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Looks like it needs to be converted into a mar, but it’s not a .tmx

Woo extra steps


Is there a meaningful difference between MAR and tmx files? Other than the way you insert them.


I don’t know a whole lot but I know that the tmx files can have the tile changes already set up for you


[quote=“ukulelej, post:22, topic:1182, full:true”]
Is there a meaningful difference between MAR and tmx files? Other than the way you insert them.
[/quote] .mar is made with Mappy and requires tile changes to be done via events; .tmx is made with Tiled and has tile changes built into the map file. As far as I know, FE8 only works with the .tmx method of tile changes so far.

(dear FEU users: if this has since changed and Mappy files do work with FE8 nowadays, sorry gomen plsnokill I will sudoku)

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If you mean .mar files working with FE8 yeah they do (I’ve been using .mars so far)


I meant more the method of doing tile changes in events which is required for .mar; it didn’t work properly in FE8 because of FE8’s events last time I checked.


Oh in that case I have no idea. I’m either going to end up finding out the hard way or just have everything that needs a tile change redone in tiled so I don’t have to worry.


So I’ve got an exam every week until the 19th (starting this week)

RIP finishing the demo redo any time soon/any progress I was gonna make


Engineering was a mistake

So yeah, I’m just gonna apologize now for the continued lack of progress updates (chapter 2 is done, 3 is giving me issues and I have other problems to figure out before I can say the demo is redone anyway)

I’m working on this as much as I can but school comes first so I’m going to try to get everything figured out and working as soon as humanly possible.

Now to go post the same thing on SF because I totally forgot about the thread there

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Rip in borgatta never forgotta.

Back to the map making dungeon I go then.

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The idea was brought to me from one of my testers and I figured I’d put it here to get more opinions on it.

The suggestion was only use earth seals for promotion items, so no knight crests or hero seals or any of that.

It seems like a good idea to me, but I’m not the one who’s going to be playing it in the end so I figured I’d ask it here to get a better feeling for the general opinion on this thing.


I like class based promo items. But it’s your decision to make.

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Earth Seals mate, I personally consider class based promo items a huge hassle.

I’d be lying tho if I said this would majorly affect my enjoyment tho, so do as you wish

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yespls. FE7 is fine since you can get all the items and stuff, but it’s a real bummer when you play a mod demo, decide to train your myrmidon so you can promote them, but then only have a knight crest by the end of the demo.

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If you’re replacing icons too, there’s the added bonus of only having to make 1 icon.
And you don’t have to worry about proper distribution of each of the promotion items since everyone uses the same thing.

It’s literally less work that makes everyone happier, which is contradictory to, like, everything else in life.


Welp I think that settles it then.

Just Earth Seals/Master Seals/whatever you want to call them for promotion items it is.

now if I could just get to a point in the hack were I’ve have them planned to be, we’d be golden


the eternal dream

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This has pretty much been me for the past few weeks when it comes to trying to make stuff work

And to sorta change the subject to something that resembles a progress report:
I’m alllllllllllmmoooooooooooooooost done the demo, the only thing left is chapter 3, and all the stuff that entails besides putting the map in, but I really want to iron out some other problems before I start working on it (whenever I have some downtime between studying for classes/work, which isn’t going to be a whole lot of time).

Plus it’s too late to go back to FE7 I’ve already committed to this change too much

And here’s a bunch of mugs both new and old for a look at how the artists are doing!



New Seneca vs old Seneca

New mug for Eagle (we don’t talk about the old one):

Sebastian who you’ve probably seen with the rest of Toa’s stuff

And I can’t forget about our twin boss enemies (Think Linus and Lloyd twins and not… those weird bandit ones)




That hand though.

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Not showing off Eirnin.


(I know it’s actually just slightly edited beta Kyle with a cloak but it impresses the fuck out of me)
Still, Zim, for all the shit we have left, a lot has gotten done. Here’s to fixing the world map so it doesn’t bitch out.

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Is that good or bad lol

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