FEU Plays Making a Hack


I’d be all for this if I wasn’t grounded. Damn it.


prologue: aaaaaaaaaa
Note: this was done in three different versions of the patch. What you’ll see first is my blind run, then a run that’s near-impossible for me to replicate (the boss missed), then the final run that you’ll see.

Okay, let’s get started with this!

As per usual, this will be done on Hard mode.

Oh hey, look at that! It’s O’Neill… and a really bad looking splice on the right…
O’Neill: Ugh, this job sucks.
Guy: Wanna rebel?
O’Neill: Sure, why not?
Hey look, that’s a princess!

Truly a gripping tale.

wowo this totally doesnt look like prologue

lord what are these stats

Actually, he’s a Fighter named Lord, you pinhead.

the one on the left is Astra. Let that sink into your head for a second.
As for the other one, it’s Frenzy.
Frenzy: For every 4 damage
taken, +1 to damage dealt.


What about our other… What the hell am I looking at?!
Those bases on a pegasus rider?!
As for that skill, it’s Desperation, which allows double attacks to be done consecutively when at half health. Neat.


Guide is interestingly removed from this.

also he can walk on air woag

I’ll move O’Neill on this forest. I’d better check his equipped weapon first.

Are you kidding me? A devil weapon this early?

okay there goes a backfire risk


oh ok

damnit kirb
as for that skill… ehehehehe, let’s say it’s not very well designed.


oh look evasion bonuses on a mountain

thank you for not hitting yourself

anyways I’ll just move myself on the boss, seems to be no event where Eirika will suddenly avenge her fallen comrades unlike O’Neill in FE8

nice meme


…Apparently I didn’t.
Maybe if I kill Eirika with Luke he’ll be back next chapter, I hope.

it didn’t go very well thanks to counter dropping him to 1 hp

that’s another one for the welp jar.

Officially entering Build 2, where palettes were given to Luke and O’Neill. Luke also received a stat nerf and his sword rank was removed.

blah blah

the other fighter moves and gets crushed by O’Neill. Also, he uses his vanilla palette now!

I move Luke to smash this fool, since he still doubles (his Speed got buffed if I’m not mistaken)

This hits.

Luke bites back.

welp I’d better move O’Neill to Eirika, but he’s low on health.

what the hell
eirika can’t attack on enemy phase



Many, many attempts were made, none of which I recorded for your sanity.
I was able to beat Eirika once with a low-percent crit, but that wasn’t recorded.
Now entering Build 3, Eirika can attack on enemy phase.

Unusually Luke couldn’t double this fool

He gets hit on enemy and player phase and it stings.

excuse me WHAT

okay, okay, he hit himself, nice

I redo the same exact turns and be a little smarter with who to use

Pw’Neill waits here

colored hair yaya

I miss when attacking her.

This is done on enemy phase, meaning Eirika can attack O’Neill on enemy phase.

Because this is enemy phase, counter can’t activate.
Then, I attack on my turn.

please don’t mangs meme me


At last, I’ve beaten you, you beautiful dastard!

oh right devil axe has stupid weapon rank gains

No, I’m not! I’ll have damn nightmares about this mess!

Oh. No.

Welp, that’s the end of Prologue. I pity whoever is next in line for my unbalanced garbage.


Hey, the problem with the devil axe comes from the skills patch, so you should ask circles if a fix is made yet.


ah, that’s what I initially expected. This run is going to be hell until O’Neill gets a new weapon


Ch.1: Escape
Started chapter.

A new person. Woo.
Summary of the opening events: She asks if they’re fighting the Grado army. They say yes, and she joins them.

<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/a/a44569127ee80eb2660ba9d96379d7b12698eefd.png"width=“240” height=“160”>
Opening events end and we begin. Lots of people. Looks difficult for a n00b like me.

