Fire Emblem: Aletheia - First Arc Complete! 0.1 version live!

What exactly do you mean by concept of what happens after an FE game is done?
Is there just an unseen Backstory?

This is somewhat alluded to in the story summary, but it’s like “What do we do now that the evil empire that started the war that consumed the world has been destroyed?”

Oh, never mind then. I completely missed the storysummery

Just a quick heads up that I’ve updated the download link with improvements to the first map, as well as an actual opening cutscene this time. Also, there’s now a discord!


Looking forward to seeing more!

I love the story premise! “What do we do now that the world is saved?” is underrated as a jumping-off point for a story and I look forward to your take on it. Since the demo is just one chapter, I wrote down some quick thoughts on it.

thoughts on the chapter

The glaring element here is Zoe. She’s on a Seth level of strength, but without the drawback of stealing enemy experience thanks to the Mercy skill. I’m used to having to be strategic with using the Jagen unit to weaken enemies, but now I can just Mercy everything to 1 HP (and it will be 1 HP, because she crits everything with her crit bonus) and then use another unit to finish the job. Apparently, the game thinks Zoe still isn’t powerful enough because the village gives a brave bow, which I didn’t even use because she doubles and crits with the steel bow already. Why not give an interesting weapon for one of our other units instead? Not even the enemy archers have a chance of countering Zoe since she can take a few hits and has enough speed to dodge everything. Her only weakness is that she can get boxed in by enemies from all sides if you let that happen. You may be going for a unit like FE8 Seth where it’s just plain fun to use the unit and the game doesn’t arbitrarily punish you for doing so, but in a vacuum with just this single chapter (more generally, while the game is still short enough that none of our units will get the chance to grow to her level), I get the feeling it would be better if she were just a very powerful archer instead of a completely infallible sniper.

That being said, I do think you can pull off the whole concept of the archer who has the Mercy skill because she doesn’t like killing. It’s a great connection between character and gameplay; it just needs a little more nuance on the gameplay side.

Aside from Zoe being OP, the chapter plays well. Our starting crew all seem likeable and I look forward to seeing them bounce off of each other in conversations. I like how we have the more grounded perspective of a commander rather than a princess or what-have-you. The bad guys are generic bandits, but I figure we’ll get the juicy details about how mercenaries have turned to banditry in later versions. You’re off to a great start!


Thank you for the feedback on the demo, and I’m glad you’re looking forward to it!

With regard to Zoe’s balance, I am generally trying to balance the game around hard mode, on which she fails to double several of the enemies in the first chapter with the steel bow, and gets about 3HKO’d, so I wanted to give the player a limited tool that would be able to take down any enemy they were finding particularly challenging to deal with (that brave bow will be the only one in the entire game, as the village dialogue indicates). I am considering whether to make Zoe a high-level archer instead of a sniper, so thank you for the input.

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Oh, yeah, I did play it on normal. I’ll definitely play it on hard next time.

And chapter 2 is done! Download link at the top.

Been messing around with the status screen background.


And chapter 3 has been finished, with changes to chapter 1 too!

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Chapter 4 is done!
56%20PM 47%20PM


Chapter 4x has been completed!
10%20AM 33%20AM

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Working on the title screen (because that’s the most important part, right?)


Looking good, man! I think the font could use some work, but I enjoy the sunset vibes…


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I like the picture yes. As stated the A and the e could take some redoing possibly.

a pegasus knight for a lord? this’ll definitly be a fun hack to try out.

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I’d like to show off some custom skills I’ve made for the hack!

Sword Dance
Flashing Blade
Hunter’s Volley
Forced March
Spur Hexblade

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sword dance is going to be an awesome skill in the endgame more than likely

Sword dance is gonna be busted but oh well.