Fire Emblem: Bloodlines|Version 1.4 OUT!

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I think you showed this to me a while back, and yeah, it’s still cool, hehe


:smiley: thankies


bouncy bouncy bouncy
good use of the limited sfx too, I had to think where they were from :o


light magic animations are really goofy when they’re isolated hahaha


It’s (the ball) the sfx for restore, isn’t it?


the spring is divine
the ball is purge and the ball summon is the sound for restore I’m p sure.


pic of the day

you sunk my battleship!


Nice boats


denkies :smiley:


small yet large boats
i like it :o


updated the patch. Fixed some bugs here and there. Also boosted malcolm’s base def to 7. Hopefully it isn’t too high. But i’ve seen way too many units/ people saying units are too squishy. So hopefully we good.


Oh, you.


Pic of the day.

I was snooping around in the main menu doc. this is as far as people know what can change right?


You can also change the frame around the chapter, as well as the cursor.
Frame is at 0x4017F4
Cursor and some other junk that menu uses is at 0x4120A0
Unfortunately, I don’t have offsets for the palettes. But, those are pretty easy to find.


[10:46:00 AM] ghast: mangs chapter 3 LP was pretty revealing on the work i need to do
[10:46:18 AM] ghast: the whole hack needs a lot more polish
[10:46:28 AM] ghast: its really frustrating.

I’m getting to work on another update patch based on Mangs’s feedback from the LP he’s doing. there’s going to be a lot of technical clean-up based on both his recent feedback and Alfred Kamon’s.
Not very satisfied with where the hack stands in terms of writing in both scenes and gameplay for some chapters at the moment.
i’m also going to bundle chapter 5 with this latest patch as well. Just because it’s a shopping chapter and I think there’s some neat stuff to do and new characters to meet.






Yeah, separate factions in Bloodlines are a thing now. Mega creds to @Brendor the Beast who beasted this out. And also creds to @Crazycolorz5 for making that tech demo and inspiring me to get someone to do my dirty work, for making this possible!


there was never a more appropriate time


that’s the best worst thing i’ve ever seen xD


Bees ;-;


lindsy h8s b’s?