Attack the nearest enemy. Health bar goes weird and he dies. Glitch? Or is that an effect of the weapon he has? Idk cause I never know what I’m doing in this game.
I guess I’ll try to beat the chapter with two characters.

One character cant reach any enemies, so park her on a forest. Other unit misses.
This pops up. Better not be reinforcements.

Good news: it’s not reinforcements.
Bad news: I still die.

Oh wait, that guy wasn’t a lord either? Woohoo. I’ll win with one character.

More people introducing themselves. Hopefully help for me.

Oh shit it is. One whole unit. Idk if it’s good or not, but let’s hope so.

This guy is attacked twice, takes no damage. I might win.

Lady is on two health though. Oh well.

Actually I might not win.
I also realize I have a vulnerary on the woman this turn.

Honestly have no idea what to do at this point. Neither character really does much. Maybe RNG screw? Will that work? Maybe I should have actually learned how to play Fire Emblem better beforehand, but oh well.

I guess I’ll just attack and hope for the best.

I’ll just restart.

Yeah I’ll do that.

Mf again?
This time it’s just stuck.
I guess I’ll restart…
<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/6/653324912fab4b252236cdb1e77f9834e4c55a1b.png"width=“240” height=“160”>
There we go! I restarted and attacked with another character first, and it didn’t freeze.
Also level up. +1 str.

Enemy turn, this guy dies. Idk if I’m just a n00b, or if it’s just unbalanced. I have no way of knowing, so oh well.

And this time it’s a game over for some reason. The first time that didn’t happen, if you recall. I guess it was a bug or something? F*cken hell.

Also at this point I realize I should show you all the character stats. So here you go.

You’re welcome.

Two more turns, this guy dies already.

Am I that bad at this, or is this just too hard? It’s probably just me.

You know what? I’m just going to restart.

Just restarted. I decided not to move my units, hoping to draw them out, and die. First turn. Wow.

I die two more times, and decide to use some more intricate strategies. This time, I make sure to fight only one unit at a time, when possible. It works and I clear out a number of enemies. Also the new guy joins.

This guy is getting swamped by the enemy reinforcements that come with him. Fortunately he can take a hit or two. Woohoo.
Also I defeat the last of the initial enemies.

He’s holding his own, so maybe I’ll let him beat those on his own.

One of the enemies also drop a vulnerary.

One enemy left. Then the boss.

Last enemy beat. Just the boss left. Who’s the noob now?

Amazing hit right there.

The only one who has a decent amount of damage. She’s at 7 hp he’s at 5.

Rescue and drop our guy so she cant attack and kill him (because if i had just left him he would have died). Seriously, I’m a pro now.

RNG better not fail me.

Boom. Boss is dead.

She dropped her weapon too.

Ending events.

Apparently I have to type out all the ending events for you all to read, so here you go:
O’Neill: Well there goes the last of the soldiers around here.
Tirando: What shall we do with this fortress, now?
Luke: Just pay for some mercenaries or someone to guard this.
Not like the plot cares that we’ve laid seige to this base
Mira: Would you kindly fuck off with those fourth wall breaks?
Luke: Said the one who mentioned them in the first place.
Mira: Grr…
Consider it a priviliedge that im offering to fight alongside you.
Test my patience, and I won’t hesitate to abandon you fools. (leave screen)
Oneill: What an edgelord/
L: Couldnt disagree wuith u any less oneill
Tirando: She’s a pretty one, I’ll tell you that.
like a prickly rose, they say.
O: Say, whats your name?
T: Tirando of Renvall.
I’m a defector. You too?
O: The name’s ONeill.
My friend over there is Luke.
We’re bored, so we decided to start a rebellion.
L: We could use all the help we can get, anyways.
Want to join us. (yes the writer used a period on this one. Up until now the grammar has been perfect, I’ve just been copying it down wrong, but this time they messed up. im very very disappointed grammar is important everyone needs to check ur grammar before you post anything online.)
T: Why not?
it’ll be fun.

