Fire Emblem 6 The Royal Army

To apply the UPS patch of the mod, you will need to use a rom with the old translation for Fire Emblem 6.

Royal Army is a mod for Fire Emblem 6 that aims to reshape the entire game world.

All characters have been completely changed and will have a different role and characterization throughout the story.

-Game balance:
All weapons have been balanced to make gameplay smoother.
Swords: They have excellent accuracy and allow you to inflict many multiple hits, but are weak on offense
Iron Sword HIT 90 POW 5 WGT 4
Lances: these are the weapons with the most balanced stats
Iron lance HIT 85 POW 7 WGT 7
Axes: deal a lot of damage but are very heavy and have poor accuracy
Iron Ax HIT 80 POW 9 WGT 10
Tomes: they are very versatile and have a long resistance but have poor accuracy
Fire HIT 80 POW 6 WGT 3
Flux HIT 80 POW 10 WGT 10
Lightning 80 POW 4 WGT 2 CRT 5
Bows: These are the weapons with the highest accuracy and have excellent attack power but make multiple attacks more difficult
Iron Bow HIT 100 POW 8 WGT 8
Sticks: now they are much more useful in battle having a longer duration and are more differentiated from each other.
Poisonous Weapons and Long Range Tomes are now available in Emporiums
Changed all the emporiums, armories and mystery shops in the game.
Epic weapons are now completely new and will have new uses in battle
Roy’s weapons have been modified with new weapons that Lilina can use.
Added a Fire Emblem, a seal that can only be used by Lilina

-Balancing characters and enemies:
All characters will have a different level increase
HP \ LCK 60%
STR \ MAG \ RES \ DEF 30%
SKL \ SPD 40%
MVT + 1
Maximum level 15

-Maps and events
Some game maps have been recolored while others are completely new.
Each map will have new events and a new story.
For the moment, 28 chapters have been created for the mod.
New supports have been created for all characters
New battles and conversations with the story bosses
The game interface has been recolored.
All characters in the story will have their battle animation completely recolored.
Two new classes have been added Royal Guard, usable only by enemies and Seer usable only by Sophia.

All the classes have been completely balanced and better differentiated from each other, also some will be able to use different weapons from the original and some will have new animations.
Upgrading the class will allow you to have a more different bonus between the various classes

You will only be able to use certain characters in battle, while most of the NPC characters you will encounter will only help you for a certain number of chapters, to find out which characters you can recruit consult the Story readme.

It is recommended that all characters in your party survive throughout the story.
Otherwise there may be errors in the game.

The file you are about to download is only a DEMO of the game, also the mod is in the BETA phase, if you find any errors during the game please notify me

In the folder you are about to download there will be the following files
The mod: Download NUPS from the link in the mod description to apply my mod.
The save: it will be useful to start a game in hard mode
Hard Mode - Will explain how to start a game on Hard Mode
Story: It will tell you how to recruit all characters and activate all new events, so you can understand the story 100%.

Good fun.

Link of Patcher

Link of the mod.
Link of the Trailer

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Never been a fan of Roy solo I’ll give it a try
Ps: and hey posting a Rom is against the rules.

Is this the epic FE6 Lilina mode?

Check the west Mishima.

Sorry, I must have mistakenly put the various files in the folder. I solve the problem.

I don’t know if the mod will be epic, but I worked hard to create it. So I hope you at least enjoy playing it.

The rar in the download doesn’t extract correctly.

I guess Roy isn’t in this game…?


I double-checked the file.
It works for me, could you tell me how you tried to extract the rar file?

That’s right, in this mod Roy has been replaced as the protagonist with Lilina. The adventure will be completely different.
I tried to recreate the entire story of FE 6 from 0, making the story unfold without Roy, his father and Guinevere.

I managed to get the rar extracted, but now I can’t apply the patch to any of the FE6 ROMs I have (both the original JP ROM and multiple english translations).

Even with the ROM you linked the patch is incompatible for me.

Do not post links to ROMs on this website. This is your final warning.

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Welcome to FEU, enjoy your stay fren

Thanks, I’m glad you like it.

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Please mention which rom you used in your post, I used the old translation and it seems to have worked without forcing the patch on.

Demo update.
.Fixed some errors of the events of some chapters
.Added new Talk events between characters
.Added the part of the story about the seer
.Replaced Tutorial with a background story chapter

Demo Update.
Changed some character colors.
Fixed the Geese’s character battle animation bug.
Added three new chapters and completed the narrative arc concerning the seer.
Added some new support conversations.
Changed the stats, weapons, and animation of the Wizard class, Lilina’s final promotion.
Fixed some errors with the combat animations of enemies and NPC.
Fixed some enemy descriptions.

Update demo.
Added three chapters and started the narrative arc concerning the defense of Ostia.
Added a new class: Royal Guard (usable only by enemies).
Adjusted the coloration of some enemy bosses.
Fixed some talk events.
Added new support conversations.
Changed Zephiel’s final weapon.
Improved and recolored the battle UI.
Fixed some errors with chapter 1.
Fixed and improved the introduction of the game.

Fixed the description of all enemies.
Fixed description of enemy ranks.

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Make a pair ending or support c-a of Liliana x Karel please TvT