Fire Emblem 7: Boss Swap v1.1 [COMPLETE!]

We all love Batta the Beast, don’t we? Our favorite lovable early-game bandit boss that a certain green-haired swordfighter has no issue taking down.
But what if…
enemy recruitment.emulator-107
The roles were reversed…?

Download version 1.1 here!
This hack is a reskin of FE7 that swaps all bosses and playable units, retaining their base stats with only minor changes to accomodate if necessary.
enemy recruitment.emulator-106imageimageimageimageimageimageenemy recruitment.emulator-108

The hack is fully playable in Lyn, Eliwood, and Hector modes, though the latter two have not been as extensively tested. Dialogue has not been changed but some events have to accomodate the new class changes.

Credits are available from within the .zip file as well as some notable changes to the game.
Additionally, please, please be sure to join our discord, Olbern Keep, if you have any question or bugs to report. The invite link is here, at Olbern Keep.


One more thing, keep your eyes peeled for any other projects from me. I have something planned for 2021 much larger than this, so stay tuned!


natsumi hack :eyes:


fe7 hacks in 2020
and ones featuring batta no less



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Thanks a lot!

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There has been a reported glitch where in Blood of Pride, Yogi gets stuck inside the house; making the chapter unwinnable.
To fix this, make sure the village is being visited by anyone who can Rescue Yogi, and then rescue them. If you visit with someone who can’t, trade Yogi’s keys to them.

This glitch will be fixed in a patch tomorrow.


I honestly would love to see this idea done for FE6 and FE8 as well. I would say the other FEs as well, but those haven’t been hacked as much as the GBA trilogy.
Edit: So how do growths work? I’m guessing the growths are the characters they’re replacing? I.E. Batta has Lyn’s growths and so forth?

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I haven’t posted down all the growth rates but everyone has a new set of growths; generally units with earlier join time or poor bases get better growths; but the growths usually match that unit’s stats.

The only exception is Lundgren who has a whopping 885% growth rate total to compensate for having worse bases than Wallace and requiring you to keep the lords underleveled just to recruit him.




Serif setting the trend of having an old person be an Est type unit.


Hey, we can’t keep the Est archetype locked to underleveled children, can we? :stuck_out_tongue:


New update! Please update your ROM before playing Unfulfilled Heart.

Fixed Yogi not moving from his house on spawn.
Fixed Unfulfilled Heart freezing the game on some emulators.

Download link here!

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Finally back to the days of Romhacks where you play as the shitty villains from early in the game.


New update!
1.1 changes
Groznyi, Wire, Batta, Teodor, Yogi, Jerme, and Puzon can now steal and use lockpicks.
Fixed Louise being a male sniper in Cog of Destiny and Normal Mode Four Fanged Offense.
Fixed Isadora being a male paladin in Dragon’s Gate.
Fixed Yogi not getting any promotion gains.
Ursula now properly spawns with her equipment. Bolting was moved to a droppable item on Jaffar to prevent suicidal AI.
Fixed Flametongue having 100 crit.
Download version 1.1 here!

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Will this delete an old save file? I’ve already started on the previous version.

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It should be fully compatible with prior saves, but this hasn’t been extensively tested

Heck Yeah, now I can play as my favorite enemie, Bois!

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I’m just glad Batta is a lord. He’s a beast after all

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I know I am a bit late, but when I open up Wire’s inventory, the game freezes. I am using VBA.