There you go. From there, the ending events end and it takes me to the save screen. Chapter 1 is over. That took me over an hour to beat. Now I have to go work on my chapter. Woohoo.


Oh yeah? You spelled “Tirado” wrong, so take that!
And O’neill glitching/bugging up is due to the coding clash or something due to devil reversal effect and the Counter skill or something.

Thanks for the partial-feature in the screenshot below [quote=“CM9, post:25, topic:3372”]
You’re welcome.
in the skype box at the bottom-right.

Have fun with your chapter, kid!


Hey, just informing you as it appear that you don’t know, but the devil axe is bugged because of the skill system which is why the weird glitch happen the first time. As far as I know, it’s not fixed yet.


Attention, everyone!

At Kirb’s request and permission, I am now currently running the LP for now. If Kirb decides he wants to run the LP again, I will gladly allow him to run the project.

Everything will continue as normal. As per usual, send me the UPS with your chapter completed and the save file and I’ll send it to whoever is next in line.

Edit: @unuesu will be added to the list in place of Kirb for now/

Edit 2: There is now a new rule: You now have 48 hours to complete creating your chapter, and it must be done when you make the forum post for the previous person’s chapter. More time will be allotted if necessary (just ask me), but if I do not get a response, a substitute will do the chapter instead.

Finally, another new rule will be added. Once Chapter 9 is done, all 10 participants will be shuffled in a random order for the next few chapters instead of keeping a loop. This will make the playthrough more interesting, otherwise everyone will just do the previous person’s chapter and that won’t be very fun.


Huh. Neat.


Alright, it’s showtime.

Chapter 2: The Protected

The opening dialogue has three lines (“Look over there!” being the first). No surprise. He kept complaining how FEBuilder was a pain to use while making his chapter. Also, like always, CM9 neglected to use music for the cutscene, so there is absolute silence.

Looks like the default map. Not really surprised there. For whatever reason, CM9 put one of the myrmidons in the mountain. There are also three more myrmidons up north on the western path.

Decided to go into the village, and I find this weirdo. I swear, if this man is actually a dancer…
The man introduces himself as Iyo and inquires as to whether we are rebelling. When we tell him yes, then he offers his services. Apparently some amazing dancer or something. I guess we will have to see for ourselves.

CM9, you forgot to capitalize the I. Get it right!
Also, face cut-out mini-portrait. For shame, CM9. For shame. What happened to using the scale option in GIMP? Did you just quit half-way or something?

Hmmm… some interesting growths. Not really sure what I plan to do with the magic-
Wait, this guy wields staves. With a C rank. Wary Fighter is going to nullify this guy’s 14 base speed. 1 luck, defense, and resistance are going to make this guy get one-hit KO’d by even a fighter, probably.

Does he like to move-it move-it though? I like to move-it move-it. No… no one? Okay…

Pretty great start, loving RNG. Thanks for dodging the 0 damage attack. Definitely needed that. Tirado hits, so apparently math works.

Gets a level-up, not terrible. Skill and luck are nice, but two speed at level 7 is going to kill him, along with the somewhat low HP. Still usable though.

Despite thinking this would not work, it actually does. Go figure.

Yes, Iyo! Dance for us! Dance the night away!

Ummm… you both missed. Also, O’Neill, you just attacked. Let the enemy take his turn. Rewind!

This guy thinks he can win, but Luke one-shots him. These myrmidons are easy. Give me a challenge, CM9! Also, an entire army of myrmidons? No variety? Class-ist! You should be ashamed of yourself!

Oh, and here are these losers’ stats.

Nice level-up. Defense and resistance are good, especially with that low health. But then again, pegasus knights tend to have low health anyway. Also, O’Neill has the same amount of speed as this guy, and he is a fighter. At level 2. Pegasus knight fails to be fast. Even if not compared to O’Neill.

Let’s go shopping-
Wait, I am broke. Darn. Nothing too useful other than the steel sword though.

