FEU vs FE Midori


Ah, I thought it was that. XD

Wait, why is it so quieeeet? :open_mouth:


Wan’s doing the next chapter on the discord now, so things will be done… :soon:


@DerTheVaporeon It was quiet because I had team members that refused to do work so I had to focus on schoolwork and then I just kinda forgot >.>

Mag is surprisingly high, although she’s about 3 points behind in strength. Hopefully Wan can rectify this.


Ch 10

buying things




I hate you doc

Unholy Leadership Stars >_>"


oh yeah that’s way better.

yeah now we have 40 more hit than we used to

Hope i’m not timed here. Grommel’s moving up the map, but since he only has Eclipse I’m not too worried >>

Pablo’s replacement is that one unused mug from vanilla FE8

Anyway, he has 2 leadership stars instead of Pablo’s 10. Yeah.
Enemy Leadership Stars are +5 Hit/Avoid each.

Tequila you really just haven’t given me much room to work with here
only 4 levels? >>

Karin’s. Amazing.

lack of A press for a three line battle quote
makes me a sad

but anyway he’s not much to fear because eclipse + i have a healer + my units don’t take significant damage from the enemies due to my chokepointing

… of course, if he targets my healer…

Let’s skip ahead until something happens, yeah?

And then all the enemies started hitting

Also I am a dumbnut

Grommel’s out of Eclipse, at this point Safy has 1 HP as well. I’m not sure what to prioritze, beyond the obvious:

Letting Karin flex a 100% str growth while in my possession.

this, uh, will take a while.

He did get stats but i’m slow on the draw


okay killing that soldier at the door was a mistake i get it

screw you doc

…hm, that’s right
my entire party has at least 9 defense, except safy. So if I give her the shield ring I’ve basically nothing to fear from the tripled damage.
Eirika will take 3/6 damage, Wolt 0/3 damage, Sain 3/6 damage.

Also sain deserves massive accolades now

Unfortunately, Gromell has elixir. ><

nothing to fear!
except, well, sain’s atrocious skill >_>


yeah so uh
safy is invincible :v

executing strategy to block evil rangers from precious pegs

Maybe Sain doesn’t need skill since he keeps doing this

Crit Ch 1 bros i guess?

Though the levels tell a very different story.

oh thank god this missed.

legendary double adept with a critical finish.
Off of a 23% chance per adept.

The enemies left out from the charge of my error are no threat either…


Karin swipes Sain’s Door Key and opens the door, and we wail on Gromell a bit:

Hey, the guy gives like 25 EXP every time somebody hits him. >_>"

So Guy is chugging along up here and I would like to point out that he has definitely procced adept in 4 of 5 battles and the last case is that Ballista battle.

I’m just gonna… wait out the ballista shots by doing this >> that way I can get the longbow archer dead without needing to have guy wait in range of the boss.

Everybody else is wailing on gromell .>.

who has finally used his last elixir.

G u y.

no guy not that way

Eirika got a level 1 shaman
I think the arena programming doesn’t like units above a certain level?

Guy rounds off his level and thus we go on.

Buncha stuff happens but it seeeems to be mostly vanilla except for the whole Pablo retreating before the chapter ends thing, so he also somehow finds Klimt.


Today in Green, Ephraim attacks the new and improved Fort Rigwald: now it’s even bigger!

Chapter 9: Rigwald Deluxe

Gheb and Sety have a staring match on the world map. I have no idea what’s going on, but oh well.

Here’s one of our safe units.

Being a trainee, her bases are awful, aside from the rather nice 9 speed, which would be good on any level 1 T1, let alone a trainee. Her skillset is also nice, with Critical, Prayer, and Wrath. I’ve heard her growths are good, but I don’t know for sure. Regardless, she’s safe so I kinda have to use her.

This map is basically Chapter 9, but bigger. There’s two routes through this chapter; the vanilla route, and the back door. I took the back door.

A few turns after the map begins, we get some new guys to handle the lower part of the map. Of these three, only Oscar can really hold his own, but Boyd’s safe so I have to train him up. And then you get…

You! Yeah, where is she?

Oh right, she’s in FE3. Which she’s breaking in two. And there’s no-one from FE3 present in this game. Guess the Green artist didn’t like it.

Hand axes are heavy. Boyd ended up getting himself killed almost instantly. Keeping him alive is required of me, he’s safe.

Gromell is present in this chapter, and he has an Eclipse tome on him. Its accuracy is actually competent, for good measure.

The first chest has a Restore. I’ll take it, since some priests have sleep staves.

Case in point. Arden was choking a point at that moment of time, as I was baiting Nino over so I could recruit her. However, several javelin armours kept getting in the way and stopped me from rushing in to get Nino.

