FEXP Guide? (2023)

I am fully aware the FEXP is severely outdated, but for the purposes of the game project I’m making, which is already in RPG Maker XP, I prefer using FEXP just for the sake of the map I will make.

I have FEXP downloaded and I got it to work perfectly, and I even have the resources for it. However, I have been looking for a proper guide to just have an idea on how to do specific things, and I’m scratching my head because all the guides are literally not available, and anytime it is brought up, there’s always a response like “why don’t you use FEXNA?” etc.

All I really want to know if there’s a guide. That’s it. Does anyone have it/know of a link that’s not dead? Thank you.


I don’t think anybody is gonna give you real support for FEXP in 2023 …
Anyways I understand your feelings cause it was the same for me at the begging. There are a lot of powerful engines with a lot of support for FE fanmade games.
Otherwise, you need to literally crush your head and continuing supporting that old engine. In that case , you can call me … I used to make some content in RMXP, I’m not an expert but I would like to help. Feel free to contact to me and find a way to revive this old dead engine.

Do you have the tutorial guide?

Are you talking about Klokinator’s Ultimate FEXP guide by chance? I have a copy of this guide (Version 6.2 revised to be precisise), but I don’t know if Klokinator would be okay with me linking it or sending it to you.

I am talking about that, yes. Why would they be upset about that?

It is because I did not make the guide, and I do not know if Klokinator, the creator of the guide, would be okay with me posting his own work. If there is not problem or you get permission from Klokinator, then please let me know so that I can repost it here.

Where could I contact Klokinator? it says everything of theirs has been removed.

Asked Klokinator and he says he doesn’t mind.

Thanks for getting permission. As promised, here it is:

Thank you so much!!