Nicely enough, Mira hits. Go RNG. Is true-hit disabled/removed, or am I just lucky?

Meh, it worked before. What did I expect?


Great potential, huh… Eh, I am just going to roll with it.

Last enemy. About to whoop him, then he uses a vulnerary. Go figure.

Woah, Duelist’s blow.

Yeah, get that critical. 13% chance and a normal hit was already enough. My favorite type of critical. The one that triggers when you already have their HP low enough that a regular hit would finish them, but that 1% critical triggers anyway.

Yeah, long live the rebellion. Not much else is said other than a few more lines.

Well, that was underwhelmingly easy. Finished in less than 20 minutes, if it took that long. Not much story development went on here either.
Well, I suppose I should get started before my 48 hours are up.


CM8 pls
Also, bumping thread just in case. I am hype for Bly’s attempt.


Sorry for taking like 5 days it was a weird week :c

(mfw somehow my first like 5 screenshots got deleted and I’m left with this orz)

For once, I like Tirado.

which fucking genius did this my god

Looks like a fun chapter - but yikes that boss description


Pinnacle of map design! Who needs walls to correspond with height changing?

As if Mira isn’t OP enough with the Mani Katti - here’s a light brand!

:clap: dead :clap:

A thief! Then again, with the amount of chests here, it’s no surprise :​P

That’s actually really cool, I wonder what she promotes into?

So here I fucked up - I didn’t see the Knight on the right screenshot having a droppable Door Key when I looked through the enemies, so I thought I needed to kill the guards in Helen’s room. Of course then my hand axe broke and Mira didn’t have high enough of a rank to use the light brand yet… so I had to restart @.@

Truly a righteous cause!

Weird bug (?) where it didn’t display the “Send an item to supply” text

:clap: dead :clap:

My reaction exactly.

Blood rushing huh… don’t wanna know where…

Oops, accidently went to ch4

All around, that was a fun chapter.

Btw, I’m sorry to whoever is playing my chapter cause I tried to do fancy shit and then there were bugs I couldn’t fix and I had a busy week and I ended up with a very much less than ideal chapter… I guess that’s what the polishing period is for? I hope they can enjoy it regardless…


I would like to participate, If I joined when would my turn be?


Sorry, we’re not accepting any more substitutes. If we did, it’d be highly unlikely you’d get a chance to make a chapter. My apologies.


Alright, time to contribute my dime. I was fixing up a few issues with Bly’s chapter, and got screwed by the Devil Axe glitch. pls someone remove devil reversal. Also, I will kill whoever borked Chapters 5 to Eirika!9 REEEEEEEE

Perhaps after posting this, I’ll tweak some things in my chapter and then pass up the patch to the next in line. Here we go.

Reminder to watch The Room during break (A.K.A. Chapter 4)

We start up with…

…something that’s most definitively not taken from VBA/Morps’ Quest for Pants.


tfw you derail the topic towards your behavior, and you forget about your surroundings for a moment

Oh, the bandit’s moving to-


When your dad scolds you off, you little-

… Oh wow that’s deep.

Turns out the flimsy fellow was Trash Bin, Ross’ evil twin. Huh.
Ash doesn’t have much of a chance, though, but he survives.


what plan

[Local boy having a vietnam flashback, 776, colorized]

I think you mean the tac-


oh hi luke

O’Neill you disrespectful son of a-

Anyway, this map is rather small compared to SageMatthis’, but it can prove to be a challenge… soon…

I decide to sell off the gem for a staff. I mean, there is a shop, and I could have saved some money, but…


Mira then proceeds to erase him.

A thing to note is that these screenshots are from a previous run, which was screwed by the Devil Axe glitch. :frowning:
Anyway, plot? Thanks for the free staffbot though.


…I really gotta watch The Room. Also, yes, I didn’t time screenies properly.

