FIRE EMBLEM - Code of the Black Knights: Decisive Edition (30 chapters)

It there a list to showcase the different effects that Rose’s sword gains when upgrading? Or is just range and crit?

Hell can anyone tell me what power-ups does the sword get with each upgrade?

I have a question about some recruitments. How do i get access to recruiting the bonus units?(Those being Crescent, Cyan, Isaac, Mjoll, and Abraham.)

They are called bonus units at the top, and they didn’t appear where they are said to be, so what requirements do i need to fulfill to access them? Is it sort of like Creature Campaign units from OG FE8 where I have to beat the game and then they show up on repeat playthroughs?

You’re playing an old patch because you get most of those units basically automatically

Have enjoyed the hack so far, but I’m currently fighting the Black Weapon and these reinforcements, some druids and fliers, keep popping up near his position. Is this an infinite loop or will the reinforcements stop soon like the southern reinforcements?

They’re infinite as far as I know.

Shoot! Wish creators would stop using infinite respawns in their hacks. Why should we have to spend hours cutting down weak enemies? Gonna pass on this route and check out the others then.

Thanks for the feedback, RTBN

Endgame Route Reinforcements

If I remember correctly every single route endgame in this game has Inf Reinforcements but Route D, which has infinite summon loop instead, which isn’t even needed because route D is easily the hardest route of all so the least of your concerns will be the infinite summons tbh.

Lol. Still curious about the other routes so I’ll have to put up with it. Actually beat the Black Weapon, Kayleth was a beast, but lost half my team in the process. Is route D the one with four insta-kill archmages?

That’s Route A

Route D Spoilers

Route D is the one where you have to fight Black and White weapons after surrendering to weissholdt

Do we get Kayleth in route D?

Did not expect more updates on this game looks like I’m making Tolkien and Cyan reach their full potential again.

You only get Kayleth on route B.

Guy i need help the elevator in chapter 23 can’t open no matter how many times i use the skill pick

Wait what update did this game got?

In Chapter 9x, I completed the tasks (less than 4 turns, ??? and Mia survived, in difficult mode), but I canot get S Rank.
Is there anyone know why?

flags are broken in some cases, if you have a PC then open it via FEBuilder and set the remaining S rank flag before you complete the chapter

It’s ok to not complete the S rank in Ch.9x, it has no S-rank reward.
But Chapter 11 is the same condition. I saved children and adults, less than 16 turns, but just got A rank.
I tried to open every door, rout enemies, using Schwarze to kill the Boss, but still A rank.
I’m making an augury in Chinese, so I want to get S rank as much as possible.
(My English is not very good, lol)

Does anybody have a strategy to get a S rank in chapter 26A?