[FEXNA] Staff of Ages (XNA EventuallyTM)


This is a new change yeah

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Uuuuuh, so Oona is the token Sun Knight now?
Well, she certainly looks nicer now.

Also, do I see that right?
Do both classes share Live to Serve?
Will that get changed in the future or is it gonna stay that way?


That’s from the troubadour class. They don’t get the promoted class skill until level 10.


Level 10?


Also someone is a Valkyrie now heh.


So not everything we needed to get done got done due to the demands of real life, but rather than delay the release we’re electing to release what we have finished and then within the next week-week and a half we’ll put out another release that will have everything fixed that needs to be, as well as whatever polishing needs to be done.

So things that probably won’t make it into the initial release:

  • Character palettes
  • Chapter titles
  • New title screen
  • Some/all of the new music
  • Fixing the shaman casting animation (game doesn’t crash but the animation breaks and we might not have the time to fix it before we release tomorrow)

Wow, Federica is buff. 11 CON.


Good news is we can start (slowly) adding these things in.


V2.0 is finally here!




Oona wasn’t able to use Elfire, redownload and reapply the patch to fix this.

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Boy the list of fixes and adjustments keeps getting longer, highly likely that it’ll take longer than a week to fix.


Is there some intended place to report bugs?


Here, the discord, SF, we might’ve seen the bug already but feel free to let us know.


Are enemy thieves supposed to be capable of stealing bloom festals from you? Because this happened to me, and I was incapable of stealing it back due to being a staff. If not, this might also apply to the sun festals later on.


Yeah we’re fixing that for next time, not sure why that happened


I don’t think it is a big deal but on 1-8 with the talk convos. Oona can talk to Owen and Sawyer and but in the reverse Owen can talk to Oona but Sawyer can’t. Is that intentional?


No Sawyer should be able to, we’ll get that taken care of for the next update.


One incredibly minor thing, when using a healing staff, the first unit it defaults to having selected will show how much Hp they have currently and how much it will be restored to, in the format of (12->28) but if you change the target receiving the healing, it will instead display their current and maximum Hp, in the format of (12/31). This will stay in this format even if you change back to the first unit targeted, and will only appear again as the first format if the heal option is deselected, then reselected. Either format could work, the only issue is how it changes from the first (which I think is the intended one) to the second (which is just how it displays in the unit’s data and info bubble).


God dammit I thought I fixed that

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