Fire Emblem: Bloodlines|Version 1.4 OUT!

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what’s your skype?


I can beta test! I actually just commented on Serenes asking to Beta test before seeing this. My skype is will_skype_ (I can’t call, unfortunately.)


if this doesn’t get released this weekend so help me god


later today she’s up


Fire Emblem: Bloodlines version 1.4
As always, please take a look at the README before you play!

C/P from Serenes:

I’m really happy I can release this. From story, to characterization, to artwork and gameplay, this patch I believe shows how far I’ve gotten along. Also 1.4 totally shits on 1.3 lol. I know it seems like I’m going back over and over with these same chapters, but this rework has helped me flesh out the story and gameplay and other things too. so now enjoy the few chapters of actual new new new content to go along with the revamped ones : 3


Uncle Ghatsu! Great work as always. Makes me so proud every time I play Bloodlines, because enabling this sort of creativity is exactly the point of everything we do as a community.

Seeing those earlygame revamps always gets me super hyped, tho. It’s great to see those changes over time, it shows the growth of the person behind the hack. Creativity isn’t a conclusion, it’s a process.

You set a great example for your peers, bro. Keep up the good work!


Shucks, Arch! Don’t make me blush!!! :blush:

thanks, bud. I will continue to make u proooud :sunny:


aaand graphical glitches were found, but they have just been fixed!

sorry but please re-download the patch and just transfer your save file!



Should be the other way around.


C/P from my heart*


i thought i fixed it. I didn’t.

I’m going in sleep mode.

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thanks for whoever who voted lmao didn’t see that happening.

i’ll update the thread with some celebratory screenies when im off work


yeah it looks kind of ugly right now, can you please fix it thank you


wow dick


[spoiler=Challenge run ideas for people playing BL this week]
·Don’t use the Ashyx (replace them with an iron sword from the ch1 armory)
·Don’t buy any slap patches in shops
·Don’t recruit any of the green units until the very end of their respective chapters
·Keep all generic green units alive
·Defeat Shakkar without using any magic-users


promote dewey at level 10


chapter 6


Bram needs a hug >: