. There are also non portrait related graphics I may need assistance with but that’s also stuff that probably involves some degree of wizardry/general hackery that is demanding more than just a spritans portfolio, like GUI and custom weather implementation, so it is not something I am currently requesting from anyone else at present. CGs I am probably going to do myself. Battle backgrounds too. I will probably need a custom anim for Wren in the future but that’s far future so dw.

Apologies for making this somehow very long lol.