FEU vs FE Midori


I’ve never seen such a defense screwed Arden before.

He funneled all that potential growth into taping jet turbines to his boots



Chapter 6: In Which the RNG Gods Enact Revenge

This map is stupid big and I hate it.

I have played through Green patch four times to date and I have never used this. With any luck, this LP will continue the trend.

Good levels so far. Safy Torching brings up a particularly prominent dick move on this map though…

Those two soldiers and mercs closest to me all run out of the fortress immediately on reveal. These mercs are no joke at 11 AS each. For reference, Guy can only just barely double them with his Pursuit.

And so the inevitable happens.

This is a really big kick in the dick; aside from the obvious loss of a unit, Raigh as a Summoner is incredibly useful with his crazy mobile Phantoms. They are treated as having flying movement, they have a ridiculous move growth so some can spawn with upwards of 9+ move, they can spawn with some solid weapons like the Devil Axe (which, by the way, is good in Green), and they serve as meatshields that can occasionally avoid a hit or two and take one in place of someone less expendable.

Raigh dying isn’t a total loss, as he’s not a safe unit, but it pains me to lose him. I have fond memories of pulling off some crazy shenanigans with his innate Vantage and Nosferatu books.

I guess we all had this coming considering how blessed she was (she actually gains 1 HP here, I just didn’t catch it. So it wasn’t a total wash at least).

Elincia is flying like a bat out of hell to save the citizens, but her noodly arms are so weak that she would need a crit to kill the shaman and then two consecutive criticals each to kill those knights. She does not crit on any of her hits.

This is the peak. It all goes downhill from here on out.

And this is the result of Wrath counterkilling those soldiers and mercs. Every kill opened up the tile the previous one ran into, so they just wore Othin out of HP. Wrath is so good that it kills its users. There’s a lesson in here somewhere, but it’s lost on the relief of realizing that I stored Pugi away in the convoy before the chapter.

And it gets better.

This one is just the game actively dicking me. The Shaman from before, the two Knights, and then another Fighter and Knight pair from the fog all landed sub-40 hits on Elincia (sub-40 before True Hit, which is all the more infuriating), ultimately ending in her death.

Yes, I had a prepromote die on chapter 6 on Normal Mode.

This is why we sacrifice to the RNG gods: so as to not gain their divine ire through RN antics.

So with Elincia down, I went to have Rebecca, graciously blessed to an absolutely ludicrous extent by the same RNG gods I raged against just prior, rush the boss with her 9 move and 24 AS.

Except that there’s a Sleep Asshole nearby, because of course there is.

Despite appearances, Rebecca is rather safe here thanks to her gargantuan avoid. The biggest issue from her being Slept, aside from the obvious issue of being Slept, is that she can’t rush the boss. So now Eirika has to attempt that mess of an objective.

yes thank you bors


Speed! Luck! Avoid!

Lotsa stuff! At least you won’t disappoint me Wolt :sunglasses:

Novala is scary. He’s got enough HP to take a critical from the Rapier, and he’s probably going to hit back on his counter with his high skill. Eirika can take a hit, but with the spider bearing down on the civilians she needs to critical one of her two attacks this turn or else someone gets eaten.

Crit secured. Novala dies (he misses his counter, not that hitting would have changed the outcome), and the map ends. Thank goodness this is a boss kill chapter.

Thank you, Eirika.

I have the next map too, so let’s at least do preparations–

Nope I need a breather.


It’s almost a crime that the FE3 guy didn’t get this map, but I sure as hell ain’t complaining.


Fun fact: This map is also in the Yggdra Patch, except this would be chapter 6 over there.
FEU vs. FE Yggdra Patch never



This one is being broken up into two posts. I feel it’s important to go over the amount of things that can go wrong in this map.

Again, the map proper. Do note that village; it’s a special kind of village and I want what it gives. Unfortunately, without Vanessa or Elincia this will be hard.

