FEU Bringing on Two New Moderators

We do things differently around here. I believe that there is value to involving the community in these sorts of decisions, which is why we’re implementing a new way of hiring moderators. Our staff isn’t primarily focused on policing (though we should be prepared to make competent decisions when necessary), but rather on maintaining the community in a broader variety of ways. Staff members frequently create and help maintain resource directories and other such content. The primary objective is to have a staff that leads by example.

When the administration deems it necessary to expand the staff, two new moderator positions shall be created in tandem. The first new moderator shall be nominated by the root admin, as you would expect, after consulting the current staff.

So, I nominate @L95, who has agreed to take the position. She started yesterday :smile:. I think we can all agree that she’ll do a great job! Congratulations and welcome to the team!

The second moderator shall be determined via communal nomination. Each member can nominate another member (but not themselves), and the nominations are tallied for each candidate (a member can receive multiple nominations). Each candidate will then receive a yes/no vote from every member of the staff; the number of “yes” votes will be added to the number of nominations, and the top candidate will be hired. If someone declines interest in the position, anyone who nominated them can then nominate another member.

We’re gonna give #Democracy a chance and see how it works out.

(Please don’t make me veto a joke candidate).


Can I nominate Prime? I nominate Prime even if you say no.

Also whee lindsy ‘3’

I dislike babysitting.


I babysit my lil bros all the time.

Though they’re both pretty chill so I guess that’s cheating. and one has a broken leg so he can’t do anything anyway ahahahahaha

Hm, as to who to nominate, I’ll have to meditate on that. (Some of the people I’d nominate are already mods…)

(No, I did not break his leg)


Can I nominate MisakaMikoto?

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i nominate arch

u da man

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I disagree. I don’t see much leadership potential in him. He’ll probably fizzle out of the community within a few years.

I’m going to second this.

I nominate Sqawl.

Beat me to it!

MisakaMikoto and agro

(I-I-Isn’t Agro already one tho)

Make Agro a double mod?


His power is growing.

I know there is a rule that someone cannot nominate himself, but I just make a promise here: if I am the moderator here, I will establish a friendly relationship with eastern communities and let more people in the world know our awesome work here.


Wow great move @Arch, I rellay like it!
Anyway I nominate MisakaMikoto as well.

Agro for Mod² (Modern Moderator) 2015.

I’m only echoing others in supporting Agro and Misaka, but it’s important to participate in what little community we have!

who is this scowl guy though? he sounds like a bad influence

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