Eventually I whittled down the enemy forces to a point where Rebecca could use her super stats to blow up that armour’s final hit point to an overkill degree, and allowing Ephraim to recruit Nino.

The second chest gave me some money.

Gromell’s Eclipse broke, leaving him easy pickings for Boyd training. He still got a few elixir uses off, but that just means Boyd got a few more experience points. Meanwhile, Gheb didn’t bother bringing a bow with him, so I gave Nino a spirit dust, pure water, and boss abused my way to 10.

Those stats don’t look that bad, altogether. 15 speed and 10 magic at level 1? Considering Wan’s up next, I see good things in her future.

I’ll take that. Should help slice through any annoying cyclopses. The third chest had a pure water, probably a waste of chest key, but oh well.

And Nino promoted into…
Find out next time, where Wan turns Nino into a machine of complete and utter destruction.


I mean, FE3 does get represented in music and maps, just a damn shame they had shit taste in FE3 maps.


We’re doing this

Chapter 10: Twice the Traitor Turns

And now, the conclusion to the saga you’ve awaited way too long for.

Selena and Duessel babble at eachother I really have no idea about what though

And then Selena misses and then criticals Duessel

which is cool i like this

and away they run!

Chapter Music:
<img src="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdJtQZFs8uY
<img src="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InXIks-1Z2c

Something look different?

(i am upset that the minimap screen colours weren’t edited)


We have Selena here in the bottom corner, naturally

But a random promoted hero in the middle segment. And an arena?
And somebody with the faintest hint of green!

It’s not this man, and boy is he in for a rough time.

His buddies are not going to be doing much either.


anyway let’s just show the deliciousness that is arden for a second

For comparison’s sake, our cavalier can’t reach anywhere near as far

Pretty troubadour!

A miracle for this man, though it didn’t matter because Arden has already acquired the power of pursuit.

I forgot this man had a lancereaver at first and panicked. |D
And in the bottom right, you can see I’ve sent Fiora after the Ship because I’m stupid

Valter pops in to remove Selena as usual…

But we have a different face, not Beran!

Still a Ranger, though.

fun ships! fuuunnnnn.

This Archer is the best Archer in the world.

How… joyous?
They ran up to us.


I’m allowed to start getting paranoid about the number of Torch Staves I’ve seen right

no matter what you level it is a good level because you are Cecilia

seriously what are these AI units doing I don’t understand what their priorities are
They never attack anything at all but they run right next to enemies and it causes me great concern

ballista ships brutalised: 1/3

seriously, what are these guys doing

Oh, I see Things are going to start happening now. Goodie?

So first we’ll move becky to this mercenary to free up the space for somebody else attack this myrmidon – I also want Cecilia down south to be able to move to help both fronts (Rebecca+Arden // Everybody Else)

And then we embrace true Kaga by throwing an axe user against a swordie :3

Arden chips the mage and once again demonstrates why I should really not be the person responsible for levelling the dudes
He’s going to cap his move well before promotion

And then we use the most broken button in the game to feed more exp to a beloved somebody

you see this cavalier

i hate this cavalier

nino rampage never stops

Look at this massive cluster of a mess
no space to do the things and boyd is way too far away from anything to get precious XP

Thankfully canto is busted.


Ephraim didn’t pick this fight, which hopefully justifies his poor gains


thanks deke i wish you came out and joined us with your minty green hair


Two turns of this nonsense

nephy yes

more more more

but really quick
This is a map with a really long peninsula
and remember the music, it’s from FE4
obviously there is only one thing we can do given this knowledge, right?

arden’s monologue is really long but I think we get it

i somehow doubt we’ll have any trouble killing this boss

This palette is amazing and I love it

I can’t even rescue these cavaliers because of how this game works and it makes me really sad

This man is holding out for a hero


I have no idea what Nephenee did this turn to get a level, but she did something and I’m sure it was important

This critical changed things quite a lot, since she didn’t have to have somebody else help her out!

very fortunate amount of damage, unfortunate about the hit rate.

Either Nino or Cecilia (or both) need to get to the… orangey? i guess, and they have only exactly enough movement to do so

and Oscar nor Heath can one round this upper one, Oscar can kill the one to the east, however.

I’m really not sure if I should have Nino heal the guy or have her try to kill something
she has a higher staff rank than anima rank
but there are likely going to be fewer chances to raise that staff rank

Guess I’ll go with having Nino heal, since Mend’s looking worn.

Accost is the best skill in the world, it turns Kyle into a complete meatgrinder

I guess Kyle doesn’t see the need to become more effective in this regard, however

NPC cavalier here is very good at survive
not at fight

I am very glad Nino does not have much firepower because ow.
But hey, Strength!

