Fire Emblem 6 Randomized(First Ever Project)

Hello everyone, this is me, revealing my first project ever, an FE6 randomizer!

This randomizer has changed pretty much all stats, including characters, growths, weapons, affinities and traits, classes, even for bosses.

All the info you need is here:


All credits to Intelligent Systems for FE6

Randomized by Me


All classes randomized.
All items stats randomized (including durability).
All affinities, traits, and growths randomized.
All units and the time you get them randomized.

The Knight’s Pride (Agro of FE Universe)

All randomizing done with GBA FE Randomizer
All modifications done with FE Builder

The necessary rom to patch with is a Fire Emblem 6: Sealed Sword Translated ROM.

FIXED BUG: Characters would disappear after the first enemy phase after a “special” character, the bug was fixed by removing the secret character all together, so the game works as it should now.

Link is still in my bio (For some reason unable to post here).


why not post the link here

I tried but it wouldn’t let me.

Dude, after you appear at turn 1, everyone except Saul (replacing Roy) disappears

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Thanks for informing. I will look into it.

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Rom has been fixed, there is a new patch in the folder (Linked in bio).


Hella better now

Hey! Nice project. I just have a couple of questions. What file exactly should I patch? I tried patching it to FE6J and the FE6 Localization project version 1.1.3 (which I believe is the latest version) and both failed.

I feel like it might be best to make a version that works with FE6J so at least you can avoid the confusions with the multiple different versions of the FE6 localization (but that also sounds like a lot of extra work…).

Second, what exactly are “traits”? Somehow I can’t recall this mechanic in the GBA games…

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By traits I am referring to the affinity traits that characters have, which boost certain stats depending on the support levels of units.

The necessary patch is a Fire Emblem 6 Sealed Sword Translated ROM.

Hope this helps.

MOD EDIT: Do not mention where to find roms.