Fire Emblem: Dragon Saga Book 1 Ver 2.3 UPDATE 6/30/2022

Welcome to the continent of Drakon Terra!

Fire Emblem Dragon Saga1.7.emulator-16

Been working on this for about a couple years now and I thought I’ve finally got something decent to present. This demo covers Chapters 1 through 3, with one gaiden map, and two extra maps (quick maps meant to break up story/take a breather, think Battle Preparations from FE7, or the part in TRS where you can pick one of four characters).

Dragon Saga: Book 1 is a game inspired mostly by Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. It’s my favorite in the series and the only FE game I ever play now. Well, that and TRS, if you count that as Fire Emblem.

Gameplay Changes:
I’m using Stan’s Lazberian Turn System patch.

About the LTS patch, if you hold R when not hovering above a unit, all greyed out units will have their color temporarily returned to them while you are holding the button, making it easier to know who’s an enemy and who’s not.

Capturing! You can’t get that Thracia vibe without it!

Class bases have also been changed to create more dynamic classes.

Most characters now have supports at base. Support Convos will be added after the game is fully playable.

The Skill (renamed to Technique) Stat now affects weight penalties. Every four points of Technique is equivalent to one point of Constitution (renamed to Build).

All stats, aside from HP and Luck cap out at 20. HP caps at 80, and I can’t get the luck cap patch to actually lower the cap.

Level no longer resets upon promotion. Level caps out at 20 for unpromoted units and 30 for promoted units.

UPDATE: In the next update, 1RN will only affect hit rates under 50%. Hit rates over 50% now roll 2RN.

Promo Bonuses:

Don’t click if you want to avoid minor spoilers. But they’re pretty good.


Fire Emblem Dragon Saga1.7.emulator-13

Fire Emblem Dragon Saga1.7.emulator-14

Fire Emblem Dragon Saga1.7.emulator-15

Need I say more?

All mounted units are now forced to dismount indoors. No, they do not become sword-locked. I’d like to play around with this more and let players dismount outdoors if they choose to, but testing so far has produced unsatisfactory results.

QoL changes:
The obvious ones are here. Skip H&S, skip intro, can move after talking/support, Modular Minimug Box, etc.

You no longer lose items a unit is carrying when they die. They will be sent to the supply immediately.

All chapter Victory Conditions, Defeat Conditions, and Gaiden requirements are described to the player after they have left the Prep Screen, like this:

Fire Emblem Dragon Saga1.7.emulator-0

Fire Emblem Dragon Saga1.7.emulator-1

I do use the skill systems patch in this. The amount of skills on units is low (Personal Skill+Class Skill+Promo Class Skill), but each skill adds a new dynamic to combat (i.e. Archers have Opportunity (+4 damage if the opponent can’t counter), and going to Sniper gives Bow Range +1, making Snipers a deadlier class).

I completely forgot to add this, but characters with custom classes do learn extra skills at levels 10, 20, and 30.

Skills can also be taught to players at villages, they do not need to accept these either.

It’s a Kaga-esque story. I don’t think the story is unique, but I did do my best to put effort into it regardless.


This game will have a total of 61 playable characters.

Here’s some of the characters you’ll get in the first couple of chapters:

Fire Emblem Dragon Saga1.7.emulator-0

Fire Emblem Dragon Saga1.7.emulator-3

Minerva is one of the two main lords of this game. She specializes mainly in Power and Defense, while being bulky enough to wield most weapons with little to no penalty. Her main weakness is obviously, bows; but more importantly, her lack of Magic Defense makes her more vulnerable to magic attacks. Thunder Magic can practically cripple or outright one shot her if a higher level one is used.

Fire Emblem Dragon Saga1.7.emulator-2

Fire Emblem Dragon Saga1.7.emulator-5

Tacitus is one of Minerva’s childhood friends, and has been training with her as a mercenary for a while now, hence the higher base level and weapon ranks. Your typical Red Xmas Cav.

Fire Emblem Dragon Saga1.7.emulator-1

Fire Emblem Dragon Saga1.7.emulator-7

Marcella is in the same boat as Tacitus storywise. Not your typical Green Xmas Cav, but not a huge deviation either.

Fire Emblem Dragon Saga1.7.emulator-3

Fire Emblem Dragon Saga1.7.emulator-10

Fire Emblem Dragon Saga1.7.emulator-9

Claudia is everything you’d want in a Jagen. Solid bases that don’t make her too overpowered while still being able to carry the team, Mercy to set up kills/Captures, and a diverse selection of weapons she can use (No, Master weapons are not brave in this, I’ve given them each more unique properties.).

Fire Emblem Dragon Saga1.7.emulator-11

Fire Emblem Dragon Saga1.7.emulator-12

Yeah, I’m pretty biased towards mounted units. You do get a lot of them early on, but the amount does taper off as you progress. I don’t have much to say about her tbh.

This game is not easy. It is locked to hard mode, but enemies do not get hard mode bonuses, nor do promoted enemies get bonuses. This is mostly to affect EXP gains.

However, this game is not a lunatic type of difficult. Think harder than Thracia, but easier than Lunatic/Maniac/Maddening modes.

Statuses do not expire after a certain amount of turns. You must use an antitoxin or restore staff to cure them, or use a gate/throne.

Poison now does a flat 5 points of damage per turn. I’d like to change this to be say, 10% of a unit’s total HP, but I have no clue how to implement that.

What I’d like to do in the future:
I’d like to commission someone to do a few portraits for the main cast.
DM me if you’re interested.

The title screen has a graphical bug when resetting or returning to it from the game over screen.

Support bonuses may or may not give unintended bonuses, or may or may not give their intended bonuses. Since bonuses are small in this, I plan on waiting until I can move this over to a new rom. I think this occured after I rebuilt the rom, as I have never had this problem until I rebuilt it.

One Final Note:
The end story of Chapter 2x has yet to be finished. I’ve been stuck working on Chapter 4 for the past few months, and my main focus is on that.

Update regarding the Dancer house:
That event now works as intended. Visit it with any male (except Brutus), or Minerva to receive the life ring.

I decided to compile my credits into a .txt file within the download link, please do DM me if you think I failed to properly give credit to someone.
All assets I used were from the FEU graphics repository.

Special Thanks:
My private playtesters for helping me polish this a bit before sending it out.
The people of FEU who put in the work to give us an abundance of assets we can use.

Just patch the file to a clean FE8U rom and you’re good to go!

Download Link


Is the use of the archaic MPow and MDef supposed to evoke the feeling of an old fan translation?

Pretty much.

Played through the demo. I’d say “switch to 2 RN” but your post already made it clear you’re not gonna do that, so I’ll just say that 1 RN harmed the overall package from what I played.

However, the biggest suggestion I want to make is give the player a convoy from the start. The first three maps not having a convoy was a massive pain in the ass, and actively discouraged me from capturing anything. There is no good reason to lack a convoy when your hack has capture. And that shopping map was a massive kick in the balls, because you don’t even get a convoy for that! I bought nothing there, because I didn’t have the space for stuff. And then you get a convoy when the map ends? That’s just cruel. Give the player a convoy from the start, PLEASE.

Sure, fuck it. I’ll have it in the next update.

Also, welcome to Dragon Saga!

Uh… That doesn’t inspire confidence if that’s your response to the convoy gripe.

I mean, I did it, didn’t I?
Does anything else really matter?

Oh I meant your second line, after you quoted me. Not the first thing you said.

Oh, my bad.

As for the second line, if you think I’ll be making a lot of decisions like that, that is not true. However, this game can be very punishing, and that was my intention behind it.

New gameplay feels really weird & it is pretty unbalanced.Weaker units are having a bad time enemy phasing.

New Update!

While this update doesn’t add any new chapter (Chapter 4 will be out when it’s out).
I have taken the liberty of addressing some of the criticisms I’ve gotten, as well as make some personal changes from my testing/watching testers.
Just like with the credits, the changelog is included as a .txt file with the patch.

If you want to further invoke the feel of an old fan translation, you should have Spd as Agi.

Just wanted to give a small update on the project (no new patches yet, there are things I still need to fix). After watching more playtesters and listening to their feedback, I’ve come to this conclusion:

Certain chapters just need their difficulty nerfed a bit. There are moments that come off as more artificial difficulty wise. These will be addressed with the next update.

But more importantly, the coming update will address a lot of conveyance issues that were missed during private playtesting.

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Update is now live. Changelog is in the download like as per usual.

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Just wanted to give another update.

After having some discussions in private with playtesters, I have come to the conclusion that I cannot properly implement the SkillSystems patch in the way I wanted to.

I wanted every class to have a unique skill that both players and enemies can use to their advantage, and this just isn’t working right. It just causes more frustration, and I’m going to strip it back down.

I didn’t want to load up on proc skills with this because, well, they’re just too random.

I’m keeping the patch in so capturing can still work, as well as the Str/Mag split, as testing with other patches has been unsatisfactory. I will also be keeping Canto+ for mounted units, Watchful for armored knights, and Locktouch.

Edit: I might give Snipers Bow Range +1 and Bishops (Not the Dark/Anima versions) +1 to staff range. I’d like some more feedback on that though.

As for dismounting, someone brought up a great point. This is only a quirk that I personally like, but all it really does is homogenize units. So I will be removing that as well.

As for the next update, expect this game to place more emphasis on fundamental play (think more like FE3/5).

Edit: Promotions will also be undergoing a simplification. I’ll be using the method @Pandan used in Vision Quest. I like it a lot, and I think it will work fine here.

Edit: All hybrid classes will be removed. However, some classes will undergo changes to this: (Example: Pegasus Riders will now be split between using Anima Magic and Staves.)

Final Note: As I will be rebuilding this from the ground up, I have decided to abandon this current build. I will keep this build available after 3.0 has been released.

Can you had fixed growth stats please :pray:

I’ll add a separate patch in the next update for those who want it (as well as a 0% growths patch), but I personally don’t feel it’s necessary.

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Alright, I’ve added the patch to the download link.

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I sometimes use febuilder to add fixed growth and crash/bug the game