FEXP: Knights of Kreastia (WIP)

I’ve a little demo from my old project.
Around 95% of the written dialogues are in Spanish but I consider translate them to English.
Please, start at ch1 or prologue.
Thanks Klokinator, Lord Wolfram and BwdYeti (and more) for making this engine.

PD1: all songs are from other videogames.
PD2: characters are original.

Knights of Kreastia is a fangame developed in FEXP.

Story (a bit):
Our protagonist is a young knight who chose Mus League, a League made for people who wants to be a Knight.
One day, people from his League wants to arrest him because they consider him too dangerous.
He runs away his “homeland” and meets again with Alma, a myrmidon who was saved by our protagonist.
They have got a hidden power, but they don’t know (?) …

-Most of Sacred Stones classes.
-No promotion branch (?), lineal promotion (?).
-Some names have been changed (Great Knight -> Gold Knight, for example).
-Stats (base and caps) are from FE:A.
-Added ranged attack & completed most of class animations.

Known bugs:
-Using items in battle preparations.
-Merchant (sent to supply when buy an item/weapon)

To do (still):
-Complete animations.
-Translate dialogues.
-De4ths quotes.
-Character description.
-More chapters (duh).
-Improve save state (?).
-Fix / Add promotion branch.

Game: FEXP - Knights of Kreastia

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Oh hey, I remember you! Long time no see.

It’s so weird to see something FEXP related again, after I decided to go over to using FE GBA to make my hack.

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Glad to read you again!
I’ve tried to made it on GBA but romhacking (16 colour-palette) is too limited for me.
So I made it with FEXP

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Make sense.

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I wasn’t aware you could still download & modify FEXP :open_mouth:
Regardless, this definitely looks interesting. I’m definitely going to check it out!