A thing notable about these brigands is that they can kick your ass, especially when someone forgot to give O’Neill proper fighter-type growths. :eliwood:

So, here’s Mark for the job.

Also, Helen was low on levels… so…

I move up Anakin to get to the house up north to see if anything of value is there. I’ll probs load a state because info houses are time-wa-

oh ok


Nice. Too bad that glitch was fixed before the essential fixes lmao

Tiradad never fails to amuse. Also, from on here, there are pics from another run because I forgot the Red Gem in these

>Flux is Rank D


Growths are very typical for a Shaman.

anyone got proof lol Also, Desperation.


Oh, ok.

And we get 1500 gold from the man. It’s not much, but hey, it’s something.

Salvaging the bones of a cav right there tbh

Not Mark gets a dumb speed level. You gotta catch up, man!

Plan ongoing…

Meanwhile, our friends Mark and Tirado are slamming these bandits up for the EXP.

Anyway, here’s a reason why I didn’t sell the jewel first: I can send the stuff to where O’Neill is at the moment, then sell the gem. Economics!

Mira keeps on killing and getting no speed. Oof.

On the other hand, Iyo Bubblehead gets defense. Is Iyo even a real japanese name?

Tiradad gives no shits

Nice Not Mark level

I decide to level her for speed, turns out it will be a bad idea later.

Probs my fault, but this could be before the Devil Axe screwed me over…

Defensive Mira

This guy gives us a 3-10, 20-uses, Demon Light-animated Dark Tome named Spook tome for Ash. It’s basically his only weapon until he either promotes, or gains D rank.

Lazily assorted level-up screens. Also, fuck you Helen.

Kevin as Nergal. Cool.


Fighting him is much less worrying for three reasons:
a. Provoke
b. Tiradad
c. His low defenses

This is mine now

Tiradad softens the accountant and leaves him alive…

Anaki- Luke kills a random cav and gets an amazing level. No HP though.

O’Neill finishes him up, and we just… pass on to the next chapter, I guess. :man_shrugging:

Anyway, this was rather fun to both polish and fix, and I hope the next person has fun with my chapter, once I send over the patch to them…



So I was supposed to do chapter 7, but the person doing chapter 6’s computer broke, so it looks like I’m next.

[details=Anyway, let’s get started with Der’s chapter.]
Ooh comotion? Are we getting some story?

There’s actually so much text in this one that this post would be of an ungodly length had I included it all.
Also lots of text skips so it’s kind of hard to get the text I want
Anyway it goes into this village with this guy who can’t speak correct words.



Oh no I don’t like this.



Even more classic.

Sory. I missed a part where it is implied this woman knows O’Neil in some way, but we don’t know how.

For a level 4 pirate, nice. Love my str/spd units.

Pretty interesting map design. There’s a room with 2 chests in the middle, 2 red houses, the throne room at the top, and two paths that go up and around to the throne room.

This is the boss of the map on the throne. Doesn’t look too bad at all.

That infinite berserk staff, however, looks terrifying. He is also in the throne room.

This guy’s also here as a paladin near the top right corner.


And a nippy comback!

Red house to the immediate left…

Oh no…

Uh. Who actually uses torches, though?

Ah ah of course. Forgot about that. Thanks, Moneyman!
Ooh a support!

Oh wait right.

Wait how long has O’Neil had flier movement cost? Have I just never noticed?

Ah I forgot to show that it was mentioned that there’s a shop here that sells restore staves.




At least he got magic?

But he needs speed.

Mira kicking ass.

Uh okay sure.

Mwahahahhaha! These are not your ordinary rebels! These are the FEU LP rebels! Consider youself defeated!

I never understood this one.

Other red house produces this guy. Seems fine.

Ooh I like that palette.

Tirado just doesn’t seem to care.

Oh hey more people show up.

Helo Ephraim.

Damn it Eprhaim you’re blowing your cover.