And that would be because of this asshole. He’s got quite the head start on the team, and even with the ridiculous move blessings on units like Rebecca, I’m going to have to cut my way through enemies fast to outpace him. I want that village, you see.

An important thing to note is this lower area. Getting close enough to the main forces by the castle (if I’m remembering correctly, at least) will lower a 3x3 bridge connecting this area to the middle landmass. This is both good and bad.
On the good side of things, the armory that the soldier is standing on has some nice swag in it and I want some goods to restock the army before sacking Renvall.

On the bad side of things, there’s this guy.

He does not fuck around. Even with his Javelin, he’s still packing 20 attack and 102 hit, which is to say nothing of the stopping power that silver lance has. I do have Rebecca at my disposal, but she’s still looking at a very real chance of getting a massive chunk of HP taken away by this beast.

For reference, here’s the boss. More of a formality than anything else, given the other stuff this map has on it. He has a Master Seal but he doesn’t drop it on death and Sothe doesn’t exist anymore so he may as well have a sacred twin there for all it matters for my play of this map.

Speaking of, this is the whole army. Elincia would be wonderful on this map

But the gods have made their will known to us

Will not be missed


This is gonna be interesting.
Also, I have no idea why Under This Flag from FE1 should play over a FE3 Book 2-exclusive map.
Then, again, #JapaneseFECommunity


Under the Flag hails from FE3 book 1, OG FE1 had a different player phase theme


Chapter 7

Eirika and her funky bunch. There’s a lot of ground to cover in a very short amount of time for these first two turns.

Wolt and Eirika tag team the first enemy, the latter getting an unnecessary but no doubt satisfying critical.

Rebecca goes up and deletes this guy with her crazy stats. She’s got the highest overall range with her move and bow, so she’s gonna be the one to take out the thief. I need that bartard dead.

End of turn 1. Spot my error.

Ding ding ding! Mercifully, he missed, but still. Poor placement on my part (it only gets worse from here).

Thief on the move.

Rebecca snipes this mage (who had a stealable energy drop but, y’know, Sothe) and she hits level 20. In Green Patch, the level cap for all units is increased to 30, with the minimum level for promotion being level 20. This means a unit can get up to 58 whole levels worth of stat growth procs. This is entirely unnecessary in Normal Mode, but it’s nice to try and gamble for an extra move or something on a unit that hits their caps early. That being said, Rebecca already has a disgusting amount of Move and she’s already reached her highest cap, so there’s little reason to keep her unpromoted for ten more levels. Her previous gains are so good that she could probably gain nothing every other level from here on out and she’d be valuable all the way to Endgame.

Nothing else of real importance happens on this turn other than moving Safy out of ballista range. The wyverns can’t touch Rebecca, but she can’t counter them with her 2 range lock. This won’t be much of an issue considering Wolt and Eirika aren’t far behind her.

Thief keeps moving, and the wyverns begin to engage my forces.

The wyverns have a massive range and respectable bulk, but Nephenee demonstrates how few fucks she gives. She’s also now in Wrath range, which means she’s got even more crits to throw around.

Rebecca is gonna need that extra bit of move from having a mount to reach the village in time, and as mentioned before she’s not really gonna be any less of a destructive force if she promotes early, so what better time than the present?

If this were any other game, Sniper would be a genuine consideration. But Ranger has mounted movement and a secondary weapon in the form of swords, and Rebecca can be a destroyer of both enemy and player phase with swords. And as mentioned before, her previous gains are going to hard carry her for a long time.

Until then, however, she’s got a thief to kill.

This ballista is beginning to piss me off.

I was genuinely scared here, but Nephenee doesn’t want to die on me just yet, it seems.


Magic and speed are never unappreciated on Wolt. Shame his magic cap is so low until tier 2 (15). His super trainee has a cap of 40.

Rebecca finally catches up with the thief. He drops a Stiletto knife but Sothe is dead so its sole value is taking up space in the convoy as a memento for Eirika or something.