I am so ready to have Accost cause Kyle’s death

oh very nice, Fiora

An excellent reward, right?

Unfortunate that Boyd can’t just royd out on these fools but it is what it is

Kyle murders via Accost for another crummy level

I acquire salt at how Boyd can’t do damage with his Iron Axe.

Fortunately, I planned for him sucking.

People are going to begin moving down if only because I don’t know what else to do with them

Cecilia cantos off after whacking this one fool

Arden, however, shows everybody else how to move :v

Nino critkills a fool

and Boyd manages magic:

Nephenee battles in the south:

(and she gains a weapon rank)
I regret using the girl but I was half hoping for some death because that would make this more interesting



Nephenee wrathkills everybody down here:


what even are these NPCs
they don’t attack and they prevent me from doing fun things and agghhh

Cecilia wails on Sedgar

I buy 8 slim lances

Kyle gets a lucky level off of a lucky hit

Nephenee…doesn’t, but she also landed both her hits

And Cecilia gains a leadership star.
Oh, and stats.

Why are there those random darkened tiles
why do they go pfoof when the ship sails in?!

which, by the way, even has the touch of decelerating as it gets into the port space. simply amazing.

I also bought 4 mines against the advice of Tequila because mines

Chapter 11: Phantom Ship

To start off with, I gave Nino an Angelic Robe, and then bought some iron weapons since we seemed to be running low.

Crew consists solely of our safe units + Cecilia, who I brought along to light the map up. She does so and reveals a gargoyle. Boyd and Nino are placed to handle some that I know are in the area.

Nino takes out a Mogall with the help of a pure water and gets important magic.

Ship #2 shows up. Ahoy, mateys!

Nice, but you really should work on that speed.

Gangplanks are lowered.

Time to put our hoard of slim lances to good use with the Critical skill.

Expect Nino to get a ton of levels since she’s quite low-levelled relative to the rest of the party.

Arden? Taking damage? This will not do!
He dodges and gets dodgier.

Defense is nice, but please, speed!

See, Kyle’s got the right idea.

You’re fast enough, so hp+magic is nice. I think she also caps skill here.

Boyd puts the fiendcleaver to good use (look at that damage!)


These 3 eyeballs killed Arden in a previous attempt, so I’m going to remove everyone but Nino from the area.

WTD? What WTD?

Our girl gets even more ridiculous.

To the bench with the both o’ ye!

WTD? What WTD?

Capped speed.

Just slaughtering our way through.

The boss. Boyd can’t OHKO.

Becca can, but she really doesn’t need the exp.

So Nino chips and Boyd finishes for a great level.

Gotta clear out some of the eyeballs so Boyd doesn’t get ganked.

This should be it.

Well, I guess not all of your levels can be awesome.

The end.

Local Lance Lord butchers a port town


FE7 Music, promising

This is Caellach, he needs to die now

I don’t understand Japanese, but I assume he wants Ephy stu dead

…And he’s safe so I have to reset

Let’s try this again

“Dodging is a myth, hitting is a joke, only thing is real, MEMES”

On the bright side, we have 3 Lead stars of our own

Is it too late to say I haven’t played this in ages and have no clue what I’m doing

I see Arden got a healthy dose of Wan Levels

You’d think I’d learn after the first time Arden + Dark Mage = Reset

These Dark Mages are very mag

Suddenly Monsters, or are they Terrors now. I’ve heard some call them Risen…

Btw, now that Caellach’s gone, this chapter went from intimidating to a complete joke, Lead Stars are a hell of a drug

God I love the Slim Lance


Two Slim Lances vs the World

She ain’t safe, therefore she dead

General Time

Is also not safe

I got Rolf, and uh… He’s certainly Rolf

Beccy kills the boss ending the chapter.

Enjoy the bloodbath




So we’ve got Sothe back, but he’s without any means of doing his job.

Thankfully the guys behind the original patch thought it wise to give him supply access for the map so that he isn’t useless in this specific kind of predicament we’re in.

Karin has a Door Key, and you’d think that opening the door right away would be wise.

On one hand,

Gerik recruits himself, and Gerik is good people. We like Gerik.

But on the other hand,

these fuckos spawn the moment any of these doors are sprung open.

So yeah, these doors can wait until I have Sothe over by the new recruits on the right.

Speaking of…

Bryton is interesting. He’s on a horse, but he can only use axes. His bases are alright but not crazy and his growths are nothing to write home about, but he has two massive points in his favor:

One, he’s packing Wrath. Thanks to his high HP and well rounded but not insane stats, and thanks in part to this chapter being the land where everyone is hurting for healing, Bryton is basically always going to be in Wrath. Couple that in with mounted movement, he can pop in and drop someone with his insane boosted crit rate and then run off behind the front lines. Wrath is crazy.
Two, his promotions are absolutely ridiculous. More on that when the time comes, but to put it simply, Bryton is worth the investment; he may well be the best melee unit in the game if he gets the time to develop, and I do not say that lightly.