Nice Rapier?
Their stats are kind of meh. I didn’t get much of a chance to use them much, unfortunately. Bryton is really slow and can easily get doubled and one-rounded by a lot of the enemies.

White house here, and Mark enters confused.

I’m going to be nervous even more so any time I use a devil axe now.

There were a lot of level ups, but I only caught the most outstanding or horrible ones.

Figured I should check the range on this berserk staff, and that’s not too bad. If he doesn’t move, that’s only 5 tiles.

Recruitment. Also, I forgot to mention the music in this chapter. It’s very well done. Kudos to Der on that!

Oh correct I did fail to notice you there oops.
Also nice palette.

And you have failed to kill my unit with that oh so powerful slim spear. This isn’t Midori
Also I checked and he’s not recruitable.

Then these guys show up, but instead of going for the chests, they just attack Luke, which is fine by me, I guess.

(Insert trumpet fanfare here) The DaC shows up with a bunch of greens.

Talk convo. Actually, Dart, they’re already here, just on the other side of the map.

Ah yes then this happened twice. This troubadour decided to try healing Ash at full health, then broke reality. He just kind of got ?? health and now to this day, this troubadour keeps making Ash more and more powerful.

Anyway savestated my way out of that one. Also this feels like cheating.

Jesus. Chill on the effectiveness weapons.

Oh yeah Der fixed the E in dark thing and gave Spook the Demon Light animation. It looks badass, but it does underwhelming damage so :man_shrugging:

Uh oh gonna have to fix this effectiveness thing. These new bows aren’t effective against fliers.

Now the thing is, Wololo never used his staff. He just approached me attacked me with Lightning. Der had me change the range to 3-10, so maybe that will make him target people with the staff in the future?

Mira murders Legion easily.

Oh good because I spent a lot on that restore staff.

This conversation happens, but I didn’t bother to catch it all. It says something along the lines of “O’Neil I’ve missed you come home” and “But I need to make lots of money with the revolution.”

Okay so overall I was really impressed with the chapter. It had good gameplay, was balanced well. I loved the music too. The only complaint I had was the effectiveness weapons were a little much and there were frequent text skips. The vast amount of writing that Der did impressed me, however.
EDIT: I completely forgot about the worst thing about this chapter: Der replaced the defense theme with the FE6 defense theme… :tired_face: Der why?

Anyway, gonna send mine off now. It was kind of fun to design, but this is my first time seriously using FEBuilder, and it was tedious figuring everything out. I want my buildfile back…


Im doing chapter 7 (or 8 technically)

-Yeah it looks that way. Seems like we came to this fort a little to early.

-The text then skip to these two. Murray told Zonta about his new song coming out and Zonta pretty much told him ‘good job’.

-Now we are back to doing the regular.

-I know this was a vanilla map, but the extras added his really nice. Way more than what I could do.

-…Why is he so strong? None of my units can take him on by themselves.

-I decided to pull the warrior out with Mira. I know she can handle it.

-See no problem.

-I decide to give her a chance even though I know she probably wont be too good.

-Okay she will officially become a rally bot.

-Having a flying foot unit is beyond nice.

-After I end my turn this mage attacks bryton. It was a scary moment… I dont even know why I didn’t equip the handaxe.

-Tirado doing his job being a tank.

-Mira was the only one that could hit the mage in the mountains and I use Macha (I have no idea what her name is) to rally strength for Luke.

-To kill this archer.

-Ash gets a level from a heal. It’s average at most.

-I danced for Macha and made her rally for Tirado.

-Tirado dodges the toxic lance. Like it would affect him anyway.

-Damn it…

-Damn It!

-I really like the spook animation, but the results are kinda underwhelming.

-While everyone is distracted with Tirado or Luke, O’Neil sneaks over to attack the archer.

-Not a disappointment, unlike a certain mercenary.

-Yeah you are right old peasant man. You shouldn’t talk about it if you’re not going to give me any.

-Good job, archer, you should get a promotion.

