Fire Emblem: Bloodlines|Version 1.4 OUT!

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Fire Emblem: Bloodlines version 1.4
please don’t forget to read the readme!
Patch contains the first 7 chapters.



(I actually thought you already had a topic here for some reason.)


Looks great! Can’t wait for this year’s FEE3.


thanks ya’ll!


patch release on the 5th of Sept, including prologue- Chapter 4!


Oh, I can’t wait. This hack looks amazing. (To be honest, out of the ones I’ve seen this is the one I’m anticipating the patch for the most, but don’t tell anyone else I said that wink wink)


thank you! It’s not super technical though, so don’t expect anything groundbreaking in terms of that haha. There’s like one asm hack and it’s @CT075’s weapon status hack.


You had me sold at flying bowmen.

Pegasus Knights = God
Archers = Amazing

Flying Archers …? = So much awesome the heavens cannot contain it.


Hah! I thought the same thing


so like where’s that patch doe


like here doe


aaaaaaaaaaaaye that’s what i’m talkin’ 'bout


FYI Malcolm’ upper right corner thing has to do with the data in the 2nd pointer in the moving unit data table. but I don’t know how to fix it.


The Great Knight, Wyvern Knight and Berserker have the same problems, as I recall (though only on the status screen it seems for the former), but I don’t know if pasting their ‘other data’ in would fix @ghast’s problem…hmmm…


Malcolm can talk to Nilou before they’re recruited and such. It causes weird conversations and wastes a turn that I thought I would get from recruiting them.

Edit: This happens in a lot of chapters…


ah i see, ill make some conditions where they can only talk to each other if bram did first.

edit- just doing this now. did you find anything else, crazycolors? i know tyren’s and nobia’s talk event is a bit janky


I didn’t really do any in-depth testing… So not really. Solid hack you got there :wink:


thanks! though I’m having a small problem with making the talk event only appear if Bram talked to sadaati first.

if i make it an IFET, dewey can still talk to nilou, but it’s just blank and the event ends. any ideas?


I don’t think it’s possible… Hrm. I was going to dive into the engine’s talk code for @AlfredKamon. I might as well make an option for is_allied as well while I’m checking it out.


that’d work! hahaha