Finding The Creators Of These Assets

Hey y’all!

Well, way back when I didn’t know a thing about credits, F2U, and all that jazz, I just downloaded a bunch of assets from every corner of the internet. Now that I’ve seen the light, so to speak, I’m currently clearing out my assets that aren’t F2U and F2E.

And I came across these portraits.

Edit: Progress update: 5/6. The X’s repesents the portraits’ owners are discovered.

I’d like to know who are the artists of these assets. Just to make sure if I have to thrown them out or not.

EDIT: Letting me know if the asset is F2U/F2E isn’t required, but is appreciated!



Unknown P 1

Unknown P 3


Unknown P 1
As already mentioned by Trapinch above me, this one is made by HyperGammaSpaces, but to be more specific, I think this one might be Barth from Sacred Echoes judging by clothing and color scheme, but I could be wrong :heart: In terms of F2 status, I think it was mentioned in @/JeyTheCount’s F.R.O.G. doc that all Sacred Echoes mugs would be F2U when it is completed, which now that that’s the case, you should be able to, but I would also ask Gamma directly just in case :two_hearts:

Unknown P 3
Moving over to the top middle, I don’t recognize that one, so I’ll move on to the top right, which again, as mentioned by Trapinch above me, is from Nickt, though if that’s the case, it must be a modification. In that case, the base itself was made by CapibaraInSpace, specifically #5 in their collection in the Repo :heart: In terms of F2 status, it technically is F2U, although only the original is to my knowledge, so be aware of that :two_hearts:

Unknown P 4
The bottom left is easy; this one’s from Levin64, specifically as a contribution to E.D.G.E. (Myrraeno’s name) :heart: In terms of F2 status, all EDGE mugs are F2E by default, so you’re in the clear here, but I would recommend that if you use this for a project, stick to the original cause that one has an actual minimug :two_hearts:

Unknown P 5
And finally, in terms of stuff I either recognize or can look up easily, the bottom middle is also a quick one; this one is by Goldblitzx, and it’s very much not F2U or F2E cause they’re using him in their hack Searching for Light, so that’s one you can toss out :sparkling_heart: If you’re curious, his name’s Genesio :333 At least I think it is, could be wrong :sweat:

Hopefully, this has helped you on your quest, and I also hope that you can find the culprits for the other two mugs and the background CG :two_hearts: Good luck, friend :four_leaf_clover:


nickT doesn’t use other people’s stuff in general, so you have it backwards
those are the more recent versions of it


Ahhh, oops :upside_down_face: Thanks for the save :two_hearts:


The second portrait in the top row is a character from The Nameless Heroes (TNH), a Japanese FE8 Hack. I don’t think it’s F2U/F2E.


Yes, that’s Galius from TNH, and I made him too. It’s up to the TNH creator if the sprite is F2U.


i believe that comes from my gallery, although it’s a F2U/E asset that probably got reworked by someone else.