[FEXNA] Staff of Ages (XNA EventuallyTM)


Too much effort


Yes, I can only assume that Kalvesta
sent them there to appease me.
She knew full well she wasn’t going to
garrison the fort, no matter its state.
But perhaps, she thought, that I would be less
upset if a few magickers were among their ranks.

Something in here is too long and glitches the text box.


Fixed in 1.7.2 which I’ll update this post with after work


There are a bunch of places where someone forgot to put [N]s when transitioning from FEditor format to the text parser, hence the text2bigs everywhere


1.7.2 Download

Fixes some more text stuff and various other things I’ve already forgotten about.

I think most of the errors are with the new text Nila put in and not the FEditor format stuff.

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6 million years later I post here once more.

Here’s a small progress report:

S2-1, S2-2, O2-1, and 2-3x are fully completed. O2-2 is very close to completion. Writing for the first half of act 2 is also very close to completion.

Thanks to a (semi-successful) blitz we tried, everything but O2-4 at least has unit placements done and just needs the beginning, middle, and ending events to be done, which helps quite a bit.

Most of the portraits are done, we’re also redoing the griffon knight animation and adding a promotion option called the Arbalest (this replaces the kinshi knight we were intending to have).


Also here’s some mugs


Three to go?


These sprites look so stylish! The bald dude makes me chuckle a little, it’s like looking at some pirate captain.

I love the work, keep it up!



I’m waiting for this since the first demo came out. Looking forward for the next patch


Kate is hexed!

Also, love the status screen, kudos to the designer. Really nice.


Route split chapter added, titles to be added eventually.


Also sorry for all the delays but we’ve been waiting on a lot of art and music assets that need to be in before release, as well as myself and other members of the dev team working during the week, which takes up a good amount of our energy that could be used to work on the game, but is more wisely used on irl things.

Lotta moving parts we’re dealing with and I’d rather not deliver something half done, so it might be a bit longer until 2.0!

Eventing is probably 95% done, all the necessary portraits are in, we’re waiting on a few more animations, some class cards, map sprites, music, skills and their icons, and map palettes.

Oh, and bug testing, but Ray’s doing a good job of that with his 2.0 beta streams.

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Version 2.0 will be releasing August 28th

Here’s some of what you can expect:

  • The first half of both routes for Act 2 (2-1 through 2-4, along with 2-3X which is the same for both routes).
  • Changes to some act 1 units including bases, growths, and portraits.
  • Some new animations.
  • Promotion items in Act 2.
  • Promoted palettes for everyone!
  • Female mounted aid being removed, they use the male mounted aid formula.
  • Less bullshit and less frequent siege magic!
  • Velhari Icons increasing luck by 4 and secret books increasing skill by 3.
  • Kate being fixed.

Ahhhhhhhh… At last


Thank the heavens, Kate is fixed.


Stats subject to change pending beta tester feedback

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Someone got a new portrait…neat


Did Oona become a prepromo now?
or is this old news and I’m just behind D: