FEVengers: Infinity Stones

This hack is a new take on old properties, using the GBAFE engine to create a familiar yet new experience for FE and Marvel fans alike. Upon posting my first idea to this forum for this hack, it was met with criticism, and rightfully so, for having nothing to show for it. And now I’m here to post the first demo of the project to the community, along with explaining what the hack currently has and what is planned in future.

Current features:
-2 New and functional maps
-4 New classes (2 with fully functional map animations)
-A new story based around the MCU Infinity War movies and the Marvel Infinity Gauntlet comic

Coming soon!:
-11 total maps taking place on a variety of different worlds!
-A roster of 10 to 14 playable characters, all with their own class and ‘power’ lines!
-To compensate for changes in the design, rather than having promotional branches, characters will have power branches based on a unit’s promotion. These power branches will be activated by using any power-changing item that a unit has access to, allowing a unit to shift from power to power. Units can change powers infinitely, so long as they are using an item which they can change with.
-New mugs

Iron%20Skurge%20in%20action Iron%20First%20map Iron%20Asgardian%20info Iron%20Strange%20unfinished%20mug Iron%20Thor%20and%20Strange Iron%20Hera%20Map%20Event

This is my first project, and given that it’s my first hack itself, I expect my current build of it to be met with criticism and I am ready for that, and I am ready to continue working on this to make it the best that it can be. That being said, I’d like to ask for some help with the art of this project. Specifically, some map sprite animations for new classes, battle sprites for the new classes, 4 to 7 new map palettes, and help with mugs. If anyone would want to help with this, it would be greatly appreciated.

Project Discord:

Download link:


I’m gonna be disappointed if you don’t use that Samus battle animation for the Iron Man.

Which one?

Instead of snapping his fingers, Thanos just hires the Roten Ritter to cast Meteor on everyone.

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Go to shin’s site and select Unique -> Crossover: https://emblem-anims.herokuapp.com/

Space Time Soul Mind Power Reality Do ya need some Infinity Stone icons? I got 'em right here! Just be sure to give credit!


Ay thanks man

Will it be a scripted event for Ironman to die?

It might be, it might not be. So far most of the stuff in the hack is the stuff from the movie but there’s gonna be stuff from the comics in there.

https://www.dropbox.com/sh/iflqwa78sykzm7o/AAB1G9mbIHAqwTP-sl98olmka?dl=0 this is a slightly edited battle animation for doctor strange

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Didn’t see this, tysm!

Just a heads up, I’ve been busy with FE3H so I haven’t been as focused on this. Sorry. I will continue though.