FIRE EMBLEM - Code of the Black Knights: Decisive Edition (30 chapters)

Question about Jin’s daughter, does he meet her at all in the story or that’s more of a he reunites with her the endings?

None of the two, sorry.

Damn looks like not everyone gets a happy ending.

This is in regards to chapter 18 part 3, I got the game in September 2021 so I’m not sure if this has been updated.

Charon doesn’t die and I get softlocked on a 0HP chief/warrior. This is because Hades heals off the Halberdier and the Sage ends up unable to kill him.

I have a hunch on the petal sword on not evolving, what if you are required to deploy rose every single chapter from she was recruited up to chapter 15 and have promoted her to SM?

I remember back when I was playing this game that I deployed Rose every single chapter up to 15 and I got the Bloom sword. My emulator was GameBoy Advance.


Does anyone know how to recruit jaeger on route A? I know it’s supposed to be secret but i’m hella ocd with these games and I jus cant enjoy this shit without getting him. I tried to have him enter combat on the chapter where you kill Vert and it didn’t work. What do I do and when do he join.

I think he only joins in the route where you choose to create the Black Weapon and only if you get the council to not turn on you. Then I think Keyleth gets killed and you get Jaeger in the final chapter to fight the Black Weapon.

i made an account just to let you know i saw what you did with roy lmfao

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I’ve gotten to chapter 3, and I really like the story so far! My only suggestion on this one would be to remove Zero from the game. He’s a fine unit stats wise, but his gimmick is just a bit too cringe.

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Chapter 26A, after I unlock the door, rescued units become green. How do I fix that

The hack’s done, I’m pretty sure there won’t be any further work on it. Straight up removing a character, especially an early join one like him would probably be asking a lot of the author.

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saw some gameplays on youtube, It probably was probably intended

Hey just started the hack! I’m around chapter 10 now. I was just curious, does this hack do the 5 support limit thing or or they unlimited minus A rank? I know some hacks do it differently

Just now noticing this. But whats the difference between the Decisive edition and the legacy version

Unlimited minus A rank. It is recommended to no get A rank until after chapter 18 for spoiler and lore purposes to make sense.