-I finally got a break with Luke.

-I honestly didnt see this dude until now.

-He would of had the kill but miracle proc

-O’Neil can steal this kill.

-He even got a nice level up out of it.

-He even learned adept. O’Neil will be the best character in this LP. I guess he is the main character.

-I had to restart because a steel lance cavalier killed Tirado. I guess he isn’t as op as I thought :cry:. Saddest thing that happen was that O’Neil didnt even get to keep that nice level up.

-O’Neil completely destroys this cavalier.

-I need to get rid of this one.

-Bryton steals this kill.

-She level up again.

-Ash got a good level up an learned spur defense.

-Tirado takes a hard hit from this shaman.

-Tirado got thisnlevel up after a crit. I didn’t get battle unfortunately.

-Why is this one so weak. Also I forgot to fix his sound movement, it still sound like the mogall movement.

-The second house I visited and I found this one humorous.

-I swear that these reinforcements did me wrong. I’m glad that I randomly decided to look around the map again. I would have been caught by complete surprise. Also one of those cavaliers drop a wrymslayer.

-Meanwhile, I recruit Zonta after attacking him.

-Here are he’s stats, needless to say, he is the firepower this rebellion needs
-His growths are terrible but his bases make up for that.

-Mira makes light work of the Nomad Trooper or what ever they are called.

-He kills a cavalier, level up, and learns sure shot.

-Luke takes care of the remaining enemy and gets a wyrmslayer that will go to the convoy for now.

-I pull the fighters out while I forgot to switch Ash’s spook with the flux.

-O’Neil wrecks this scrub.

-A short compliation of levels and lyo gain this neat skill.

-Luke dodges a bullet and gets the kill.

-Ash spooks off one of the wyverns while O’Neil finish off the other.

-Sealean kill off the archer on the ballistae

-O’Neil win against the General with the Wolf Beil.

-I respect that quote. It wasn’t a sob story or someone begging for forgiveness or a threat to kill anything they see. It was simple, and to the point.

-I honestly dont know how im gonna take him down. He have life and death so he hit hard and he is fast.

-Wow. Snakey said that I would have to find a way to recurit Murray but I did not expect that it would happen like that. I like that, good job Snakey.

-He is very similar to Zonta. He have outstanding bases, but very poor growths. I think he will be beter than Zonta because of movement, better defense, and a 50 percent growth in strength. He will be a mobile tank really.

-And that’s the end.

I enjoyed this chapter, the gameplay was fun. It seems like Snakey put some thought into the gameplay, unlike what I did with chapter. Im looking forward to doing my next chapter.


Oof. Had a weird 12 days and wasn’t able to blitz my chapter like I wanted/was meant to.

Anyway, let's get this thing going again.

So here’s the opening.

I mean, this is only the slot for chapter 12


Oh hey, Lyon



Okay now for the chapter.

Okay, who’s idea was it to put 2 dancers in this hack?

Starting positions

Wow this guy sucks


Should be able to bait him out with Ash

And dead c:

Lol, what’s a weapon triangle?

RIP not quite enough damage

200% HP growth okay then

Reinforcements from the top left

We’ve also got these guys down here, Mira should be able to handle them.


So close…

I thought this bow was effective against horses, probably the class slot used for nomads.

Don’t ask me why I didn’t do this before

Aaaaaaaand we’re done


More reinforcements

What is that strength stat? Come on the dude’s a fighter

Hmm… nothing to seize here

Meanwhile Sealen murdered the reinforcements

Also I don’t think that guy had a weapon he could use lol

Hmm… I could walk right past these two since they don’t move

I’ll take it


Also capped level :thumbsup:

Oh sweet it’s mine now

Wow Machyua sucks

Wow she really sucks

Much better c:

Meanwhile level for Tommy

Yay, chest keys

Murray is a god tier unit

Wow, RIP those growths though

Alright so just these fuckers left


Murray still being a god

Scary ranges there

Just going to bait them from up there

Damn, almost perfect


More carnage



Ooooh a body ring in one of the chests

Time to kill the boss

Pffft, someone can’t handle opinions

More HP

Welp, time to end this-

Seriously, that was bullshit, I’m rewinding that because jfc just no.


