FEU Forums: Staffing Changes

Hello everyone,

I’ve got a few announcements to make regarding the forum staffing team.

First off, @dancer_A has formally resigned from his position as a moderator. He has been with us since the beginning of FEU’s revival, and his departure is a tremendous loss for our community. I just want to say “thank you,” personally; you’ve been a longtime friend and confidant, and I appreciate everything that you’ve done to support this community and our mutual endeavors. Dancer_A was a huge part of making FEU into what it is today, and for that he will always be part of our “Hall of Fame.” I’ve got nothing but love for you, my brother.

We have decided to appoint @Alusq and @ErrantDShepherd to forum moderator positions. We are also appointing @anon98251803 to a newly created “Community Organizer” position, and he will help coordinate communal activities with the moderating team. I will also be taking a more active role in managing the forum moving forward.

Moreso than appointing new moderators to police activity, I wanted to make sure that these appointments were made with a different ideal in mind. For FEU, I’ve always wanted a team of “activists” who will help build up the forum, support our shared endeavors, and improve the quality of our community. I’m very confident that the new additions to our staff have not only the maturity required for the tougher aspects of the job, but also the passion to help bring our shared hobbies to new heights.

With this new team in place, we will begin charting a path forward. FEU 2.0 began as a forum, but with the advent of the Discord server the forum has been somewhat relegated to the back burner. I wanted to create a team that was dedicated specifically to the forum, so that we can work on executing a vision of how the forum fits in as a piece of the broader FEU community. I originally founded FEU to be a “library,” and this is an idea that we should double down on. FEU’s forums will not only focus on aggregating open-source resources, tutorials, and documentation, but also on promoting: shared activities such as contests, mentorship of new members and cultivating talent, and broadening our horizons beyond hacking to include a variety of arts (spriting, music, animation, etc.).

The staff is hard at work on expanding the functionality of the forum, working to integrate new features that will embrace the ideal of FEU as a “community organizing platform.”

I hope that you will all join us in this supporting initiative.

Yours truly,



The community organization aspect to which Arch refers has always been the strong point of the forum, but with the Discord server being a thing now it’s clearer to me than ever. In particular, I’m thankful to have had a convenient platform to host my recent iteration of Make a Fun Chapter; it wouldn’t be proceeding nearly as cleanly if it had all been organised on Discord. I do have some ideas to start some sort of workshop/educational endeavour in which I fix a bunch of free-to-use music to sound better, outline my methodology, and post tips with the goal of empowering everyone to make music that sounds consistently great (there’s a non-zero amount of jank in the music repositories right now that a little bit of education would curtail), but for the time being I’m going to start with maintaining a more consistent presence on the forum.


Please congratulate @anon98251803 on his recent promotion to forum mod!




A reliable moderator, congrats