Fire Emblem Editor problem

I’m trying to work on a small personal ‘hack’ for a randomized game, using fire emblem 8 as a base, did most of the balancing myself and decided to try a hand at portrait maker but, FEditor seems to not want to read my rom, “There was a problem processing one or more streams” is what pops up when I try to run it, or other randomized roms I have.
Is the randomization preventing FEditor from reading it? If it is, is there anything I can do about it and/or to insert/modify portraits in other ways?

Make sure to open with feditor, save with feditor, then reopen. Feditor is a buggy mess, and one of the bugs is that it needs to save some bit at the end or whatever in order to read a rom properly.

If that doesn’t solve your problem, we’ll move to other bugtesting options.

Second day of testing, I do not believe I am unable to get past the ‘open’ window as the error pops up immediately after I try to load any rom I want to modify, I may be missing something terribly obvious but I’m mostly new with this tool, thanks for trying to help me!

Couple days have passed now, and it seems I still cannot get past the screen, starting with a clean ROM seems to work, but it doesn’t appear to want to open the ones I’ve already worked on, quite sad I gotta say :frowning:

Try getting a new FEditor. I’ve had one go corrupt and break my battle animations before. It’s a long shot, but it happens.
If that doesn’t work, do you have backups? If not, make them in the future for this kind of problem.
If so, try opening FEditor in backups to find where something went wrong. If it opens in the 2nd and not the 3rd, some change you made before you saved the 3rd backup broke it.