With the thief dead, the major timer on the map is gone. Rebecca moves back into a corner to let the swarm of cavalier reinforcements from the northeast desperately try to hit her, while everyone turtles up and attempt potshots on the remaining wyverns and cavaliers nearby.

Bleh levels all around.

Lance is playing a dangerous game with these crit counterkills, as he doesn’t have the raw bulk to take on all the enemies in one turn. This is exactly how Orsin died.

Case in point. Each one wears at him substantially. This is going to be a bad enemy phase, I can feel it.

Lance pls stop

I don’t want to lose you



Goodnight, sweet prince. You took an entire squad with you to the afterlife to prove you had value despite not being a safe unit.

You will not be missed.

But you will not be forgotten.

The next several turns involve Bors going on a post-death rampage to cope with losing Lance, while Safy heals him up after each tink.

Finally, Rebecca reaches the village.

You need a female unit to recruit Sain, which is why I was so concerned for losing Elincia (aside from the obvious cons to losing her, i.e. flying healer, two leadership stars, something much later on that she gets), since getting to the village before the thief without a flier is a bit of a tall order. Nonetheless, I made it, so our 100% recruit rate remains intact. I can’t wait for the game credits to list off every last one that was sacrificed or otherwise slain in battle.

Now then, Sain:

At first glance, he’s a bit all over the place with mediocre bases for his level save HP and Strength. He isn’t anywhere near as balanced as Lance is (er, was), but his growths put him into the role of a power rider than anything else. Seriously, if left to his own devices, he’s going to cap Strength, no questions about it. His best defense is making sure his target is dead before they even know what hit him.

The wyverns south of the village take notice of Sain’s recruitment, and they decide to charge. Eirika and Sain profit significantly.

Despite Sain’s benefits, his most glaring of flaws becomes apparent: his hit rates are atrocious. I compare him to Eduardo from TLP a lot in that they can’t hit for shit, but when they do hit, boy does it hurt. Shame Sain doesn’t have Charge! like Eduardo, but he can make do without a prf just fine.

Her speed is getting up there, but I really hope she gets some defense sooner or later.

This is the part of the chapter where Guy gets insane. He’s got a low level and Eirika sorta invalidates him right now, but Guy has the potential for some crazy shit. He has an incredible base skill loadout with Pursuit, Adept, and Vantage, and his class/promotion will capitalize on his potential for Vantage Adept double crit kills before the enemy can even touch him. If he avoids the wrath of the RNG gods for long enough, he may very well be one of the best not-safe units on the roster.

But that’s a big if there, as his bulk isn’t anything to write home about and he’s in the land of steel lance/Javelin cavaliers.

Bors will choke this point.

The drawbridge lowers, and the elite squad from the south begins charging forward.

As a reminder, this is their commander. He’s the real boss of this chapter, Murray is just the guy they hired to sit on the castle.

Repeat this image for four more turns.

Hey, a Safy level that isn’t awful! Look at that!

Powering up the bass cannon.

Initiate Phase One.


And there we go.

Bors and Guy clean house, and the enemy forces is reduced to Murray. Somewhere in the bloodbath, Guy fought his way down south to check out that armory.

Remember how I said there were some nice things to buy there?

I may have overstated that. There’s buyable Stilettos off screen, but that only furthers the realization that the shop is kinda wasted now that Sothe and Raigh are dead. Furthermore, the monsterslayer weapons, while fun to use, are heavy. Everyone but Bors would take a massive AS hit to use them, leaving my units much slower than I’d feel comfortable with. And since there won’t be monsters for several chapters until now, I’m just gonna write this armory off as a wash. Shame, too. Luna is back to its old glory in Green, complete with ridiculous hit and crit.

In the end, Sain gets the killing blow on Murray. Again, his Skill isn’t doing him any favors whatsoever.

And he doesn’t seem like he wants to improve it. Still, of all the stats to get, those three are the nicest for him.

And there we go. We lost a cavalier, gained a cavalier, slew dozens of cavaliers, and watched Bors and Guy go super saiyan during the carnage.

