[FEXNA] Staff of Ages (XNA EventuallyTM)


i think you should post the complete rom not that always not complete rom


I’m not clear on what you’re trying to say but no regardless.


I think he wants you to release like the ROM instead of a UPS?


Specifically a 100% completed ROM, I think.


Smh all these lazy devs releasing incomplete ROMs. They expect you to buy the season pass just to get the whole thing.

This is what EA has done to the industry. Blood is on their hands.


Secret’s out the game’s been done this entire time


Stay tuned for the SoACon announcement where you can buy a character for as little as $2400!


Oh, you’re taking the Star Citizen monetization route.

Well in that case…

Awesome! I completely approve! There’s no problem with fleecing your customers for thousands of dollars at a time on virtual cosmetics!


Hey star citizen is pretty cool
By the way, have I ever told you about star citizen?


Music isn’t quiiiiiiite ready yet so we’re pushing it back to 11/5


cause if a new player of the FE world cant play your game cause not in GBA nor UPS


Except it is an ups? And besides, Uploading a gba rom directly would be copyright infringement, and thus, illegal

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Boy it’s a good thing we delayed, certain characters break the game with animations off so that’s fun




Yeah I have no fucking idea why or how it broke but currently every custom track makes the game crash so I guess we’re delayed indefinitely until that gets sorted out. until tomorrow it seems


Hey folks! Galastan here, back to fill you in on the latest Staff of Ages news.

First, and most obviously, we’re releasing Staff of Ages Version 2.1 – Post FEE3 2018 Patch today! This version doesn’t have as much new content as we would include in a full version patch (e.g. 2.0 -> 2.1 vs 2.0 -> 2.0.1), but we decided to make this patch a new full version due to the immense amount of balance changes that went into it. Here’s some of what you can expect from this new version:

  • As we showed off in our FEE3 presentation, Chapter 1-4 – Revolution has received a huge overhaul, complete with a new map, a new and better story, and some foreshadowing bits that make future story beats more cohesive. It isn’t an uber-mega difficult map, as it is only Chapter 1-4, but it should be a bit more interesting to go through than old 1-4.

  • Most units have had their personal skill overhauled, in part to increase balance of personal skill power across the board and make units more interesting to pick up and play with. Class skills, especially so for promoted classes, have also been overhauled for the same reason.

  • We’ve added quite a few new palettes to units’ promoted class options. We’re not done implementing all of them yet, but we’ll have a patch come down the pipeline as soon as we get our hands on the Team SALVAGED Paladin animation, complete with all promoted character palettes and the new paladin animation.

  • Chapter 1-F – Crown of Thorns has, as MarkyJoe might say, been cut in three. This should make the chapter less tedious for being only the equivalent of Chapter 12. It isn’t the definitive ending of the game anymore, and doesn’t deserve to be as big of a labyrinth as it once was. The rewards you gather should more or less be the same, however.

  • In an effort to make infantry classes a more viable option in comparison to fliers and cavalry, we’ve increased their power by increasing their promotion gains across the board, alongside granting them new infantry-only weapons: the Pike and Broadsword. These work similarly to the Shamshir in that they’re locked to a certain class tree (the Soldier family and Mercenary family respectively). We’ve also buffed Shamshir up to the standard of these new weapons and locked the Longbow family of bows and all siege magic to infantry classes as well.

  • Alusq has composed some new music tracks, which you can find scattered around the game.

  • Finally, we’ve added a new class to the game: the Nephalim line! This character class is a mage mounted on a pegasus. In their base form, Nephalim can only use Anima magic, but the class does have two promotion options that extend their magical capabilities: Harrier (which you may remember from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia) can use Anima and Dark, whereas Deva uses Anima and Light. Julia is now a Nephalim at base, and is the only Nephalim you can recruit in the available maps in this build.

As always, you can find a more complete set of patch notes in this very topic.

As I’ve stated earlier, you can expect another patch to come relatively soon, which we’ll begin work on once we’ve gotten our hands on the Team SALVAGED Paladin animation, which I highly encourage you take a look at here. It will contain promoted palettes for all units and will have fixed any bugs that get reported to us in the coming days.

Download here!


IS this the FULL ups version of SOA? all chapters?


What, no. It’s outlined in the update this is fixing things that were broken in 2.0. The full version is a long ways off and work hasn’t even started on chapters 2-5 and beyond because we’ve been busy fixing things and dealing with the demands of real life.

So to reiterate, it’s the same amount of content as 2.0, the full game will not be done for a long time.

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be patient

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hi if you’re planning on doing sawyer’s route don’t let elijah die I fucked up the check to hide him and won’t be able to update until tomorrow