Fire Emblem 4 & 5 Remake (Not a Rom Hack) - Needing Help

Hi guys this is NOT A ROM HACK… I’m using Lex Talionis engine to remake the Genealogy of the holy war and Thracia 776, but I’m needing help because the engine comes with only the sprites, animations and portraits from it’s original game, so I’m needing to get all the FE classes from GBA with all their animations and sprites and portraits all from scratch…

Also I’m looking for an spriter and/or animator to help me remake some classes from the original game that are not in the GBA’s…And also remade portraits for both games characters, remade menu images (adapted to gba style of menus), etc… Until now I’ve found some portraits in forums here and in Serenes forest, but some do not convince me against their equals on Thracia 776.

This Remake is pointed to fuse or join FE4 & 5 into 1 main game where you will be able to play both with renewed graphics from GBA, without losing the sense of huge world that brings the huge maps rom the original games. Also it will correct some mechanic problems and stats from the original games using their evolved mechanics from gba.

I’ve been doing this since like March or Febraury and there is still too much to do, some errors to be corrected on the engine’s code, maps to be ported and remade, mechanics to be implemented, etc. But with some help I think that for the end of this year we could have at least FE4 remade… maybe more than that.

Sprites and Animations missing: – If color is not specified it means all 3 colors

in this document you can see what’s missing about sprites and animations:

For the Dragon Knight I’m using this:
enemyDragonKnightM enemyDragonKnightM_move

For the Dragon Rider this other