Fire Emblem: Bloodlines|Version 1.4 OUT!

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Aw, balls.

I’ll wait until it’s further along, I don’t like spoiling myself by playing games too soon.
I already regret playing the latest demo for FE7x because I’ve now gotta wait so long for the rest.


:stuck_out_tongue: sounds good buddy


Hey Ghast, would you like to add…Something like…Transforming Units to your hax?? Look at what i have done Muhahaha, you could Morph your serpent like a Laguz, i think that is what you meant with your Boss Mug not being a Cobra XD, you can use the Code and adapt it to your animations if you need to, the donwload link is in the descritiption


May want to edit the battle sprite a bit, there’s one circle from wretched air pasted on the dragons open mouth.

(that, and the placement is way off, the dragon’s supposed to be sitting on the edge of the platform, see how the tail and the back feet cut off?)


It’s a good idea, but I think that I can probably speak for Ghast when I say he isn’t going to concern himself with re-scripting the animation any time soon. Maybe it’ll pop up next time the player fights viperians or gets a recruitable, snake-form-enabled one.


what sqawl said


I could help you if you send me he frames and Code :3

I have to admit, this is my seccond animation, so i still have some issues in position, and as you said, i did not removed the frame bits of wretched air. But the last time i tried to fix the position, this case, the position of a fe6 mamkute, just made the frames heavier…and that overflowed the OAM, resulting in less frames for the poor Mamkute. So i might have to restart all the frames over, and i might do that…someday…soon XD.


happy holidays!


okay yeah.
Is anyone having trouble linking stuff from youtube?
because I’ve been trying to link my animation vid but my post comes up blank. even though the preview window shows it.



ah you’re right, it popped up for a split second in my post then vanished


discourse be laggin bro


i need some beta testers who actually don’t just want the game to play and not tell me anything about it.
Would anyone like to beta test for me?


Yo. I’m up for it.


oops didn’t even see this haha. I need to pm some people but right now im writing for chapter 8 so ill hit you up when i got time.

I changed str/mag to pow. Just for polish considering that there are hybrid classes in the game


im gonna try for a spring release. probably won’t make it. but I hope to release a patch that goes to chapter 11 around May


“[quote=“ghast, post:321, topic:423”]
probably won’t make it
[/quote]”, said the lord of getting shit done


@Primefusion and I spent legit 2 hours trying to figure out what denonyms would work in this world.
Originally Volupris was home to Voluprians, but Voluprians were also the name of the “bird tribe”
Same with Gargursa, which was home to Gargursans, which was also the name of the “bear tribe”

these were inconsistent with Tarq’oum, home to Centaurs. But the denonym for Tarq’oum itself is Tarq’ese.
Same with Aedraad, home to the Namuuri. But the denonym for Aedraad people is Aedraadi.

So Volupris and Gargursa were quite confusing.
Now, Volupris is home to Voluprians. but the bird Djuron itself are called Valgriph.
Gargursa is called Goa now. And a Gargursan is a Bear Djuron
Viperae is still home to Viperians. and the snake tribe is still viperian. Because its generally accepted that its inhabited by like 99% of snake folks


Malcolm come on man that’s a terrible hair style


My take away from the whole discussion was that grammar’s a bitch.


If you’re changing the country name then I think the species name doesn’t need to change. First off, “Gargursan” doesn’t make any sense as a demonym if “Goa” is the country name, and second “Gargursan” is just fine as a name for Bear Djuron, because it has the ‘ursa’ bit in it which is what I assume you were always going for in the first place. :confused: