Fire Emblem: Bloodlines|Version 1.4 OUT!

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yeah, actually, this is how suspension of disbelief works.

too bad there’s no downvote mechanism in this forum software lol

i mean, even fantastical narratives such as lord of the rings try hard to have realistic geography because there are certain things that should be consistent with reality in order to pull the viewer in. find me an actual story with fantasy elements that discards all notion of reality simply because one element is inconsistent with real life.

suppose that in ghast’s story, rain and snow fall upwards for no apparent reason. the justification for this is not “well there are talking animals that use weapons.” they have nothing to do with each other.


if geography is going to be the thing that ruins people’s suspension of disbelief works then i’m cool wit it.

people thought bram’s animation ruined their sense of disbelief so that’s not really something i can control anyway.

okay being serious now - there’s plot justification as to why its winter all the time there. I thought this through guys. Just like I think everything through.

but even if i didn’t, who fucking cares?


it’s the one thing that sticks out as just being intuitively wrong on the world map

like you have a big mass of land completely covered in snow/ice that is adjacent to land masses lush with verdant flora


yeah, I know


Spoiler Alert:
Gargursa is cold because the country is devoid of love and friendship.
Bram and Malcolm get married atop the nation’s highest peak.
Their bond magically restores warmth to the land. THE END!


Dang it guys, the simplest explanation is that it’s at the pole. If that’s not a good enough explanation, then more likely it’s that the planet gets its heat primarily from magic and not their star, and that continent has weaker geo-magic or something.

Or maybe they have white vegetation that metabolizes infrared light.


There are a lot of commercial games, with illogical worlds from our view. But some of them where really great games. So who cares about that if the game itself is great?


i mean it was either ice continent or icecream continent, the former seemed like a better choice

Gargursa, land of fierce and ferocious Bears… AND MOUNTAINS OF COOKIES N’ CREAM


This is actually true. Islands that somehow have a ring of mountains all along the coastline, representing places you’re not supposed to be until you get the flying machine, are definitely a thing in RPGs. Of course, that bugs me too


i’m sure you can bullshit a geophysical explanation if you try hard enough

and even if you don’t you can always just say there was some magical war in the past or some shit



my middleschool principal’s last name was whitehead
he accused me of breaking a clock

fuck whiteheads


I made a tribute to Satoru Iwata. If you can find him in chapter 5, he will give you a special item!


The feels man…
Stop that.



Ghast, pls.

I’m crying.



Oh, I was wondering if anyone would do something like this :B


Polloy: looks like Poland. If only it was having a międzymorze.
Arvum: doesn’t seem that weird to me, unless it was changed to Arvym on the map. I can’t tell.
Aedraad: I guess that long vowels are phonemic in the merpeople language? Should be Ædraad because it looks cooler. [shot]
Volupris: sounds a little better when you find out about its Frenchy pronunciation (the S isn’t pronounced).
Tarq’oum: this one is really weird, I agree. I still maintain the suggestion of changing it to Tarquum so it looks more like “equus” (for horsies). Can a person with the physiology of a horse even pronounce an uvular ejective? Eh, maybe the q’ is supposed to represent the sound of a horse sighing?
Viperae: where the vipers are from.
Doldrum: doldrums are places in the sea where there is a scarcity of winds to push sailboats around, iırc. They used to be deadly to olden-days sailors.
Xiba Region: Agree. I guess it’s pronounced Ziba, unless it’s Greek and it’s Ksiba? Or maybe Khiba…
Biastia: sounds like Beastia, so it’s where the beast (cats pigs etc) djuron are from, I guess. It also sounds a little Italian…
Gargursa: where the bears (ursa) are from!
Neptus Region: looks like Neptune, so I’m guessing it’s either another merperson country or pirate-land.

Is it white-heads or whiteheads now? Because whiteheads kinda reminds me of skinheads. I guess they white-washed their reputation. sorry gomen plsnokill

I made a tribute to Satoru Iwata. [/quote]
“Wait, ‘tribute’? [looks up]”

Goddammit why do the good have to die so young. I know it’s a corny thing to say, but I will miss his presence every E3 and I can’t imagine Nintendo ever being in better hands than his. Rest in peace, Iwata-san.


You only die when you are forgotten!

yeah, some names have a traceable, linguistic/ mythical meaning.

others i just came up with, some sound silly i guess, but like Sqawl thought, longer vowels are the way merspeech is spoken/written. Tarq’oum is similar but they have apostrophes breaking up their syllables.

some names a bit silly, but in my mind I like them that way.

and that’s not gonna change soooo~


i need a couple extra people to beta test the newest version (1.4)

I’m essentially finished and can release it this week but a few more people to test dialogue and give me more feedback is always welcome.

especially for chapter 5 which is the actual new chapter. Any takers?


Yo, I’m all over that.