Fire Emblem: Bloodlines|Version 1.4 OUT!

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I said I’d play this and dammit I meant it.

Here’s a “review”/feedback thing I wrote, hope it helps:

Noticeable stuff: Make the new enemy class cards match the vanilla ones, they look out of place, maybe do a bit of rebalancing here and there, and redo some text formatting, some pauses are awkward. Otherwise everything is pretty solid, and I especially loved all the talk events you had going on. I hope you can keep those up in future chapters with what I assume will be a large cast.

Anyways, I liked it a lot. Plenty of special stuff to distinguish it from other hacks, and all of them are competently executed. Keep up the good work. Not as good as TQL is, but you’re certainly trying :wink:


Wait, a playable Merman? And is that a Hector Lord I see there? Will we recruit units of every race by the end of the game?


Hector lord is swinelord!


chapter 5 preview! 12 minute video showcasing new character conversations, the cool music hack that brendor made and my custom support system:

The Rapport System is my version of supports in the hack. The player will make conscious, moral decisions that will affect the outcome of certain events in later chapters. Here, its mostly for fun and showing off potential relationships with certain characters. In this video it shows Bram, Malcolm and Sadaati. But the chapter has Rapports for other characters like Tyren, Nobia and a few others.

Also, huge shout out to @Brendor - who was the mastermind wizard behind the changing the map theme to various songs in a ‘jukebox’ style

and @Alusq for being a beast at custom music insertion!


i joined the bandwagon


Hm, interesting. It doesn’t look like the GBA FE world map style at all, though… looks more like something from an actual atlas… I wonder: How large is the area depicted by the map? Is it the whole world, or Europe-sized, or smaller, or somewhere in between? (The depicted area seems like it’d be at least the size of a large continent to me for some reason, but it probably isn’t the whole world considering there’s landmasses that go off the edge of the map?)

Also, where does the party spend the first part of the game in again? (Has it even been stated so far? I don’t remember.) And why is one of the continents white?


Although I approve of world maps in general, I find it odd that the center land mass is (apparently) snow covered. Yet, the masses to the East and West aren’t. Usually climate is the same, or at least similar, longitudinally.


not in my world


But what if the center of the map is actually the North Pole (or otherwise the coldest point in the world?) That’d be… interesting, but it would probably mean the map isn’t north-oriented…


I don’t think that world map makes sense from an earth science point of view -.-


guys i have talking alpacas in my hack does this world map need to make sense like for real


but ghast

think of the science


That’s pretty cool (pun not intended…)




tbh neither does people conjuring fireballs from thin air or having shields spinning on their own; somewhat of a silly argument to even start


this is not a legitimate response lol

just because there is one fantasy element in the game doesn’t mean that everything can be thrown out the window.


Hmm, so the archer bird, giant bear, talking llama, and jester with a magical ball were all “ok” to you, but geography is the thing that screws you up? Move on dondon.




I see no problem with physics working differently in a fantasy world, as long as it is acknowledged. Besides that’s like hating on the GBA General crits; it ain’t right

Those names are pretty weird though. I take it the Scrabble games of your childhood scarred you for life, Ghast?


pffft you basic humans wouldn’t understand