Fire Emblem: Bloodlines|Version 1.4 OUT!

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“Revenge” implies they can survive a magical attack. Which based on their apparently-negative Resistance, won’t happen any time soon.


But if you suspend and then resume the chapter…


dance party up in hurrr

also, is the limit for NPC’s on a map 20?

because it seems that I can’t go past 20 NPC’s without my NPC units deleting themselves


Axe Dewey confirmed?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


Gettin’ jiggy with it.


Ceeeeellabration time, c’mon!

Interesting to see that you are using both of the different Bard sprites that are native to the GBA games, but only one of the three different Dancer sprites.


thanks everyone!

But seriously, so I’ve been told that the generic limit is like 50.

Are you absolutely sure? Because is absolutely the highest number I can go in this chapter for NPCs.

Actually I’m using Lalum and Tethys!


Huh. Lalum and Tethys look extremely similar, especially when compared to Ninian, or when the differences between Elphin and Nils are compared.


yeah haha lalum and teth only have their head in different positions and teth has one bun


time to board the shipping ship.

im only showing this on feu, i don’t want sf to be spoiled by my plans~


. . . town chapter? were you get supplies?
you certainly have a lot of ideas going into this and it makes me rather happy to see the risks.


thanks bud! I appreciate it.

and yeah, you get supplies, socialize with the folks of Amphret, develop characters and relationships and find secret items :slight_smile:


love, friends, and loot what’s not to like.


This just in: Ghast does My Castle before FE14 can even make a release in the states. Fans go wet with lust.


Wait, is Bram bisexual now?
Also, why just two options? Shouldn’t Bram be able to romance anyone? Bram’s harem should be bigger than Roy’s.


hehe! I’m hoping this chapter will be played at fee3, who needs crazy violence when you have chapters about down time? :smiley:

Bram was always planned to be bi-curious at the very least. And haha no, but the love boat mechanic is just one of many that replaces the support system. Its also a fun way for me to develop characters like Kael and Lemonie.


Wait, the love boat is only one of “many” replacements for supports? I assume that chapter talk events are another replacement, but you imply that there’s more after that… Are they gameplay replacements in addition to story replacements (like, do they get support bonuses?) What’s wrong with vanilla FE7’s supports? (The absurd way of gaining support points, probably. We need no further explanation on that.)


talks really are just talks regarding the chapter being played. Specific gimmicks like the love boat trigger permanent ID’s that are checked in another gimmicky thing at a later chapter haha


magic spearsss

welcome to bl, wyvvies


shit’s getting gritty on these islands