Fire Emblem 11 (Shadow Dragon) Pick My Edits Submission Thread

Dolph is actually one of my favorite Archanea characters, he may not seem like it but he has a 30% speed growth and 5 base SPD and can be really good if reclassed. He’ll do his job as a wall so much better now, regardless of what Class he is in.

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Yeah those are ogmas growths sorry and if able to give him sword usage, give him a D rank in swords. I was saying give him a sword to use when he’s not transformed so he can still be viable without having to morph every time just to do anything. Sorta like how they did Xane in FE3 and gave him the ability to use swords when not transformed into another unit. Okay, I was just saying giving Wolf the 7 move so technically he could still attack at a decent distance like his starting class. But that’s okay also that sucks you can’t give him any breath moves but all the dragon stones work out, also would having all of the dragon stones allow him to be used throughout the rest of game? But thanks for getting back to me!

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Like i said i’m totally fine with giving him 7 move, it’ll technically effect medeus too since characters don’t have individual move stats, but he doesn’t move anyway so it won’t matter.
The Earth stone has infinite uses, but all other stones only have 30.


Ya, we’ll keep it 6 mov then. Keep it fair lol also that works out perfectly then with the stones. Yeah, all changes sound good, thanks!

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I’m thinking of using my second edit on Macellan.

Macellan will be the opposite of Dolph: Personal Str/Mag/Skl/Spd/Luck are all 10, and his growths in those are 60/60/60/80/35 respectively. However, his defences are bad. -4 Personal HP, -3 Personal Defense and 0 Personal Resistance.

Also he is no longer an armor knight, but instead, a Dark Mage. With a Swarm and an Elfire.

Before I decide on edits, I have a couple of questions:

Can you edit the Shops?

And will you implement the Full Content Patch changes? It would grant access to Falcoknights and encourage the use/editing of the new FE11 characters, such as Frey and Norne (who you would not get in Hard mode otherwise).

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keep both samson and arran’s status
but changes their level from 10 to 1

I’ll have to take a look if i can edit the shops next time i get on the computer, pretty sure it can be done.
Regarding the full content patch: i already started editing the rom, so i don’t wanna apply it incase it breaks anything. I can probably add Norne or Frey somewhere myself. I can also place the Elysian Whip in some character’s inventory myself. Im not so sure i can do gaidens without death requirements though, so that’d honestly be the only real downside. Technically i could just move the gaiden characters out of the gaidens as a workaround

That being said if you wanna make any changes to Frey or Norne feel free to do so, but tell me where to put them. Same goes for the whip.

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Should i autolevel them to level 10 so they get some stats out of it, or keep their bases as they are and only increase their level?

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May be keep their status but decrease their levels
as lv10 prepromo, their status are ridiculously low, i dunno which way is better to fix them.

Oooh a Shadow Dragon PME! Never seen one of these before… this’ll be fun!

Want to ask before I request an edit… Is it possible to switch ingame names and portraits around? Like say I wanted to make Gharnef’s name and portrait to that of Gazak’s, would you be able to do that?

It’s been a while since I’ve checked Shadow Dragon Nightmare, but I remember being able to switch GBA names around waaaaaaaay back when. Unsure if it’s the same deal here though.

Idk if they’re actually his, but this is on the wiki


Will Falcoknights get their FE12 bases and growths?

And can you give ranged animations to swords and melee animations to bows?

I have a rough idea on what I want to do, but I want these answers before I go and make a stunted build.

Give Roshea an additional 15% Speed Growth and switch him out with Cain. He is set to level 1 and gains his FE1 bases (which means that only his Base HP are lowered to 18).

Cain on the other hand should be reclassed to a level 3 Dark Mage. His personal Bases are all increased by 1. Str stays the same and is switched with magic. His personal Growths are changed to: 35% HP, 20% Magic, 50% Luck and 20% Defense. He starts with Elfire, a Swarm tome and a vulnerary. His Anima Weapon Level is D however, so you’ll have to wait a while before you can use the long range tome.

Hey sorry to spam but I was reading your first post and I wanted to be clear, I was meaning the growths for Wolf I suggested were to be his personal growth stats not his final growths. My bad for not specifying earlier.

Ah, stupid of me to forget the rules :confused: . Swapping Sedgar and Vyland will be it then, thank you for making the edit :slight_smile:

This was meant to be sent yesterday but my phone died.
-Swap Abel with Horace.
-Horace is now a Warrior with B axes (C half outside warrior) and D bows.
-Keep his personal bases but give him -7 luck and a 0% Luck Growth.
-Also remove his base 9 skill and give him personal 0% skill growth.
-Give him 100% str growth as a Warrior.
-His only starting weapon is a devil axe. (If you can remove Axes from the chapter 1 Shop).

Second Edit:
-Have the 5000G village in chapter 1 give you Lorenz.
-Lorenz is now a Level 1 Warrior. D Axes B bows. (E personal axes)
-He now has 100% Def and Res growth but 0 Str growth (Negative growth). Negative -7 str base. 17 spd as a warrior.
-Comes with the brave bow and a 50 use Geosphere. (If you discover any way to rename it. call it the Explosion.)

@Celerity910 Glass cannon Big Mac assembled! Since Swarm has B rank tomes and i assume you want him to use it at base i’ll bump his Tome Rank to B too.
@TheSuzakuSeven No worries, i fixed it.
@Kanna Ah i misunderstood you at first, i thought you wanted me to bump them from level 1 to 10, not realising you wanted the opposite. Done! Funnily enough it says their Base level is 10, but their starting level is 1, maybe they intended for them to start at level 1 and be autoleveled to level 10, but mixed the two up? Also regarding changing the Shop data, the text file mentions Shop data being in the script folder, but either the nightmare module for it doesn’t exist, or its text based. The files in the script folder are in .cmb format. It’s definitely something i’d have to figure out first. If it ends up not being possible you can pick another change instead.
Regarding the other post: Falcoknights have their own FE11 Bases and growths unless you wish to change that. Do note that you can’t reclass into Falco unless you used a Whip to promote, or started as a falcoknight. I looked a bit into animations prior and i doubt i can make actual new animations, at most i could try to give a unit an animation from another class. Like if someone said to give Marth’s Soldier class Bow rank, i could possibly make it so he plays the sniper bow animation when using it. No guarantees though
@Regi I haven’t tried it yet, but someone mentioned it being possible. I’ll try getting it figured out after inserting all the gameplay changes, so suggest those changes if you want. If it ends up not being possible for me i’ll let you pick another change instead.
@Bwan Is that the fandom wiki? I checked the .org wiki and it didn’t mention any growth rates there, I’ll add them onto bantu as his final growths unless you want it to be his personal ones.
@BladerDj Done!
@XPGamesNL Done!
@Rawr776 I can do the first edit without any issues, the second one is a bit harder, i could try swapping a generic enemy from chapter 1 out with a playable Lorenz, but i’m not sure how that would effect Lorenz’s vanilla joining chapter, could easily break anything. Gordin and Doga haven’t been changed yet, so i could swap one of them out with Lorenz though.

Also, since this is Day 2 everyone can now suggest another 2 edits.


Alright. Swap Doga then

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give linde a 250% def and res growth but 25% mag growth

tanky mage tanky mage tanky mage