Fire Emblem Community on Amino

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Okay. Thanks for letting me know.


It’s good to see that you’re excited to share things with the community, but it would be a good idea to use the search bar in the top-right corner of the site to see if anyone else has already posted the same thread first. I remember seeing a conversation about the FE modding Amino group back when it was created and the general consensus was “why go to a social network to talk about the thing when we can talk about it right here?”. For me especially, it’s a deal-breaker that it’s primarily a phone app. I don’t put gaming stuff on my phone because it leads to me obsessively checking it at times when I should be engaging with the real world.


From what I’ve heard, Amino is really intent on getting every single possible community it can under its belt. From what I’ve learned with Fort Mangs Emblem, apparently the Fire Emblem Amino community has a history of trying to annoy Mangs into becoming a part of Amino.

Nothing against the community as a whole, blanket statements are never good, but I’m currently under the impression that much of Amino is run by a bunch of high school sophomores as a community for a bunch of high school sophomores, so I don’t think you’re missing out on very much at all if you were born before the year 2003.

Plus, yeah, it primarily being a phone thing is really a mad turnoff since browser social medias are significantly easier to browse. Not like Amino being available on desktop is much of an improvement since its layout is atrocious.


I was born in the year 2003 what do I do?

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Thank you for letting me know. Your feedback is invaluable. I will not delve into Amino… I was born before 2003 and in fact 2003 was the year when I started playing Fire Emblem. I bought it at my local GameStop on the release date because I was told that’s the franchise behind Marth and Roy in Smash Bros. I’ve been playing FE games ever since.

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@Link @7_Legault_7 It’s just my way of expressing that, if you’re not a child or young teenager, there’s probably not a lot to benefit from being a part of Amino.

If you are, idk, maybe you’ll like it.

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For what’s worth FE Universe is my favorite FE platform. Sure there are others out there such as Serene Forest Forum and FE Planet but I call FE Universe my home.