Fire Emblem 7: Boss Swap v1.1 [COMPLETE!]

Added tags and such to the project, as well as fixing a dead download link in the post. If there’s any issues please don’t hesitate to contact me.
It’s been nearly 2 years and no serious glitches have been found, so I’m marking this project as complete. May be subject to change if any further issues crop up that I’ve never found, but I will probably keep unit bases/growths the same in any future as I’m pretty happy with the gameplay in spite of a handful of balance issues.


This mod is absolutely invigorating bringing out new experience for somebody who finished the FE: Blazing Sword too many times. Running a gnag of brigands in Lyn’s mode :joy:
One little suggestion if it is feasible and do not bring out any new issues - have your units destroy the village when you visit it and get the loot.

The only small discrepency I found was the team color mismatch in the status tab
Just color swapping.

This map is the best protect the innocent woman from the evil Lyn’s mercenaries and recruit the misguided Bugs back into Gaelon bandits. :sweat_smile:

Btw do we get any thieves? I don’t remember any boss being a thief and Legault who is the enemy is available pretty late in chapter 20

I noticed the knights can move through hills without penelties


Really enjoying this hack. Any chance we can get a document with growth rates, just out of curiosity?

Excuse me, the link no longer works, anybody still has the hack?

Heck this looks cool. Id love to play as well if the link gets fixed

Try this patch. Patch to FE7 (U).

I downloaded and finished this hack a couple weeks ago so this should be the latest file that was available.




is there even a rom that works with it? i tried everything but it doesn t work

Awesome! Thank you!

Here are the ROM details that were used for creating this patch:

Thank you!!