Fire Emblem: Cornwell's Ascension

nvm they are 2 separate chapters


Mad Dog’s Offense and Pherae’s Defense

Now I can’t find Wallace, which chap is he in?

Damn, stated to play this hack today and I’m taking a hell of a beating because of the small cast, just defeated Erik because of the RNG. I guess this is what happens when you are the main protagonist stating from nothing.

I was wondering if you could include Bartre in the early game too, I don’t remember if he has an affiliation with Ostia, but I think it might help.


Bartre is one of Eliwood’s guardsmen, so he is part of Pherae, who is allied with Ostia. That’s why he is unplayable and battled as an enemy later on

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Yep; thank you :slight_smile:

Hey guys I was trying to work on supports at Dragon’s Gate and I encountered this in C support between Lucius and Priscilla

And this during the cutscene after Lloyd dies

Yeah… Definitely not Lucius there haha. Thanks for bringing that up. Does the game freeze at that point in the bottom screenshot?

Nope, it went fine, I’m currently at chapter 23.

Hey guys, does chapter 25 doesn’t have battle preps?

Oh I forgot to mention, at Dragon’s Gate, Legault and the other thief both had the Members Card

Just got this after Chapter 29

And promoted Raymond palette looks like metal Mario

After chapter 30 I got this and they both agreed to that

nergal likes his promoted units… and merlinus… and troubadour thief and archer…

Thank you for catching those; hopefully there isn’t too much more!

I might be a little late, but I have some suggestions on the next update. If you don’t want to do these, it is okay. I am just suggesting things.

  1. For whatever reason, make some Lyn mode bosses playable + Groznyi and Georg (preferably most with slight redesigns)
    -Batta —> Midgame Fighter (joins around the same time as Fiora/Dart)
    -Migal —> Early Game Wyvern Rider (preferably enemy in Merlinus gaiden, make Heath higher level for balancing)
    Glass —> Early Game Nomad (preferably enemy in Talons Alight, make Rath higher level for balancing)
    -Bool —> Early Game Knight (like Oswin)
    -Heintz —> Midgame Shaman (preferably in one of the Kishuna gaidens)
    -Beyard —> Early Game Mercenary (like vanilla Raven)
    -Eagler —> Early Game Paladin (like Marcus)
    -Groznyi —> Early Game Brigand
    -Georg —> Late Game Hero (Igor’s map)
  2. Make Raven and Priscilla’s promoted classes different (eg. vanilla Hector/FE8 Mage Knight) to differentiate them from Hero/Valkyrie
  3. Make Jerme’s PFOD map into a fight against Brendan Reed (he survives), taking place after Kenneth’s map
  4. Make whichever one of Harken/Karel that was not recruited in PFOD, recruitable in Brendan’s Map
  5. Make Valorous Roland into a map against Igor (Linus’s subordinate)
  6. Make Igor the morph with Regal Blade instead of Harken/Karel
  7. Make Fargus, Erik, and Marquess Araphen (preferably named Thorben taken from an older patch of EN) playable (classes are Berserker, Cavalier, Sage)
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this must be a sign

:eyes: ERK

Yes! haha

@ErkTheMage Thanks for this but was too similar to vanilla fe7 for me.

so it’s just like an official new fe7 mode!

Not sure if it’s intentional, but I can’t recruit Farina?

Question? How many playable units are there in this hack?

the only new characters are Lloyd, Linus, Leila and Ursula and Eliwood, Hector, Bartre, Marcus, Isadora, Oswin, Serra and Matthew are unplayable