Fire Emblem: Aletheia - First Arc Complete! FEE3 Version live!

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Sword dance is gonna be busted but oh well.

I’ve updated the patch to include Serini’s new personal, as well as reallocating skills so everyone has a personal skill!
Also, chapter 5 is playable, but without any story.

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Chapter 5 has been completed in its entirety!


Chapter 6, and thus, the first arc of the game, has been completed! Some general polishing is left, but the 0.1 release is coming soon!


Dismount? Whhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Thracia time, baby

With character palettes being complete, and general polish being done (like new weapon icons), I can officially declare the 0.1 version to be live! As always, download is at the OP.


Looking forward to giving this a whirl!

Small behind the scenes update. I’ve been messing around with staves, and here’s some of the edits that I’ve made:
Restore now has mag/2 range:

The dancer rings have been turned into staves (renamed to Empower, Enarmor, Embolden, and Enswiften) and have tweaked effects:

Unlock now unlocks chests in addition to doors:

And a preview of the S rank staff!:

Edit: Because I can’t stop:

I know I’ve been spamming, but this particular staff has been a monumental undertaking for my lacking asm skills. I present, the rewarp staff:


The video seems to not want to play in my Fire Fox browser. What type of file is this?

An mp4.
Edit: Changed it to a youtube video since streamable doesn’t want to play, for some reason.

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Couple new skills that will be implemented:

Work on chapter 7 is progressing, slowly, but surely.

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You forgot to remove the fog palette to make it Thracia fog in C6 bro it wasn’t challenging enough
I actually thurroughly enjoyed this game. Final Parts up tomorrow and Saturday!

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Chapter 7, the beginning of a new arc, has been completed! As always, latest download is in the OP.

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Thanks to corona quarantine, I’ve had a lot of time to work on the hack, so here’s chapter 8!

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Nice snow this is gonna be a fun map to play.

It’s just aesthetic weather. I wouldn’t be that evil.

I figured. I did the same thing myself.

Holiday update: You will now be able to have Serini wear hair dye after a certain point in the story!