Fire Emblem: Bloodlines|Version 1.4 OUT!

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15 mins of fame ended


You’ll always be a superstar, ghastu!


Don’t worry I’m not famous either


Ghast im following your youtube channel, im new to hacking and yourr work just broke the FE barrier. You just expanded the game like you expand a class table (A thing i still cannot do at this point XD) I wonder, could you do a Female Vampire? Lol, i have some ideas but i really suck at spriting. Keep your hack up i really love all ther chars and the custom animations.


thanks bud~
I wasn’t the first to expand the class table! A lot of bigtime hacks do that but I appreciate the comment regardless!
Female vamp? Not really my direction i’m going into for my world. But yuo never know what could happen.
Glad you enjoy my stuff :octopus:


this is your brain

this is your brain on drugs


But you still haven’t changed the forrrrts


Didn’t you want to use coral or something for the forts?
I remember whilst watching your AMA that all I could think of was the GBC Zelda Oracle games, because they had underwater segments, maybe you’d find something there, or in another gba game?


that’s actually a really quick solution to my problem…
I have no idea why I would never think to use that instead of custom stuff.

Good thinking haha


Wait, what -is- that? Is that blue-green sand, or underwater, or a really oddly coloured desert? (Considering the enemies, it’s not the latter, though…)

Also, are the jellyfish “other” units, or enemies that happen to be green for whatever reason?


chapter 9’s map literally takes place under water. And Jelijeli’s are 3rd factions like the swarms were



You should get some magic hax that changes their palette to the purple units from link arena


I don’t know why but whenever I read Jelijeli I think of Chuchus from Zelda



that sounds fucking sweet


I wonder if before FEXNA comes out someone can hack up a multiple faction patch, or something to that effect.

Three way war. :3


Bloodlines has that already lol


Well, at least now the fact I haven’t played a hack in years is out in the open. ._.

On the flipside, east toast or purple pumpkin, how far would you say you’re into with this hack?
Like, progress wise.


its… um

not even half way done :octopus: