Fire Emblem Crossover of the Emblems V0.3 (FE8 Romhack) (Cancelled)

This is a Romhack that modifies FE8´s less important characters to characters from other Fire Emblem games. The story starts off fairly regularly but goes off the rails after a few chapters(aka I had to figure out febuilder since this is my first romhack). Currently crossovered Games: Sacred Stones, Blazing Blade, Three Houses, Path of Radiance. Current Progress is up to chapter 2, everything beyond that is technically playable but not modified at all so weird dialouge, story or bugs are practically guaranteed.

I want to help, how?

  1. If you notice any bugs, typos or anything weird up to the current progress of the Hack, please report it to me.

  2. I cannot sprite whatsoever. I have to rely on people talented enough to do this for portraits. Therefore I am partly limited in my choice of characters. If you can do portraits for characters, please tell me. Some characters were originally going to be other ones I couldnt get a portrait for. Portraits im currently looking for: Boyd (Currently only a recolor of Ross)

  3. Feedback. This is my first romhack, so I really need the Feedback. Characters, gameplay, balancing. Especially balancing. I basically took the character stats of the imported characters from their game of origin. Of course in many cases that wont work well. So please tell me if a unit is over-/underpowered.


Sylvain Portrait: Fiona Fairbain
Cavalier Axe&Handaxe Animation: Primefusion
Ingrid Portrait: Emkat (

If you want to help, contact me on discord: SickVoid#8924

Download for the patch:

Edit: Because of some frustrating experiences with romhacking I have basically stopped working on it. Thanks to those who played and gave constructive criticism and feedback.


i mean you spelled Eliwood wrong in that screenshot…


Thank you, has been fixed.

I’m going to give this shot, I’m Doing something Pretty Similar on my own time, with my own hack.

Hiya! i recently played this and loved it, i do have some additions that could fit and some constructive criticism.

  1. Seliph from fe4, i think he could be a great addition into the game.
  2. Circle’s skill system to give some verity to your party.
  3. Bernadetta or Lysithea from three houses as an archer and mage respectively, i fell like there’s a shortage of good units effective against cavalry.
  4. A lord from three houses. I.E. Claude, dimitri, edelgard, with unique promotions respectively.

constructive criticism

  1. Slyvain’s palette looks off or more often, flashly, I’d suggest using team SALVAGED’s cavalier and paladin sprites to fix it.
  2. the surprise on chapter 1 was certainly something and did actually give me a game over a few times because i was dumb. Their stats need to be nerfed a bit.

other then that, the hack is amazing. good work.

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are marth and roy in this game?

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No, they are not.

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the patch link isnt working for me