FEU Discord Server

Bump for publicity.

Edit: Actually, I’ll just pin this.

Join the server we have cake and wizards

Ho, I love wizards

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Wonderful wizards and shitpostings.

I also defile Fire Emblem Gaiden

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boat alm best alm

I’m mostly just there for the shitposting.


Who isn’t

I found name thingys for a “Dolk Kun” and “Hannibal” in FE2, so I guess I found something new which is cool.

Dolk Kun tho.

Dolk Kun
This is Dolk:
(Is there a FE2 text editor anywhere I that I don’t know about? I wanna see if there are more silly things, the only way I found these was by loading ‘characters’ that probably aren’t characters lol)


Bloo glitch Ragnarok

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@jjl2357 You should get in here ;).

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Updated join link to take new users to rules instead of underest

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Try this: https://discord.gg/xRAgZTw

It works fine, you’re just banned


Bump this shit.

P.S. Why is this not pinned?

P.S.S. Fixed it.


Dude, there was a link to the discord here the whole time? I thought it was invite only. Amazing.


For some reason it doesn’t let me accept the invite?