Up next, Renvall.

Oh god, Renvall.


Let it be said if your favorite character isn’t among the safe units, we are not sorry for the horrible Fates they are subjected to


_Chapter 17: Starlord Marth-_er, that’s not right.
Chapter 8: It’s Yet Another FE3 Map

dammit letha why did you kill sothe

This chapter’s map is from FE1 Ch17, or FE3 Ch16, depending on how you look at things. The main gimmick is shared with the FE3 version, so that’s probably what this is meant to be.

Before we go, I gave everyone’s favourite warpskipper a secret book for some reason. I have no idea why.

Can you all appreciate Arden’s stupidly high movement?

Wolt got a nice level.

The mercs in this chapter are very dangerous; they are easily capable of doubling slower units. If he got a critical, Sain would be dead right now. Good thing he didn’t.

Neph didn’t do much this chapter, but she got this level.

Arden ran off and beat up some soldiers near the door…

…and procced Move. +1 move, +1 move!

Thanks to Letha, we can’t open these chests. The thieves take all the stuff…

This also causes Tirado to start laughing. The gimmick has activated, as a chest was opened.

Some wyverns ambush spawn, and a whole bunch of enemies start charging.

They weren’t very strong, though. Too bad for them.

Kyle misses this soldier. That accuracy could use some work. If only I hadn’t blown the secret book on Safy…

This talk is useless. It just put Eirika in an awkward position. She didn’t die, at least.

She even got a good level out of it.

Ephraim will choke the point. Ephraim will Reignleif idiots. Ephraim doesn’t pick fights that he can’t win.
He then activated Resolve and obliterated some foolish enemies.

This warrior, on the other hand, is very strong. Guy managed to take care of him, but the screenshot was of a flashing frame.

Have a Guy level instead. He’s not doing too badly for himself.

Since Alec is a chump, he went off and grabbed the angelic robe. The thieves dropped a speedwing and blue gem. The other stuff was lost. I think I got the best things out of this room. (The others were an elixir, restore, killer bow, thunder.) Thunder tomes are pretty underwhelming chest items…

Wrong chest, load battle save! It makes you feel less guilty than if you savescummed your way to victory. It was intended by the developers, you see.

That’s better. Someone will be able to promote soon.

I never took a screenshot of the boss stats, since I’m stupid, but Ephraim got a Great Shield to the face. Tirado has been taking lessons from every other boss of FE4.

No better way to kill a boss than with crits.

Maybe not the best use of it, but oh well, let’s give it to the healer.

Choices, choices…


I’m digging the Ilios mug from the Chapter 5x post, but I wonder: is it stolen like 90% of the stuff from your typical japanese FE ROM hack, or is it actually (yet made by) made by the japanese community and/or free-to-use?

Asides from that, I laughed at that choice box. The japanese mentions something about Sedgar, and could someone let me know what is this cosmetic easter egg the menu translation patch is talking about?


I cannot speak as to the origin of the Ilios mug.

The third choice did, indeed, say Sedgar. Interestingly enough, the first unlockable character in the tower of Valni postgame was also Sedgar. The rest of the unlockable characters had been cleared; this caused the game to crash when you went to unlock them because it was trying to display a nonexistent text ID (Sedgar, at this point, was already recruited in ch20, so his ‘unlocking’ never displayed (although it’s possible that it would have if you killed him in ch20 instead)). It’s possible that the tower and ruins were going to be used as a third route, but the idea was scrapped early on.

As to the easter egg, I’ll give you a hint: It involves a character from FE9/10, and it can be seen as soon as that character joins your party.


Ditto for the Ced, Sedgar, Gromell and Brighton mugs, I suppose.
Might wanna reverse search them, or Arch probably can peek in and figure out which mugs belong to them and which ones were stolen. [Secret plans to use one of these or give some better touches. Then, again, I could make my own with some spriting knowledge or mug tutorials.]

So, Fury, Fee and perhaps some others have no NPC or Playable unit data?

