Fire Emblem: Emulation Theory - DEMO 2.0 (chp. 1-23x)

DEMO: Start

Load save state (2):21/02/21

Its that time of the year again, folks! It’s time for your yearly Emulation Theory demo!
Chapters 15 through 23 were added to the game, besides other interesting changes!

Unravel the mysteries and save the worlds (Oh, hey, its FE7 2.0)

(Including your favourite, iconic characters, such as Generic Soldier 1 and Generic Soldier 2!)

With Eirika trapped in Elibe, its up to her to return to Magvel, and defeat those who are trying to supress the Rebellion. She has to go to the only place where’s a chance to succeed: Valor, The Dragon’s Gate.

12 whole new chapters!

If you like boats, boy do I have a chapter for you

Including 10 from the main story (one being an Ephraim Chapter) and two secret levels! Explore brand new challenges and downspiral into The Void, slowly corrupting the world and causing chaos wherever its summoned.

What’s old, is new: New chapter 11!

See? A Brave New Chapter! (Its okay, you can take your time noticing the differences)

Chapter 11 is now a lot smaller where you spawn, has fewer archers and is overall a better experience. Also Clarine is now replaced with the Man, the Legend, Bartre!
Also, there’s now an emergency button in chapter 7. I don’t know why but that specific chapter kept crashing.

That thing called balance. Yeah it exists, I guess


A lot of small balances were made. Heavy cavaliers now promote to Great Knights instead of Paladins (and, since Seth was a Paladin before, yep, we’ve got Great Knight Seth). Branching promotion were not added yet, so you still can only promote to one specific class only.

The future of this Hack

Emulation Theory is almost complete! There are only 8 chapters (7 Endgame chapters, and the Epilogue) remaining, and the hack is going to be completed! So expect a final patch this year, hopefully.

Wait, I’ve played all 14 chapters before, do I have to play them again?

No! If you’ve already played them, you can download instead the Born from Light and Code Patch, which makes you skip right into chapter 15! (The story was changed in those first chapters since patch to patch, so you might not understand part of it.)

Enough talk, here are the links.

Any advices, ideas or critiques? Please let me know! You can contact me via Discord (The Man Who Pets Doggos#4277)

Thank you for reading! And see you in Valor!

Load Save state (1): 21/07/20

DEMO: Start
What if we live in a simulation? Being controled by superior beings that created us? What if we live… In a Fire Emblem game?

Fire Emblem: Emulation Theory it’s a hack created by me, Svya1029 (Also known as The Man who Pets Doggos), which tells a story of what happens when everything goes wrong…

What is an "Emulation Theory"

It’s a silly story, not to be taken seriously while also not being a parody, about Eirika’s journey through the Worlds of Elibe and Magvel. Defeat the evil order ruling over the worlds and challenge the creators!

What’s new, and what’s old

  • Skills! Because all the good games have them, this rom incorporates the SkillSystem! Learn powerful and unique skills and say “Wait why did she died? I calculated- Oh right, that stupid skill!”

  • Maps! Experience brand new maps with diverse and challenging objectives.

    (Chapter 4 exists. Im sorry for that.)

  • Old characters, new numbers! Altough the characters from the hack are from the original games (FE 6, 7 and 8), the initial stats and growths of the units have changed, aiming to lower the total power of the units and balance the weaker Elibean units with the overpowered ones from Magvel.

    (Please do not follow the advices)

  • Save state (1) Loaded: Emulation Started With 13 whole chapters, the Demo is now online! Hope you’ll give a try and enjoy!!

Before starting: Some announcements:

I’m not a native English speaker, so you’ll find some grammatical errors, wording issues and even a confusing plot.
Expect glitches through the game, specially in the most event-based chapters.
Right now, you can only play this on Normal mode. Other dificulties will be added soon.

Good luck! And hope i’ll see you at the World’s Edge!

DEMO: Over. Emulation Finished.


Simulation theory is quite amusing, and I like the idea of a game based around that concept.

Very cool hack premise!


The grid in coming for yo- wait what?

I hope this simulation won’t try to kill me!

Very nice work! will give it a shot! :smile:


After defeating Murray in Ephraim’s first chapter, the game crashed.

I’m sorry that happened to you! I am trying to fix the problem. After fixing it I will have to change the link. Do you want me to give you a separate rom that has the first 6 chapters complete?

I don’t think I need a new save file, just a patch with the fixed version of chapter 7 should do.

Version 1.0.2 is now online! Download here!
The second half of chapter 6 is blocked until I can fix it. Now it ends after traveling to Renais.

Not sure about dropbox, but I know googledrive lets you update files without forcing you to make a new link, if you want to have a permanent link there and just roll out updates.

Good luck with your project!

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Might give it a try, i used Dropbox bc I just saw everyone else using it and thought it was the only way. Thanks for the advice!

The second Patch is launched! Adding 12 new chapters, a new chapter 11, and other things! See the Post above to read more about it.
You can download them here!

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get rekt

(I didn’t even rig for this, lloyd just naturally double crit)