And a decent level up to end with.

Ending scene:

No clue lol

Yeah I’m a bit lost

And that’s a wrap.

Fun chapter, I didn’t fine the chest I needed to seize but oh well… for someone else if they play this hack when it’s done.

Well, whoever’s next have fun with my crap.


i have too much free time so i played through the chapter as soon as i got it lol

Chapter 8: Some Garbage (no really that's the name) As Shania Twain once said in her classic song "Man, I Feel Like A Woman", (dun dun dun DUN DUN dun dun) let's go girls~

oh it’s gonna be one of those days isn’t it

Man, Glass is looking extra THICC today

The only thing more peerless than buff Glass’ swordplay is this hack’s writing tbh

Who cares about exploiting villagers, they’re technically just green units???

And just like that, we’re off!

Welp the battle prep music got changed

spooky red text

BGM: Determination
Well, it’s a rout chapter. Guess we should take a look at our boy Buff Glass.

Oh sorry, I meant Glide.

A little scared of that Brave Sword/Seal Speed, but it could be negated with the power of a 2-range unit. May have to do some rescue fun otherwise -o-

But first thing’s first, let’s start clearing out the space near us.

nomads in fe8? i’m already in love <3

Luke comes in to finish up and gets a mediocre level up.

Murray takes the mercenary adjacent with ease~

Using Zonta I rally strength on the mages and Tirado and send Ash t-

The picture didn’t get it, but that was a crit.

And my first turn is over. Let’s hope I don’t fuck up!


Not so nice.

Tirado lures the nomads in with ease, but takes a bit of damage.

Second turn comes, let’s clear out these darn nomads.

Oh cool.

Top squad begins clearing out the mages.

Sealen’s getting a bit of love.

And I frantically dance on Luke because I just remembered there’s a nomadic tropper right there!!!

Let’s finish off the darn nomads and end our turn~



alright wyverns nice knowing ya kthxbai

Mira decides to save Murray from getting killed by a nomadic trooper because that would suck

Meanwhile on the bottom squad, Not Mark is serving up some good thunder magic

Murray returns the favour by getting a damn good level up.

wait crap

don’t worry guys it’s all a part of my master plan

wish me luck

Mira doesn’t care enough to get hit

Sealen above her manages to handle the second wyvern and get an okay level up out of it

And so the reinforcements arrive. I assume they won’t be the last ones we get~

We need to help the villages then!!!

oh wait what

After rewinding and pressing Start instead, we’re back to normal folks~

Ash got a level up attacking the berserker at the bottom but I wasn’t able to catch it oops

let’s help the other village and be good people!!!

little girl you have no taste in good men

a worthy venture

let’s kill this unfortunate guy

and this unfortunate guy


another turn another day

can i bench a lord?

let’s give zonta some love

okay maybe not

I think you can guess how this one plays out.

Oh boy the second wave~

I think that’s an HP cap if I’ve seen one

Tirado can handle this

m i s c a l c u l a t e d

the onslaught begins

tommy pls

Boss time~

And I think I know who I’m gonna use~

Good start Sealen…

eh, could’ve been better, could’ve been worse

You know, the Savage Blow skill ain’t doing much here tbh

Iyo pls

And with the power of rallies…

We did it! ^o^

Oho~ Wouldn’t you like to know what lies ahead next~?

And so this chapter comes to an end.

I found the chapter pretty enjoyable! I’m not gonna say the map design was the most innovative thing in the world, but I still had fun with it.
And now we wait until my chapter is done… òwó


is it too late to sign up for this

edit: yes it is. just sign me up for the next one ok