FE×YGO/DGMN custom Sprites

I was playing Digimon World and I got a Metalmamemon. I was so excited that I ended making a pixel art of it. It is 16×16. I hope you like it. It’s just for fun


Another Digimon. Called Rosemon. This time 24×24. I hope you like it.


Heyo !!! New Digimons
Maybe I would make someday a digimon project too
So I will change the topic to FE×YGO×DGMN
I hope you like it guys


Here’s some of the new stuff
I redesigned Breaker and his personal weapon and I already made the sprites for his skills
I hope you like them


Digimon Generic Icons !!
Based on the sections that the FE Supply is divided
I hope you like it


Agumon Shinka !!
Greymon !

And a quick update
Betamon now is on the A line!!

A new line set !!!
Elecmon is Here!!

Hehe another one! 3 in a single day
Kunemon is Here !!


Dragons Roar
Nature Spirits
Wind Guardians
Virus Busters
Deep Savers
Metal Empire
Jungle Troopers
Nightmare Soldiers

Their represent the family of each digimon
I would like them to work as those skills that boost the Atk by 5 if you are using a certain weapon
In this case the weapons are the Nature of Moves
And how
Dragons spits fire
Beast uses their nature body
Birds gains vantage on air
Holies hunts devils
Fish gains vantage on water
Metallic ones uses their mechanic parts
Plants gains vantage on Forest/Jungle terrains
And how Devils boosts their attack to hunt holies


Here’s Daitou. OUR PROTAGONIST in this Adventure around the Digital World !!!

The battle screen is done !!


well, if you are still taking requests for monsters, Mine is “Galaxy eyes Photon dragon”
if you are only doing stuff from the original show, then why not
A. Perfectly ultimate great moth
B. Girai Gumo
C. Divine serpent of Geh (maybe as the final boss or a very notable boss with a unique class, Vigarde or something.)

I would likely use these classes In my hack as well at some point, because I would just be mashing a bunch of stuff together.

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Well my requests were just for some monsters to include in my game and there are in standby at the moment sorry
I actually going to make some of the listed by you ;3 and sooner than you expect
And yes to be clear just Duel MONSTER staff

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