Fire emblem 1 noobs rebalance

Hey guys,
Emperor Arden here, just to drop this fe1 “rebalance”
that I made in a few hours.
this might actually be less balanced than the original, but whatever.
I mostly just had some fun, doing this for a few hours. it has zero testing, and here are some changes.

  1. axes have crit now.
  2. no falchon, its too busted. you get something else instead though, and its really good.
  3. devil sword and killing edges have infinite uses, to make training Radd, Navarre, and Ogma a bit easier.
  4. pirates got buffed. self explanatory, also buffs darros.
  5. mages can’t promote, but archers are better now in exchange.
  6. more exp all around, to accommodate the archer change.
  7. Generals got buffed/ some promotions changed.
  8. Garnef and Medeus are stronger now. you know, because they needed that.
  9. mages have higher stats to make up for not promoting. I think they can use any tome at base, as well.
  10. bantu is a viable unit now.

Q: why did you buff tiki?
A: side effect of buffing Medeus and bantu.

Q: what did you do to archers? there bases and growth are the same!
A: train up archers and promote them to find out!

Q:Why no magic/ resistance patch?
because I wanted to do these things myself.
Q:how long did this take you?
A: 4 hours, roughly.

feel free to ask questions in the comments!
Celice (?) for the translation patch,
and @Darrman for his fe1 hacking notes.
EDIT: forgot to add the attachment!