Gotta look forward to that when I play or when we see it. :wink:


“Those japanese sure are bitches for stealing the english community’s mugs”
"But if they made it then i could probably steal it :thinking: "


A shame I can’t do that. Yet. I am not lazy, though, lol.


don’t hurt my precious sain daddy

do you have any idea how many units came close to death so i could recruit him for us


inb4 secret vendetta for sothe’s death pre-Renvall
Is Ilios a safe unit, or…?


Ilios is not safe. The safe units are in the first post.

[details=Chapter 9, Eirika]
Welcome to the first map on the route split!

Meet our newest safe unit. She’s fast and…that’s about it, really. Her strength and defense are atrocious, as a pegasus rider should be, but she also has surprisingly bad skill. She becomes impossible to hit after a while with sky-high speed and luck growths, and has decent Mag, but can’t actually use it for anything except tanking mages, since there’s no Flame Lance.
She has Pursuit and Critical; the former means she will double everything, and the latter means slim lances are effectively her prf weapon. Unfortunately, we seem to have lost the slim lance that Vanessa came with, and thus will not be able to give her one for quite some time.

The crew. We’ve managed to lose Raigh, Elincia, Orsin, Vanessa, Lance, and Sothe, whether purposefully or not. Since this is an actual army split, Nephenee, Rebecca, and Lugh (if he’s still alive, which I doubt) are on Ephraim’s route. Most of the people here have been stripped of their weapons. Their sole purpose is to form a wall to train our safe units, Safy and Karin.

But first, Karin’s got a mission. Normally I’d send Elincia off and let Karin get a head start on killing things, but, well, you know.

Eirika lures in this pirate and gets a master seal.

On the next turn, Karin visits this village and gets another rapier for Eirika. She also has enough move to canto out of range of everything.

Next turn, she barely manages to get out of range of everything. She’ll beat the pirate to that village, which has a very important item.

Safy levels defense, which is quite rare, but a good thing.

This is a super important item. It gives the holder +5 defense. Karin’s going to hold onto this for the entire chapter.

As you can see, even with the ring AND wta, she still gets 2-hit koed. And since she’s not quite in ‘neener neener you can’t hit me’ mode yet, this is a problem.

But hey, she can escape onto the open ocean at least.

Wolt sniped something and got a level. Yay.

A pegasus knight and a healer vs a horde of pirates, soldiers, and merceneries.

Not great, but magic is good.

Pretty good first level. Strength especially is important.

So is skill, considering how bad hers is.

Ok, sure, not great, and whoa, respectively.

I’m not going to show off all her levels, because that’s kind of boring. Instead, I’ll–hang on just a minute, how did an Angel Ring end up in her inventory? We’re not supposed to get that for another 14-odd chapters!

One rewind later, and…um…it’s getting worse?
I double checked and she definitely didn’t have the ring. And even if she did, the effects don’t stack.
Let’s try again.

Ok, this is getting ridiculous. I think I have to pull out the big guns.

After reversing the polarity of the flux capacitor, I think normalcy has been restored.

Somewhere along the line, Sain and Guy made amorous overtures towards Safy.

Wolt gets a level from tanking. It sucks.

You’re already pretty good, so I shan’t complain.

Safy’s final level in this chapter.

Karin runs into a minor issue when trying to kill Binks. Fortunately, I have a steel lance for just this purpose.

What LTC strats?

End result. She capped speed, to absolutely no one’s surprise. Mag is surprisingly high, although she’s about 3 points behind in strength. Hopefully Wan can rectify this.
I’ll see you guys in Ephraim’s chapter 11.

Forgot we get this for saving both villages.


I’m… not sure what happened here. I never had this glitch in the untranslated hack, but, if we can have Glitch Rath (Oh hi, Markyjoe), why not Glitch Karin (at least not in this run or game, but maybe as a cameo in a next Chapter Creation Blitz)?


I edited the level-ups in the battle struct; it’s nothing to do with the game acting weird.