FEU Variety Spriting Competition Round 3

Last Round’s winners are @Lexou and @monkeybard


Themes are 100% Optional. Don’t feel restricted by the theme if nothing comes to mind, as long as you actually use the resources/guidelines provided. If you make something good, it will be accepted either way. Nevertheless, the theme is present because it helps some spriters work. If people feel the theme is too vague, then I will provide an example/reference.

There is no particular limit on palettes. Unless stated otherwise, you can use custom palettes and have no limitations on the quantity of colours. Nevertheless, the 16 colour limit is still recommended, as it helps the general cleanliness of the sprite.

No plagiarising of other spriters’ work. This should be a given and self-explanatory rule. Any entries which include blatant plagiarism will be dismissed.

Sprites made before the Competition are not allowed.

Even if you submitted your sprites, you are allowed to make edits until the deadline, though not make a completely new submission.

Please don’t vote for yourself, even if you’re behind on votes.

[details=Theme]This round’s theme is more broad and transcending formats: Sprite Lyn. This means in any way shape or form, as long as it’s a sprite. This would include mugs, battle sprites, map sprites, class cards, maps, CGs, anything your heart desires. No particular limitations/rules apply, save for the usual ones.
Deadline is July 26th.