Nils is a dancer, but he’s got offensive stats that aren’t zero. Why, you ask?

Nils can use anima magic. It’s not crazy since he’s usually better off refreshing units, but it’s invaluable for getting early levels. Once Nils gets a few levels under his belt, his Avoid stat is going to shoot into orbit.

Finally, we’ve got Lyn. I’m… not the biggest fan of her. Guy comes far earlier and has a fantastic base toolkit of skills in his favor and his defenses blow Lyn’s out of the water, all things considered. That being said, Lyn has a special promotion and she is a killing machine once she gets going, mostly because of her new skill:

Her noodle arms are a non-issue when she procs Luna, and her skill growth is really really good so she’ll blow people up with double Lunas.

EDIT: oh yeah Lyn also gets a leadership star because I guess she’s a strong independent woman who don’t need no man and also a special snowflake

And we aren’t getting him just yet but it’s worth coming back to take a look at Gerik:

Holy damn, Gerik. He has nothing in his inventory as a prisoner, but he’s set to start slicing dudes up from the word go. Midori has a cute little pseudo-trend of giving you increasingly fantastic units that can promote into Hero, and Gerik is way up there. His level is a bit high but his bases will let him survive a great deal of punishment, and he has Sol to restore all of the damage dealt on the proc (skill%). There’s a good case to make for Gerik being the best Hero option in the game, and while I prefer the next option, Gerik is definitely viable.

(breaking this chapter up into chunks because fuck mobile)


Ah Lyn, I hope you enjoy her Doc. Remember, she’s safe, a growth unit, and joins fairly late. Have fun.

Also, I demand she get shown as much bias as my personal run


sorry i can’t hear you over




Let’s spring the trap and make all those baddies spawn.


Bors you never fail me.

See, this is why I hate Lyn. Yeah, her growths may be cool, but her bases are awful with how far in the game she is, and this map is like 80% lances and ranged attackers so she’s at a massive disadvantage even with her admittedly really good prf. Keeping her alive for this long has been hell, and it’s only turn 3.

Oh yeah, Dozla and Rennac are in this map too. Rennac springs his locked cell (just north of where Bryton and co. spawn) and leaves the map, while Dozla starts roaming as an NPC.

So let’s go pick him up.

If you’re looking for a berserker, Dozla is pretty much your only option in Green. He’s a bit on the slow side but holy fuck look at that attack. Dozla hits disgustingly hard even with his starting iron axe, and charge helps offset his middling speed. I’m not quite certain of his growths, but I used him in my last run and his strength was capped before hitting 20 so I’m guessing he’s about as berserker as one’s growths can get.

Gerik will handle this entire group. He’s grabbed a slightly damaged killing edge and a steel sword from supply via sothe, and he’s also grabbing a master seal just on the off chance he gets some levels. He’s gonna be a crazy powerful Hero no matter what level he promotes, so I’ll probably promote him near the end of the map assuming he doesn’t get hit by like three crits in a row and dies.


These guys bring him a bit close. I then remember what else we have in storage.


Meanwhile, Wolt gets freed and takes care of a Soldier with an alarming amount of HP and a short spear. Cancel is beautiful.

Lyn why

Lyn why


Wolt had a killer axe in his inventory for whatever reason, and I just got two great axe users that love crits, so…


Theres a bundle of doods here with a miniboss General. How does he look?

That’s rather frightening. Our only means of magic damage is Nils, and the people with armor effective weapons/prfs would rather not be on the receiving end of those weapons.

Fortunately, I remember that we have a secret weapon in the storage.

Remember how Orsin died without the Pugi in his inventory?

Yeah, me too.


We’ve got a few stat boosters in storage as well, and while I won’t shove them all down someone’s throat–god forbid we use drugs to make Lyn usable–I feel Bryton could use a bit more speed.

What do you think?

(gonna split this here because this map is crazy long and I’ve still got a lot more to go)


So, I made you train an Est






Looks like a normal FE7 Lyn, all speed, nothing else





Lyn is agony and I see we have some Master Seals in the convoy, so why not promote some of the gals? They’ve been sitting at 30 for a while now.

Falcoknight is nice but holy balls Wyvern Knight gives her some much needed stopping power with +3 strength and Luna. She’s still gonna be ludicrous and she’s a safe unit so she’s safe from blood sacrifices.





Perhaps Lyn will actually gain something in the distant future.

Then again, she probably won’t. HP! Speed! Luck! Nothing else.