FEU Variety Spriting Competition Grand Opening! ~Closed~

Introduction Welcome! I've been meaning to try making a spriting competition on FEU for some time now, because to quote @Klokinator, SF can't have all the spriting fun! Put simply, people will be given a format, theme, resources and guidelines, and entries will be put on a poll in "Best in Theme" and "Pick ones you like" categories. I will PM the winner of a round asking them to pick the theme and part of the resources, and runners up will pick the remaining resources, much like SF.

The format is still experimental and prone to changes; any and all feedback is appreciated. The first round will be more or less a flexible splice contest, but I don’t expect to stick to mugs all the way, as we might tackle other areas of FE-style graphics, like say, Battle Sprites or even gameplay mockups. Future rounds might have limitations to spike the challenge.

The general purpose of this is to add some friendly competition to the site, have fun, and give less experienced spriters a chance to shine and improve. Because what makes people want to improve more than competition?

Note for newcomers to competitions: Don’t be intimidated or think your sprites may not be good enough; competitions are a wild card. Who knows, you just might win, so try your best.
Nevertheless, I still expect experienced spriters to enter.

  • Themes are **100% Optional**. Don't feel restricted by the theme if nothing comes to mind, as long as you actually use the resources/guidelines provided. If you make something good, it will be accepted either way. Nevertheless, the theme is present because it helps some spriters work. If people feel the theme is too vague, then I will provide an example/reference.
  • There is no particular limit on palettes. Unless stated otherwise, you can use custom palettes and have no limitations on the quantity of colours. Nevertheless, the 16 colour limit is still recommended, as it helps the general cleanliness of the sprite.
  • **_No plagiarising of other spriters' work._** This should be a given and self-explanatory rule. Any entries which include blatant plagiarism will be dismissed.
  • Sprites made before the Competition are not allowed.
  • Even if you submitted your sprites, you are allowed to make edits until the deadline, though not make a completely new submission.
This round's format:Splicing: Format specific rules and guidelines: You are given 2 mandatory mugs to splice, and another 1 of your own choice (which you should state in your post). While the format is splicing, freehanding is accepted, as long as your selection of mugs is clear in the final entry. Again, the theme is not mandatory. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/191717474264285191/306692223628607489/unknown.png This round's theme: "A battle-hardened veteran, his body and equipment equally damaged and weathered from extensive battles."

Edit: My apologies for forgetting the deadline. Added a couple more rules. The deadline is 17th of May, after which we’ll take a week for voting.

Voting time!

  • monkeybard
  • Blueyguy
  • Craiza
  • Spud
  • ukulelej
  • feels
  • Teraspark
  • Blue Druid

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Entries: Monkeybard https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/206588291053649921/310259126762602498/unknown.png Blueyguy http://puu.sh/vTR78/a1c2404f51.png Scraiza http://puu.sh/vTR7r/8d9ec24559.png Spud http://puu.sh/vTR93/a69d9e156d.png Ukulelej http://puu.sh/vTRct/dba4ebf1d0.png Feels http://puu.sh/vTRfd/6c56216e76.png Teraspark http://puu.sh/vTRfR/ed3fee3e08.png Blue Druid http://puu.sh/vQ0ys/270c154c36.png

I’m just posting here because I got tagged and it makes me feel slightly validated in life when people talk about me haha

what a loser


I just thought you’d like this based on F.U.C.K.

Cool I’m in, https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/302850040458903562/303059901125492747/Bernard.png one of the people I’ll be using and the other being Duessel.

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I guess I can just edit this later if I make edits :thinking:


Nice! You have until the deadline to make edits.

Updated for likely the last time Lorenz,Duessel+Bredan or whatever his name is.



This should be better for a final!


+Dozla for those sweet sweet eyebrows


+Nergal for that disgusting eye


5 entries so far, good turnout as of yet! More than I expected, tbf. 11 more days to go, guys.

+Valter just because


here’s my submission


Did you actually use no 3rd mug?

Can I submit just a head? Lol.

Can’t be arsed to finish it.


You should, the face on yours is more distinct than many of the others in the thread.

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Come on man you can’t just submit an unfinished sprite. How hard would it be to finish it anyway, all that remains is the neck, and perhaps palette.

Also, fancy meeting you here, @feels :wink:

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yeah i only used the two given
I couldn’t find another one to work with what i was doing

Okay then. In case anyone was wondering, this is allowed.

What kind of default chested pleb do you take me for?

However, fates have conspired as my computer shit itself almost literally and lost all the progress I had beyond what you’ve seen.
Got a phone picture though.